Sunday, June 28, 2009

WHAT? Me? TV? Tomorrow???

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Oh my!!!
I, (yes ME!) am going to be on TV tomorrow! No, I'm not on America's Most Wanted, or American Idol (though I have been practicing!), but on a local news morning show!!! I just found out on Friday that the Sego Lily Day Spa management has arranged for all five finalists to appear on KUTV 2 on Monday (tomorrow!) morning. It will be a three minute segment featuring the top five. Due to the short amount of time, and low probablility of each of us having the chance to be interviewed, we have all been asked to bring a poster that shows why we should win. I can think of a million reasons for that, but trying to squeeze it all on one poster??? GULP! it's turned into a poster competition too!!! UGH!!! I usually thrive on this kind of stuff - digging deep for something over-the-top creative, but this time I am just feeling the pressure!

The GOOD NEWS is, I am still the top vote getter and currently in the lead of public votes! However, depending on what happens with my poster....that could all change tomorrow!!! Let's hope I can pull something out of my magical creative hat by tomorrow!


If you are in Utah and want to come be a cheerleader for me, just show up at KUTV 2 by 8 a.m. You will most likely be on TV too!!! If you want to will be on Channel 2 sometime after 8 a.m. tomorrow morning!!! Just look for the woman that looks like she is about to wet her pants. That will be ME!

~~~There's still time to vote!!! Just go here and leave a comment saying you vote for me!!!

Thanks my peeps! I ♥ U!!!~~~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday Memes

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Food 4 Thought Friday

Feel free to play along for some yummy fun! I will post a new one each Thursday night for those that are on a different time zone. JOIN IN!!!

Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions



What is your favorite part of the summertime?

How was this week different than others?

What did you think of Michael Jackson?

Midnight Snack
What do you have planned for this weekend?

Recipe for the Week (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)



What is your favorite part of the summertime?
It used to be the lack of a schedule, but this summer it has been one scheduled insane month so far! Between driver's ed, scouts, basketball, football, jobs, camps galore, has been crazy. This next month things should slow down some...but not much. Then it gets crazy again in August. I guess my favorite thing would have to be having all the boys home.

How was this week different than others?
I had an empty nest! Bryce was at Aaronic Priesthood Camp, Taylor was at Basketball Camp at BYU, McKay was at Scout Camp, and of course Skyler is still working in Philadelphia! NOT FUN! I like them home and near! Not sure I will ever be ready for that empty nest! :o(

What did you think of Michael Jackson?
I have always LOVED his music. There is NOTHING like the beat of some of his songs. He had great talent and was an amazing performer! I think he was a little more than shall we say, "eccentric"... I do have to say my honest opinion of him was that he was a freak in so many other ways. He has a bizarre history that's for sure. I am deeply saddened by his passing though. Maybe if he hadn't died so young he would have had time to get his life in order.

Midnight Snack
What do you have planned for this weekend?
My Dad is having surgery today (Friday) and so I will be spending time with him and my Mom at the hospital. Then I have a wedding reception of one of my past Young Women girls and a fun get together with Dave's whole family---every sibling is in town for a change! Saturday is filled with lots of errands and then my niece's baptism. ALL my boys will be arriving home at different times from their week long camps. I am sooooo excited to see them! My baby has been gone for an entire week! I am really MISSING them all! Sunday is a busy day of meetings as usual. One big one to get girl's camp organized since my Camp Director had to be released due to illness. Hope we can pull this off!

Recipe for the Week (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)
Remember that life is short....none of us know how much time we have left while here, so live each day to it's fullest and get out of it all you can!


1. She had a great store of memories.

2. Tyson is by my side, always.

3. I know this: if you want to be happy, then be grateful! ♥ Focus on what you DO have instead of what you DON'T!

4. I am craving chocolate still.

5. These words apply to me: I want to win the Sego Lily Spa Contest so please go and VOTE for ME here and enter my giveaway on this blog (down a few posts) !!!!

6. It is true, the sun was shining.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to visiting my Dad at the hospital after his surgery, attending one of my past Young Women's reception, going to Dave's parent's house for a party to welcome his sister and her fam back for a long visit, tomorrow my plans include getting in a long run, welcoming ALL my boys back from their separate camps!~~~I really missed them!!!, attending my niece's baptism and Sunday, I want to attend my meetings, get camp completely planned and going (I lost my camp director to illness this week!), go and visit my dad and Dave's sister and fam.

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Monday, June 22, 2009


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Friendship is one of the many blessings God has given each one of us. I am so grateful for the lasting friendships I have cultivated through the years. As women, we know that true friendship is a sacred commodity. This is a relationship that is to be cherished and revered for a lifetime. We've experienced friendships that have come and gone because of misunderstandings, differences in lifestyles, spiritual or personal growth. For whatever reasons, they have left a permanent mark on our hearts of what true friendship really is. ~Coach Cheri

Let's become little old ladies together -
we'll stay up late looking at old pictures,
telling "remember when" stories,
and laughing till our sides ache.
Let's become eccentric together-
the kind of old ladies who take long walks, wear silly hats,
and get away with acting outrageous in public places.
And if anybody should ask how long we've been friends,
we'll say, "Oh, forever - since before you were even born!"
Let's become little old ladies together-
because a friendship that's as special as ours
can only grow better through the years.

I was able to go out to lunch FINALLY with my college bud and roomie Shauna which we hadn't done in probably 25 years! It was about time don't ya think? Our moms also came along and we had a blast reconnecting!

Shauna's mom is one of the sweetest ladies I know! She hasn't changed a bit over the years...only gotten sweeter!

I met two other old (meaning the years NOT them!) high school friends (Robin and Jani) for lunch at Applebees. We have reconnected mainly on Facebook and had a blast reminiscing about old times! After lunch we went to our old high school to watch Robin's son play a soccer game but had some time before it started to walk around our old Alma Mater. We had a riot talking about old times and the things we did while there!

I found my old locker!!! Well at least it was one of these!!!

This photo ↓ has a loooooooooong story behind it that I won't bore you with. But suffice it to say, I was glad I wasn't pulled inside when I did this about 30 years ago!

We thought it would be fun to re-enact it! Hee-hee!

Having some fun in our old stairway! We all have some GREAT memories here!

At the soccer game. What a great thing to just pick up where we left off 30 years ago!!!

Out to lunch AGAIN! This was to celebrate a few of my friend's birthdays. Getting together with friend's really is more fun when food is involved!!!

Out to eat, yes once again, with some dear friends at Iggy's.

Oh this ↓ baby was soooooo good!

Me and Bonnie taking our dear friend Mona out for her birthday. She chose to go to Skyway Diner! It was quite the experience!

Hey look! Getting together with a friend for once without eating!!! Just planting! It CAN be done!!! And look how much fun we are having!

Some of my dearest friends attend my church. This is some of my young women that are graduating this year, along with the Relief Society Presidency. They had a welcome breakfast for them.

Another shot of us having fun without eating! Well okay, I confess we did have a yummy dinner before I took these photos of us playing some fun games.

Celebrating Julie's 50th....holy cow that sounds old!!! I only say that because I know it's just around the corner for me! Yikes!

Front: Holly, Robin, Julie, Yours Truly, Heidi, Julie
Back: Heather & Ammon, Stephanie, Bonnie, Jen, Marilyn, Shauna, Janet

Celebrating MORE birthdays! It's a good thing everyone has one of those at least once a year so we have an excuse to go out to lunch!!!! Now if we could just keep the uninvited guests away!!! Namely dive bombing seagulls!

Jodi's Motto:

One can never have too many friends or go out to lunch too much!

Out to lunch, yet again! Just living up to my motto!
This time with some old high school pals Robin and Carla again. Last time we met, we were in the restaurant for FIVE HOURS! (they must not have a policy for loitering!) But hey, we were trying to catch up on almost 30 years!!! This time, we were out in about three....not bad!

Nuff' said!

Except....thanks for being my friend! I ♥ you all!!!

Especially my dear, dear bloggy friends...most of whom I have never met, but I hold you dear to my heart!!! You are some of my dearest friends!!!


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