Monday, March 9, 2009

Hittin' the Slopes! Literally...

I may have not birthed any daughters, but as the leader of a large young women's youth group for our church, I get to spend a lot of time with some awesome girls! I also get to do a lot of things that I normally wouldn't exactly "choose" to do. A lot of the time it is because a certain one or two of my girls (yes, you know who you are!) very persistently, encourage me to do things I would not EVER do in my right mind! Or for that matter, even in my left!!!

Like ...

Go down a water slide with a drop off two stories straight down, not just once, but a brazillion times!

Or ruin my clothes on another water slide with muddy water straight from the irrigation canal with who knows WHAT growing and swimming in it?

Or play Chinese Fire-drill in the middle of the road with no stop sign or light?

Or let them ride in the back of my trunk?

Or roll down the temple hill in a white shirt?

Or break the speed limit on a road rally?

Or cross a high rise wire?

Or RUN up a rock wall like Spiderman?

The list could (and does!) go on and on!

I almost forgot...

Or run red lights?

Okay so they didn't encourage me to do THAT, but with them yakking non-stop in my ear while I am trying to drive, what else do you expect? Therefore we have a pact stating:
♥"What happens in Jodi's car - stays in Jodi's car!"

Not saying any names, but this pact is very necessary considering ONE of these girls happens to be the Bishop's daughter. Like I said, I'm not saying any names but you can go to her blog here! And you can find the other one's blog here! Again... not saying any names. Nope! I would never do that. But what I will say is this to ALL my girls:

"I you crazy goons, more than you know!"

Thanks for making Young Women's so much fun!!!

Our last snow adventure was ONE time that I wasn't even "encouraged" to do what I would have most definitely said NO too, (not that that has ever worked before!) and I would have most likely ended up doing it to IF they had known what amazing talent and skill I have on the slopes. They most definitely would have made sure I was on skis IF only they were privy to such guarded info. This is one of my talents I like to keep buried shall we say? In more ways than one...

I have such a gift at this sport that even the ski lift dudes stop the lift just for ME! Not sure how they know to do that on my first run (my reputation must proceed me), but they do. What gentlemen. As soon as they see it's me, they turn it off, take my hand(s), and help me off the thing.

Then there’s my snowplowing skills. I can start snowplowing at the very top of the mountain and continue the entire way down without even stopping, mainly because of the speed I have built up. Not many people can do this. My skills are daunting. I know this because of all the stares I get on the way down (of utter amazement I am sure).

I also have an uncanny ability to hug trees. I think it must have to do with my aforementioned snow plow prowess. It's not hard to do when you can snow plow at such high speeds . When a tree appears, I am somehow able to become one with it. This may not sound all that impressive to you, but I don't just hug the tree. Nope. I am able to this while upside down. I try not to do it as often as I have the finesse to do because I know by the number of stunned spectators I create during this feat, that I am causing some serious jealousy in them. And I don't like to make others around me feel inadequate.

Therefore I also try to limit my talent of skiing on one ski to a minimum as well. This usually occurs after I have demonstrated my tree hugging ability. It's not hard to do, as one ski is usually already off and down the hill. I just try to follow it's path. Do not try this at home folks! It takes a great deal of natural ability and is not recommended for just anyone.

Before I hit the bottom of the slope, I usually end up being able to show off my extreme expertise of skiing with NO skis. There are not too many people out there that do this and so sometimes I end up with the urge to do a little demo. For this one I just remove the other ski... (I usually let it go sailing down on it's own at this point) then plant my seat gracefully in the snow and slide down the mountain. This one also tends to draw a crowd and so I do it reluctantly, because I hesitate to create feelings of envy once again.

I am so grateful that my girls didn't try and persuade me to ski this trip. It may have been a little too much for them. Besides, I would have had a hard time with their worshipping looks of stunned amazement after witnessing my extreme command of the mountain.

Here are a few of the pictures of our churches youth latest snow adventure!

Bryce is the masked man!

A few of the lodge SNOW BUNNIES! ↓

Miss Steph and Kiela ↑

We had grilled burgers and hot dogs! ↑ Mmmm....♥

My cute Sarah and me ↓

Look! We didn't even break a leg!!!

A fun time was had by all!!!


The American Homemaker said...

Oh my craziness. I must have been a really crappy young woman's leader since I never did any of those... LOL

Audrey said...

You are so very amazing! I can't stop laughing!

Jill said...

That slide looks like so much fun. Who needs to birth daughters?? Looks like God gave them to you anyway! You look like such a fun person they are lucky to have you in their lives. I am sure they will be telling stories to their children when the get older of their crazy leader! ;)

Time to Blog It Up! said...

Yesss...aren't the youth in this world wonderful! I loved young womens, but I am also enjoying primary at the moment. I also love chinese fire drills, that makes me laugh. You sound like a great Youth leader. Thanks for all your great service.

Da Bergs said...

They are soooooooooooooo lucky to have you!!!

Lisa said...

I love young women's! This brought back lots of great memories.

Michelle said...

You are quite the skier! Amazing!!!

What a great and fun leader you are!!!

Nancy Face said...

I love the young women! They can really bring out the C-R-A-Z-Y in their leaders! ;)

Kelsee said...

You are hilarious! Still laughing!

And I am amazed at your ski ability! It sounds just like mine! HA!

Kelsee said...

Hey, where was that waterslide at ? Is it by Logan?

Lisa W said...

TOO funny Jodi!! Actually that sounded alot like me in my youthful days--I think i waa a disgrace to the slopes LOL! but i was always willing to try LOL!! You just put it so elequintly LOL!!
Sounds like you have a blast with those YW! I miss those days years ago when i was one of them!

Yvonne said...

Working with the YW is always so much fun, eh.

You can just see what a great leader you are--the girls are very blessed to have you.


Susan Brady said...

When the Prophet told us to "Lenghthen our stride" I had no idea he meant it to be on skies. Oh well we have a great organization in the YW that lets us all grow no matter what our age is. Hugs all aroung


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