Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Happenings

Two posts in one day! I am so behind!!!
With the holidays here, there has been so much going on lately that I haven't had time to post about it all and so I am going to condense some of it in this post...ya know, just for now. ☺ Forgive the length!


Yes the "Big T" Thurl Bailey of Utah Jazz Basketball fame came and did a Christmas concert in our community. What? You didn't know he sang? Well, now you do! And he is extremely talented at it too. He was amazing. We took our entire Young Women and Young Men group to watch him for our weekly activity and they were all impressed as well.

The band he brought along was even more impressive. They were high school students that played like seasoned pros.

Here he is signing autographs and CD's after the concert. Notice how he towers over everyone! He is 6'11"...a tall drink of water and then some!

Me and Bonnie ↓ demonstrating how to make a fool out of yourself as everyone watches.

He really is a nice guy and so willing to appease his "fans"

Big T has been in our town before and I had to dig up these photos from SEVEN years ago when my middle son Bryce had the opportunity to meet him. Bryce was the District Cub Scout of the Year and so was asked to lead the audience in the pledge of allegiance at a program Big T came to speak at.


Bryce is sitting on the right of him and on the right of Bryce is my blogging buddy and dear friend Karen who conducted the program. Poor kid can barely see over the podium. Such is NOT the case today!

Wow! He is so tall...he makes made two of Bryce...not anymore though!

Christmas lunch with some friends.

We ate at Rainbow Gardens...the yummiest place! They are famous for their Mormon Muffins. Mmmm....mmm....mmm...

After we shopped in the Rainbow Gardens Gift Shop. Look what I found...

Yes, the purr-fect gift! I tried to put him in my basket but he purr-'fur' ed my lap. He was just in the store acting like he owned the place. Guess he does!

Is he not just so stinkin' cute!!


I was asked to help with a presentation for a Relief Society Christmas program. We did it at girl's camp this summer and so I was a little familiar with it. It is a beautifully written script by my friend Marilyn that walks you through the life of Christ. I had the part of Mary Magdalene. I had memorized the part while at girl's camp, but this time when I was re-learning it, it touched my heart so powerfully of how this Mary must have truly felt about her Savior. He was beloved by so many, but by her especially.

For a more detailed description of the incredible night go HERE to AUDREY'S blog. She did an amazing job describing the event. It was a very powerful presentation. It truly touched those who were in attendance. I was the last room and as the women were walking in, I noticed there were very few dry eyes. Unfortunately, I had to miss the rest of it while I waited for them to enter my room. So thanks Audrey for your great re-cap of what happened.

Our Christmas Tree...

I went to a Christmas Home Show last week and this ↓ was in one of the homes. Isn't it cool? They covered a post that was in the room and turned it into an amazing palm tree. I loved it and hope to do it sometime in my home in honor of Tyson who loved palm trees.

The fashion statement we are making on our feet are the booties we had to wear to cover our shoes to protect the carpet. As if our lovely shoes would do any harm! If ya want a pair, let me know. I can probably get them to you just in time for Christmas!☺

Snowman Shuffle 5K

Last week I ran the Snowman Shuffle. The weather was incredible this year! Last year, we ran in the blizzard from you know where! The course is a tough one to be sure. There is a major steep hill like no other, but if you survive it you get to run downhill for a bit which is always a bonus! My friend Julie talked me into running it. I haven't been getting in my weekly miles lately and so I wasn't real sure I wanted to do it. If it wasn't for her, I am not sure I would be doing any races right now.

Woo-hoo! I got 2nd place! 42nd overall (out of approximatley 140 runners.) Here I am receiving my ribbon. My time was 27:52. I was a little bummed because I was 14 seconds faster last year. Dang...I hate when that happens! Hmm... must be because I have slacked on my miles lately.

Here are a few of my fellow neighborhood runners that 'shuffled' their way to the finish line too.

For the full story go

Ward Christmas Party at our Church
We had a great dinner and lots of laughter and fun. The best part of the whole party is the fact that I actually get a photo of my boys on Santa's lap...even if they think they are too old. I only got McKay this year because the other boys had other obligations.

Here is a shot of McKay and some of his buds. I had to bribe them all to sit there for a quick photo by teasing them if they didn't they would have to give a talk in church the next day (I have connections!) ... it worked! I think they really believed me! I know, I know...

Our traditional Santa lap pose.
Stephanie, me, Santa, Jen, & Bonnie.

Utah Homemaker's Christmas Lunch

Our Utah Homemaker advisor (Beth - that's her in the middle) hosts an incredible luncheon at her home each year to celebrate the holidays. She brings out the good china, silver, and the works! She is amazing. The food is always so delicious! I sware I took some photos of it and they are gone! She makes these to die for orange rolls and her roast melts in your mouth. We then play a white elephant exchange game and get laughing so hard that it's good we only do it once a year. Beth is one of those women who goes all out no matter what she is doing. There is nothing she can't do. I hope to be just like her when I grow up...someday.


Some of my most favorite people come from the greatest organization in the world for mothers ~ American Mothers. I talk about it a lot, and I will continue to until the day I die because I love it so much. Even though this particular event wasn't a Christmas one, I didn't want to forget to post a little about it. It was an annual mini-conference held in Cache Valley. This year's theme was, "Motherhood...the Greatest Show on Earth!" and centered around a circus theme. It was incredible as always and I learned so much.

*The top left photo is Cecelia's daughters singing some songs from the CD they just released for the Flylady (her link is on my sidebar) that has been nominated for a Grammy award! Isn't that awesome!!

*Two of the most incredible and talented women I know and my dear friends, Lisa and Diane (event organizers) dressed up like clowns.

*The bottom right is of Susan Tanner, former General Young Women's President giving the keynote address. It was one of the most inspiring talks on motherhood I have ever heard. I hope to do a separate post on it soon.

Here we are with Susan Tanner - former General Young Women's President after her speech. Julie, Susan, me, and Cecelia (another one of the event organizers that has more talent than should be allowed in one person and one of my dearest friends on earth!)

Christmas Piano Recital

McKay's piano teacher had all her students do duets for this year's Christmas recital. She wanted them to do them with either another student, a sibling, or parent. I got nominated! I was actually excited to do it until the day of. It was fun practicing with McKay, at least until he memorized his part and I didn't! I had no plans of doing that either. Just getting up and playing in front of the whole audience was sacrifice enough for me!

This is McKay playing his solo titled none other than "You're A Mean One Mister Grinch"! He still loves the Grinch. He had this memorized as well but I made him take up his music just in case.

Here we are playing the duet. It looks like I have it memorized and he doesn't in this photo. That's because this was a staged photo taken after the recital since we didn't get a "real" one during. Ya know, just for photo purposes.....hee hee.

We are both happy that's over!

I have been trying to download the video of us playing the duet but BLOGGER won't let me download it!!! Anyone know why? I have tried several times.

I will keep check back if ya want an entertaining moment! Muuhaahaa!


Paula said...

Wow made me tired just readying about it all...

Nancy Face said...

WOW! So many wonderful happenings and the greatest pictures! :D

Audrey said...

You are a busy one, aren't you? Great posts, thanks for keeping us up to date on the fantastic doings of your life!

LarryG said...

Hey Love the pics ! always!
Planning to run a 5k soon myself.
I will try to get pics!

Kelli said...

I should have taken notes so I could make all my comments, I have short term memory. BTW, what are mormon muffins. I think I have missed out on those. I want to get back into running, I will be 45 next year and want to run a half marathon. Any suggestions on how to get restarted? (and loose 35 pounds) first I know I need some sleep, I eat sugar to keep going during the day but the little rug rats wont sleep all night.

Yvonne said...

You are one busy lady--that is a ton of stuff going on.

Congrats on the marathon. Way to go.

LJezak said...

I'm in awe with your talents! Love ya. Hey, I'm feeling left out. What's the big idea going to lunch without me! I miss you guys. Happy Holidays.

Kelsee said...

Wow what a busy week you had! The holidays are so crazy aren't they? But it looks like it was all lots and lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly Girl!!! HOw do you get that all done????? I am impressed!!!!!

Shauna said...

Sorry Jody. That anonymous is me!!! Spaz Alert!

Shauna said...

Sorry Jodiiiii! I am going to quite now because I just keep diggin' myself a deeper hole.

Anonymous said...

hello! thanks for bopping by the blog. I added you to follow :)

have a wonderful CHristmas. looks like you have been busy! fun but busy!

nancy mc said...

I am amazed that you find time to run. It is so cold. This is my first winter of running, and I am not so good at it. You have so much info in this post, loved all the pictures!

Dawn said...

You have been busy, busy, busy. Looks like you have been having lots of fun though. :-) Congratulations on placing 2nd/42nd in the run. You are awesome!

Thank you for the good mail too. I have been such a slacker, but I am going to post about it soon. It is so nice to open up the mail to something so nice. :-)


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