Friday, May 5, 2017

Food 4 Thought Friday

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Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions:

*Hey guys, please leave a comment if you played along! THANKS!
Breakfast ~ What is your recent biggest financial disaster?
Lunch ~ How do you deal with things you can't change?
Dinner ~  When things get stressful, what is your go-to for calming yourself?
Midnight Snack ~ What is your current mantra for life?
Recipe for the Week ~ (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for the week?)
Breakfast ~ What is your recent biggest financial disaster? This is hard to even put on paper because I am still so upset about it, but when I booked hotels for Boston, I ended booking one that said "free cancellation" on it and they claim I did not....(I did).  When I cancelled it (without knowing that at the time they said I hadn't checked free cancellation) they charged my credit card almost $700 for it and after hours and hours on the phone trying to dispute it, they will not work with me and so we lost almost $700 just like that. We thought our credit card would dispute it for us and they claim they tried (though we never spoke with a human) and then said we had to go through the hotel. Had we known they would leave us hanging, we would have stayed at that hotel while in Boston instead and only been out $400 (long story).  It's a very long detailed story, but bottom line, one tiny little mistake I wasn't even aware of, cost me over $700!!!  I am retiring from being a travel agent!  It's not my thing.  It's very stressful and then something like THIS happens.  I am just sick about it.  SICK!  I tried to save money on that trip and spent HOURS planning it so we could. When I think where we COULD have stayed for an extra $700 it makes my blood curl!  Whatever you do, DO NOT book a hotel with!!!  Or stay with the Crowne Plaza in Newton Massachusetts!  Buyer BEWARE!  Oh, and I lost $300 cash a few months ago and never found it. At least with that loss, I hope whoever found it needed it and it didn't just go to pad the pocket of some big corporation!
Lunch ~ How do you deal with things you can't change? I try to find something positive in the situation or find a lesson that was learned even when it's hard to find something. For example, the situation above, the loss of such a large sum of money is hard to swallow when I think of what I COULD have done with that money, so I tell myself at least we didn't lose it in some tragic way (health, accident, natural disaster, robbery, etc) and it makes me feel much better. I have to try to not focus on the other ways it could have been, someone in dire need, etc. and then it makes it easier. 
Dinner ~ When things get stressful, what is your go-to for calming yourself?
I go for a run! Or eat chocolate!  But the run is much healthier! 
Midnight Snack ~  What is your current mantra for life? Life is short, so CHERISH the MOMENTS!
Recipe for the Week ~ (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for the week?)
Life is full of things we can't change and that is actually part of life.  In order to not get bogged down with the things we have no control over, accept them, and move on. 


Jodi Saladino said...

Oh wow! Sorry for that huge loss of $$! Love the mantra! I will have mine up sometime tomorrow. Just getting home from our ladies tea, and then a wonderful afternoon and early evening with a friend!! Hugs

Jodi Saladino said...

Mine is up ---> here

Audrey said...

What a sad story about your $700 loss! I imagine it was very painful for you. Love your mantra, it so true that we need to cherish the moments.
I played!


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