Friday, May 9, 2008

Life Comes At You Fast...and Furious!!!

Today as I was minding my own business, driving home from shopping with my Mom (and buying some new running shoes for my half marathon that is a week from Saturday), I was involved in an accident on the freeway that totalled my car. Thankfully, I was able to walk away from it!!! And YES, I was wearing my seatbelt. I always do. Unfortunately I am pretty sore (neck, back, hips, and even my hamstrings) and for some reason one of my knees is in a lot of pain. It happened so fast and I hit so hard, that I guess it is no wonder. The irony of it all is the fact that I went to buy new running shoes that now I may not need! I am hoping I will be okay to still run, but it may take a few days before I know. I am just counting my blessings that I am even able to walk! Wow! I can't believe how fast something like can happen with NO warning whatsoever.

As I was driving I noticed a white truck that had a lot of boxes in the back of it making an illegal U-turn in the median of the freeway and then I saw a lot of brake lights and several cars swerving in front of me. I braked and slowed down, but the car in front of me braked to a complete stop before I could do the same. I hit him hard! I was probably still going at least 50 mph. He spun in a 180 degree spin and after I did the same. I was half way in the median and the road. When I quit spinning, I knew I was going to get slammed by several more cars and was just waiting for that to happen, but I was very surprised it didn't. If I had seen a car coming right for me there would have been no time to do anything about it. It all happened SO fast! I envisioned at least a 10 car pile-up due to the speed of it all and how fast everyone was going. Amazingly we were the only two that collided! Smoke was pouring out of my engine like crazy and I worried if it was safe to stay inside. I can NOT believe it wasn't much worse and I am very surprised more cars weren't invovled. I am so lucky there wasn't a big semi right behind me! The scary thing is, there was one earlier.
The cause of it all was a box that was in the middle of the freeway that all the cars were trying to miss. It had dropped out of the white truck that was making the illegal U-turn and he was coming back to get it. He saw the entire accident and all the near accidents, but kept on going!

I was able to drive my car to the other side of the freeway. The car I hit did as well and another car who was behind me also stopped. The girl in it rushed over to see if I was okay. She had witnessed the entire thing. She nearly hit me from the back, but was able to stop in time. The freeway pretty much came to a stop for a while and so she grabbed the box out of the road while we waited for the Highway Patrol to arrive. I was shaking, but only shed a few tears after the shock wore off a bit. The driver of the car I hit was very nice. He was a young guy and was grateful as well we were all okay. I called home because I wasn't going to make it to drive a carpool and after hearing what happened my oldest son was worried about me and so drove to where we were. I was less than one mile away from my exit when it happened. It was just past the 11th South exit. Now I wish I would've taken THAT one! The officer finally arrived and had us fill out the accident reports. My son had called my husband (who was at work) and told him what happened and before I knew it they were both there. They towed the car back home. As the officer was telling us we could go, he got a call informing him that someone had called in and reported the license number of the white truck. Neither of us were issued citations, but the officer said if the number pans out on the white truck, that guy will be busted big time. I hope it does!

I have wondered IF I had spent even just 30 more seconds (or 30 less seconds) shopping or IF I had stopped at a fast food place for a drink or IF my cell phone battery hadn't died (then I could have rearranged the carpool and I would have dropped some stuff off at my parents), or IF...on and on...then I would have avoided the whole thing. Just 30 seconds!!! It is amazing how our lives can turn on just seconds. But the wise wisdom of my husband reminded me that everything happens for a reason and if I worry about the "what ifs" it will drive me insane. I am just so very grateful that I am still here and not seriously hurt or laying in a hospital somewhere.

Life is careful out there! The funny thing is, I have been wanting a new car for a long time now. It is getting pretty old and the leather seats are tearing. I even joked that I was going to drive it off a cliff and jump out, so I could get the insurance money and get a new car. TOTALLY just kidding of course!!! It really has been a great car. I will miss it. Guess, you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! Hmm...

Here are some photos. My son took some with his phone, but then I remembered I had my camera. I have no idea why I had it with me either! Guess that means I am officially a TRUE BLOGGER now------> never caught without a camera!!!

My car in front, then the car I hit, and then the highway patrol.
(You can enlarge to see it better)

The car I hit

The box that caused the whole thing!

Not feeling real thrilled

My son putting the chain on the car


Grateful we bought this a couple of months ago.

Being towed away...

And here is what was inside the box --- drum roll...

THROW PILLOWS of all things!!!
Not sure I would have turned around in a dangerous situation to retrieve those!
I got a phone call almost the second I walked in the door from my sister-in-law asking me if I was okay. She was driving on the other side of the freeway and saw my car. She wasn't positive because she hadn't seen me, but thought it was my car. Then, about an hour later, Dave's mom called to see if I was okay. I still hadn't told ANYONE about it with the exception of my boys and husband. She said she was at a reception and someone came up to her and asked her if I was okay and told her I had been in an accident. She has NO idea how they knew! Guess good news travels fast!!! :) Ha ha... I spent most of the night on the phone with the insurance companies, and I guess we will see what happens depending on if the white truck is correctly identified. I want to go back to Paradise!!!


Jen said...

JODI!!! I can't believe it! I am so glad you are o.k. Call me later when you get a chance!

Mel said...

oh my gosh, jodi! how scary. i'm so glad that you're okay. take care of yourself this week so you feel good to run your marathon. btw, great pictures!

Lucy said...

Don't the 'what if's' and 'I should've' drive you crazy? That's the first thing that goes through my head and thinking about them doesn't go away for a while.
Glad you are okay though. Bummer!

Stephanie said...

Hey, that is a lot more descriptive than your texts. So i was wondering why your air bags didn't go off. I figured that you would have said something if they had, and you couldn't see any evidence that they did in the pictures. Well i am glad that your okay, and that i decided to text you to see if it was you. I would have never known otherwise. I thought that the guy that came to a complete stop would for sure get a ticket, kind of like the girls camp incident. Well i think that is all, i cannot believe the stupidity of some people! :D

The Hoyt's said...

Oh jodi I am so sorry.. my mom had called me and told me before I had a chance to get on here and read this.. I am so glad you are ok.. This happened to us not more then 2 months ago.. we had just bought a used car for steve to travel to work in november and in March he totaled it and we had to go buy a new one.. Life is very fragile. I hope you are able to still run the marathon... Keep me updated on how you are feeling.. Wow count you many blessing hu?? I loved that you had a camera with you.. To funny!!!

Jodi said...

No Steph- the airbags didn't go off in either car! I thought that was pretty strange considering the force of the impact. I am wondering if it is because I didn't hit him straight on, but mostly with the right side of my car. Not sure, but kind of worried me a bit. Hmm.... I can't believe you saw me and even text me! I can't believe my cell phone was dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Jodi Mae,
I am so glad you are o.k. Mom told me something had happened to you - but wouldn't tell me what. I decided to check your blog and find out. Take care and take it easy.
Love ya,
p.s. I want to go back to Paradise with you. : )

Yvonne said...

I am so glad you are o.k. That must have been so scary. Don't do the "what if" thing!!!! Your husband is absolutely right--it will drive you crazy.

I hope you are feeling better today and that you are able to run in your marathon.

Take care of yourself.

Shultzybabe said...

Oh my gosh, Jodi... Jason and I passed you. We stopped so that you could get your car across to the right side of the road. I was so sick though, I didn't pay much attention. Sorry! Glad you are okay.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Glad to hear you are OK and your trip was fun..... Hmmmmm you need to be more careful girl!


Doran & Jody said...

Smoley Hokes! Glad you are ok. Ya, be careful what you wish for. Just last year Cortney wanted a new car and decided she was going to go car shopping. She had some errands to run in another city and some lady plowed right into her totalling her car. two need to not wish outloud.
I hope you will feel fine to do your run!! Go Jodi!


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