Friday, May 30, 2008

Bring on Summer!

A sure sign that summer is here!!!

We're so cool, we make ice-cubes jealous!!!

This is my friend Loranine's new Mini Cooper Convertible! Isn't it cute???

We cruised around town in it and boy did it make it heads turn. A group of boys on their bikes stopped and turned and said, "Oh, wow!" Of course, we are just SURE they were talking about US and not the car! Heh heh!

Me, McKenzie, and Loraine. We are heading to go pick up one of our Young Women girls to take her out to dinner. Our hair had a rather different look by the time we got home. That's what I needed the photos of!


Yvonne said...

What a fun car. And, of course, those boys on the bikes were NOT talking about the car ; )

melissa said...

Cool is the word! You guys and the car. I want one just like it. How fun.

Anonymous said...

Rev it up girl!

Jen said...

Well the ice cubes aren't the only ones who are jealous! See, you're having fun without me already!


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