Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Who You Know

♫ Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert ♫

Wednesday night a friend of ours dropped by to see if we wanted his tickets to the Mo-Tab concert for the following night because he was unable to attend. Now, this wasn't just any friend. This friend is the Prophet's brother who happens to be in our ward. Which means the tickets weren't just any tickets either. These tickets were reserved for the First Presidency's family, which means the seats would be incredible. We jumped at the opportunity to go and even though I was the one that wasn't sure how I was going to squeeze it in an already tight night, we were able to make it work.

The night of the concert, I had been at Taylor's basketball game in Salt Lake and so after his game I took him out to dinner and then we drove to the Conference Center to meet Dave and the other boys.

What should have taken 10-15 minutes at the most to get to the Conference Center, ended up taking almost an hour.

The traffic was the worst I have ever seen it downtown. We were barely creeping once we got off the freeway. I didn't think we were going to make it. Dave and the boys were already inside and waiting for us. Once we got closer to the Conference Center there was ZERO parking to be found. I ended up pulling into a church parking lot hoping against all odds that I would be able to squeeze into some little hole. As we were driving around a young couple with three little kids and two strollers walked by. I rolled down my window and asked them if they were leaving. They very politely said they were and so we followed them. It was a miracle to find that place only two blocks away.

We parked and then Taylor and I ran two blocks (literally) to the doors just in time for them to shut them and tell us the only entrance now was door 13---another long walk (run!). There was a long line and a man came out and said he wasn't sure if they would be able to get us all in. I held out my tickets and told him I had reserved seats. As soon as he saw the tickets he instantly gave us the VIP treatment. We were escorted inside and after we went through security we were directed to our seats.

This is the view we had from behind us. The place was packed. It holds 21,000 people and nearly every seat was filled. We were just grateful we made it inside before the concert started. Mainly because we were on the THIRD row right in the CENTER! We had the best seats in the house!I took the picture above from my seat. The heads you see are people sitting on the front row. We were just two rows back. The person's head you see on the left is the Prophet's daughter Ann Dibb. She had three empty seats next to her. Hmm...I wonder who usually sits in those?
The concert was incredible!

Very inspiring!Brian Stokes Mitchell was a guest artist and so entertaining and talented. I just loved him. I have never heard him perform before. He did all the singing vocals on the movie The Prince Of Eygpt and sang a song or two from that.

This is a blurry one but the set was just beautiful!
Brian Stokes Mitchell again. ↑ What a great entertainer.

Edward Herrmann was also a guest. You may remember him as the preacher in the Disney film North Avenue Irregulars and as Goldie Hawn's husband in Overboard.

I had to turn my flash off and so some of the photos weren't real clear.
Brain Stokes Mitchell ↑

Edward Herrmann ↓
Bryce and his date, ↑ they were sitting in the row behind us.

The place was packed! I'm sure glad we weren't sitting up in some of those seats!
The best part of the whole evening was after the concert when I got to meet Ann Dibb - President Monson's daughter, who was sitting directly in front of us. She is a counselor in the Young Women General Presidency and she was so gracious and so fun! She even offered to come and speak to my girls! I was so surprised. I didn't even ask her! She just offered! She has the most amazing presence. You could just feel the love oozing from her.
Bryce's date also wanted to meet her.
Me (that's what your hair looks like when you have just run two blocks in high heels!), Ann Dibb, & Ashley.
It was such a worthwhile evening - even with the horrendous traffic problems! I am so grateful I was able to attend. It's great for us low lifes to have friends in high places! Thanks Scott!


Audrey said...

I'm so jealous! It sounds like a fabulous evening. One of my favorite memories is the last Christmas Concert BJ & I attended together. Your post makes me smile thinking about it. However, our seats were not quite as good.

michelle said...

Wow that sounds so awesome. I can't believe those seats! Too bad the Prophet wasn't there!

Yvonne said...

I will try not to be jealous, I will try not to be jealous...

Looks like a wonderful evening. And, Sister Dibb offered to come and talk to your girls. WOW!

Kelsee said...

It sounds wonderful. I am jealous too! I do not envy the traffic though. I hate that!

Kelsee said...
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Shauna said...

What a wonderful experience!! I am so jealous! Mom tried to get tickets, but it wasn't her year. It is great to sit so close to the front. As a volunteer for the Relief Society building, Mom was given tickets for a General Relief Society Meeting. We sat about 10 rows back in the center. It was so amazing when President Hinckley walked in. There was an instantaneous reverence. The music must have been spectacular!

Karen said...

wow! When do you have time to sleep?? You should be shot for putting in those pictures of me!!

Jodi said...

Sorry Karen! But I thought they were quite cute!!! ☺


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