Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Sky!

24 years ago today I became a mother. Wow, that is hard to comprehend in so many ways, yet at the same time, it feels like I have always been a mother.

It was something I dreamed about and looked forward to ever since I can remember...and probably even before that.

Being a mother is to me the greatest calling any woman can have on this earth. There is nothing more noble or brings more joy than being a mom. There is also nothing that brings more heart ache and suffering than those three little letters m-o-m.

One thing is for certain...once that precious little newborn is placed in your arms, your heart is never the same.

I feel so grateful to have been blessed five times over with that experience. But the first time is always something that each mother always treasures and never forgets. In the very moment that sweet little bundle arrives into this world, you transform from being just a woman, into becoming somebody's mother. Thank you Skyler for making me a mother! Your mother. ♥ I love you bud! ♥

Happy Birthday!

The captions are on some of the photos, so you may have to click to enlarge so you can read them.

He spent a lot of time doing this over the years!

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Hockey - He is a brilliant ice skater and played hockey for the Northern Utah Independent team.


Trip to Hawaii ~ (one of them) - He has been twice already and is going again on Thursday to go work for two weeks!

Skyler served an honorable mission for our church to the Indianapolis, Indian mission for two years. If I had more time I would post some of his Indiana pictures. Maybe later....

He has been on THREE cruises (yes THREE! and I haven't even been on one! There is something wrong with this picture!)
They have not always been the best experiences.... the first had some issues, the second he was sick the entire time, and the third ALL of his things were stolen off the beach (cell phone, IPOD, wallet, shoes, credit cards, money, driver's license, passport, etc!) Now if he would take his Mother with him, then maybe she could help prevent these things from happening!

Sky has always been daring and adventurous and loves to do crazy things like scuba-diving, cliff diving, and even SKY-DIVING! I wish I had some photos of those crazy antics...on second thought, maybe I don't!

Alaskan catch!

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I could not have asked for a better firstborn! Skyler has always been such a great example for his younger brothers, which is good because they look up to him so much. I really like having him around at home and it's so nice to be able to talk to him as an adult now. It's so cool...he really talks back! No grunts or caveman-ease anymore! I love it! I just wish he was able to be home more often!

Thanks for being such an amazing son Skyler! I ♥U!

He's gone a little to the dark side as of late... lol!

Happy Birthday to a great son and wonderful brother!
We ♥ you!!!

But most of all... thanks for making me a mother! ♥



Lucy said...

Cute kid! Man. Young man. Oh what the heck. Cute kid! In fact, all your boys are.

Lucy said...

Cute kid! Man. Young man. Oh what the heck. Cute kid! In fact, all your boys are.

stargirl said...

Happy Birthday to an awesome (and good lookin!)guy!

nancy mc said...

Happy Birthday to a very handsome young man!

deb said...

Happy Birthday to your Skyler. He is an amazing young man and very handsome. Being a mom is the greatest thing isn't it?

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Skyler. I'm so very jealous of all your trips and adventures! That's awesome!

Sharon said...

L♥VE your post, as always .. you do the most amazing things! being a Mom is definitely the best!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKYLER .. I too am jealous of the trips, WOW! hope you have another wonderful year!

Time to Blog It Up! said...

Let me join the group of bloggers and wish you a very Happy Birthday. Sounds like you have been around the world, you are so lucky!oooooh and just look you were born in the lucky month of March, no wonder! Have a great day.....oh no here goes my daughter wanting to blog again....
This is Stephanee, Tamee's daughter, and I wrote earlier on one of your mothers blogs saying how hot you are!! Just wanted to let you know! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Kelsee said...

Oh he was so cute! And still IS so cute....or should I say HOT like Stephanee above?

Jeppsons said...

Time has a way of flying by when you aren't looking. Wish Skyler a Happy Birthday for me. He probably doesn't even know who I am, but I do remember being in St. Louis when you went to that game.

Lisa said...

What a nice tribute for your son's birthday. I feel the same way about my oldest- my greatest blessing is the day she made me a mother. Nothing is more precious to me then being a mother to my children. My twins are graduating this year and I am trying to prepare myself for a semi empty nest.

Krista said...

Jodi - you so need to treat yourself and go on a cruise! They are so much fun. I loved how you wrote about your son making you a mother. I never thought of that - just "Happy Birthday." Maybe I'll thank him when he quits leaving his clothes all over the house!

Kelli said...

we were pregnant at the same time. My oldest will be 24 on March 25th, fun, if we had only know each other then. hehe

Sking on his dads shoulders at age one! how did you let them do that? that would have scared me to death! death for sure! He is a very cute boy/man1

Nancy Face said...

Happy Birthday to Sky! My oldest son was born just a couple months before him! :)

Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday to your Sky.

He sounds like a terrific young man--but, of course, he has a great mom ; )


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