Monday, May 12, 2008

Hawaii Pictures/Mother's Day Photos

Don't give up on me!
I really am going to get the Hawaii pictures posted. Life has just been crazy! Getting in that accident Friday didn't help things slow down either! (To read about that scroll down...) I have spent a lot of time this morning trying to do it in Picasa but can't seem to get it to post a slideshow on here. If anyone KNOWS how to do that...PLEASE tell me. I am getting frustrated because the regular slideshow programs are so slow and I have A LOT of photos. Any advice is VERY welcome!!!!

I did get this one done though! Hope all you Mothers & Grandmothers had an awesome day!
MOTHER'S DAY 2008 at my Mom's & Dave's Moms

On the side:
Fellow Bloggers Uniting. Took these from Jody's blog because her pix turned out better than mine. This is me, Jen, & Jody at EFY acting like retards. What happened to my other leg? Anyone seen it???

Whoa! Jen is missing both!!!


Tiffany said...

Love the pictures. It's so fun to have friends you can just be silly with.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Fun photographs! Thanks for sharing.

I'm visiting LDS blogs on RingSurf this morning, because on my blog today there is a gorgeous free Salt Lake Temple screen saver (220 pictures) by photographer, David Terry.

Please help yourself, enjoy, and spread the word!

Yvonne said...

Great pictures. Good friends are the best.

Good luck with getting your Hawaii pictures posted. I'm not good with the slideshow thing.

Cathi said...

I am waiting for those vacation photos still! It looks like a fun MDay!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Great pictures! It looks like a fun time!

EarlGirl said...

The missing legs made me giggle. Girlfriends are great.


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