Monday, May 3, 2010

∞ Women's Conference 2010 ∞

I love love love
Women's Conference!

Where else on this planet can you go and share an immediate and close bond with 14,000 other women?

Where else can you go and ENJOY sitting for nine plus hours while listening to someone speak?

Where else can you laugh and cry in the same minute? Over and over again.

Where else can you get chills just by listening to 14,000 women sing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives"?

Where else can you rush (in the rain, snow, or sleet!) to a class miles away only to be turned down because it's full and not even be upset because there are so many other good ones to choose from?

Where else can you eat a BYU Mint Brownie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not feel one bit guilty because you know it's only a once a year opportunity?

Where else can you be so sleep deprived but still manage to take notes and gain something from each speaker?

Where else can your heart be touched with such love and admiration for your amazing Savior and Father in Heaven for blessing you with such great inspiring messages that make you want to be a better person?

There really is NO WHERE else....

I was only able to go for one day this year because it was Bryce's birthday and I didn't want to miss out on that. But even one day is enough to fill me up and refuel me for a while!

The weather this year was trying to put a damper on things, but it didn't succeed. How can anyone feel less than happy when seeing those cheerful tulips?

Me and my friends (Julie, Julie, and Marilyn) waiting for a class to begin.

This is the Marriot Center filled with 14,000 women anxiously waiting to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak.

Elder Oaks gave the most inspiring talk! I need to write another post just on his words of wisdom.

Once the conference ended it was time for the fun to really begin. Off to Carraba's for dinner! I wait for this all year long!

Marilyn, Karen, Moi, Heather

There is absolutely NOTHING in this world that compares to Carraba's Chocolate Dream Cake or Sogno Di Cioccolata to be exact.

I know I DREAM about this ↑ all year long! This is to die for! And I think I would!

Getting a little silly from brain overload and sleep deprivation...

These ↓ are some the greatest women on the planet. I love each one of them dearly.

Ahh... do we HAVE to go home already?

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Anonymous said...

Carraba's is the BEST! Love women's conference too!

deb said...

I wasn't able to go this year. Looks so fun!


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