Monday, May 1, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

*I am posting this week before last week's because I am still working on all the pix for my Boston post.  It will be coming soon though!  I am just grateful I finally finished my post on the review of the Boston Marathon!  You can find that here

dear monday, it was so nice to not have to go on a run today.  I am enjoying the break immensely!  I am sure it won't be long until I am craving a run, but for now, it's nice to have the time to do something else.  Today was a busy day trying to get back to life after Boston.  I practiced harp, errands, made some visits, and cleaned.  Dave has filled the house with lilacs and I am so in love with that scent!  I can't get enough! 

I am still on such a high from Boston...
...that I signed up for the St. George Marathon in October!!!  I wasn't going to do it this year because I am getting tired of the training and the wear and tear it takes on my body, but after running Boston, I decided I want to run Boston as long as I can!  It was that great!  Now, I just have to BQ again!  I already did last year at STG for 2018, so this year's STG will be for Boston 2019!   There will come a day when I can no longer do this, but today is not that day!  I need to seize it while I can!  Carpe Diem!

dear tuesday, I went to Kaysville for my group harp lesson.  I got there early and so I decided to go to Smiths and as I was checking out, one of the guys who worked there came up to me and asked me if I ran the Boston Marathon year.  I told him that I had and I just got back and he asked me a lot of questions and chatted to me for a long time.  He then said, "Do you mind if I ask what your age is?" I told him and he said he was impressed.  I think he was trying to be polite and not say, he was impressed someone at my age could do that.  Haha  But it was fun having someone talk to me about it because at this point that is all I want to talk about!  lol 

I was a bit frustrated at group harp again because I messed up on the same song I did last time even though I've practiced it a ton.  The recital is coming up in three weeks and so I need to get it down.  I talked to Nanette's sister who ran Boston a few years ago and it was fun hearing her version.  She said she did horrible and wants to go back and redeem herself. I told her I feel the same way...well, I don't feel like I did horrible but I know I can easily cut 20 minutes off my time if the weather cooperates! I did a few errands and then headed home.  Taylor was home and then left on a date to Ogden.  I worked on some RS stuff and then I made dinner and then headed to a RS board meeting. We planned the How to be a 10 Cow Woman meeting at Heather N's house.  This meeting was my idea and so I brought all the stuff and different ideas and we got it planned rather fast.  She gave us a tour of her house after and it is lovely. 

Taylor had a game at 9:00 pm and so I headed over there.  I was the only spectator there. I hope that didn't embarrass him.  hah  But it's so fun to watch him play. 
The selfie showed no one else in the gym but the collage cut it off. 
My Boston Marathon souvenir (leg infection) hasn't been healing too well even after the dose of antibiotics I faithfully took.  It is actually looking worse than before and is still painful.  I am not sure what avenue the doc will take next.  Still baffles me how something like that could happen from chafing, but it appears that is what happened.  

dear wednesday, it was raining - has been all week.  I had an ortho appointment and that went well.  It was fun talking to Clark about Boston.  He said he rarely wears his Boston jacket.  I worry that will happen to me too now that Boston is over, but I am going to try not to let it.  It's a fun conversation piece.  
Rainy days but the spring flowers are so PRETTY!

dear thursday, I had my study group on Revelations this morning. There were only four of us there.  Usually we have about 10.  Caryl amazes me at her knowledge.  
I went to the high school to pick up the applications for Tyson's Memorial Scholarship. There are six this year and I am happy to say that it's going to be tough to pick this year.  I have it down to three...mostly two.  But now I need to get the rest of the fam's feedback.  It's always better to have a hard time deciding rather than not having any that you think deserve it, which has happened.  I need to get them chosen and turned in so they can be recognized on Scholarship night this year. I changed the deadline to an earlier date so that can happen because we have missed it the past few years because the deadline was later and we had no time to get it chosen and awarded and in the program before. 

I practiced the harp and I broke my FIRST STRING!  Ugh!  This means a trip to SLC to buy a new one.  It's the third octave D and so I can't practice very well now.  I can tell a couple more are on the verge of breaking too. 

I went to the stake center for our Stake Spring Sports night.  We played dodge-ball. There was a great turnout and the girls had a lot of fun.  We even let the little spectators play.  Then the leaders played against the girls but we got sorely beat.  It was still fun. 

dear friday, I headed up to Logan in a blizzard!  Yes, it's April 28th and winter has returned.  

I had some birthday shopping to do for Bryce and some music books I needed and so I took Taylor out to lunch and grocery shopping as well.  I picked him up on campus and then we went to his favorite Rumbi Grill and then to Walmart.  He only got some bread and milk because he moves out in a week. He is busy studying for finals right now and had his first one this afternoon.  That kid studies like crazy. He has amazing grades to prove it.  I am proud of him.  He has this crazy idea of going to Hawaii with CJ to work this summer at a Zip-line place that will count for leadership experience on his resume.  They are serious about it even though they have no where to live. Oh, to be young and adventurous again without any responsibilities.  I guess you gotta do it while ya can right?  But I still think they are CRAY CRAY!  
So sad these guys won't be together next year.  One is engaged and the other is going to SLCC.  
I did some shopping and then came home and worked on my blog post on the marathon. Holy cow, I hate being behind on my blog, but seems I always am! I also worked on the Missionary Newsletter.  Dave wasn't feeling well and so no date. I'm trying to decide about running the Dash for the Splash in the morning.  I want to, but not sure if I am recovered enough to race. 

dear saturday, today was Bryce's 26th birthday.   I posted this on Facebook:
.[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅].ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́..ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́.[̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] to my handsome son Bryce! Seems like yesterday he was chasing the butterflies instead of the soccer ball when he was five. Now he's chasing his dreams and making them come true. What a blessing he has been in our lives. This kid is one of the hardest workers I know and has the most generous soul. He has the kindest heart and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it without even thinking twice. His sense of humor and adventurous spirit has brightened our lives and kept us on our toes (and knees!). Thank you Bryce for being such an amazing son and a genuinely good person. I am so grateful for your generous, kind and loving heart. No ones heart is as big as yours. Thank you for being there to support me at Boston. That meant the world to me! I feel so blessed to be your mom! I love you bud!  Happy Birthday!
He really is a great kid!  He has plans with his friends and so we are celebrating on Monday.  He did open his presents though.  He bought his stuff and we will pay him back, but we did give him some Real Soccer tickets that he didn't know about.  

It was another cold one today.  I got up and got dressed to run the Dash for the Splash race around the Mantua Dam and then started to worry that it might not be wise.  I won Overall Woman in this race the past two years and I fear that even though I say I will take it easy because I'm not fully recovered, I fear once I get there and start racing, my competitive nature will come out and I will want to defend my title and so I will push it and risk injury.  It is the best race for door prizes and last year I came home with $25 for winning and $25 gift card to Maddox and a bunch of other door prizes, so it was very tempting to go.  But after I did a bit of a jog up my street, I knew I wasn't race ready and I would be risking injury so I decided to not go.  I made the right decision because I did go to the track to do a little running and my PT exercises and I couldn't do either because I was so sore and stiff. I mostly walked and did about a mile or so running.  I did find some coins in the parking lot.  
Yes, that is fresh snow on the mountain!  Why does finding a fork in the road make me laugh?  
The boys had gone to Logan to eat at May Moe's (?) alligator, crayfish, etc.  Sky took Bryce for his birthday and they picked up Taylor.  I guess they loved it and said the alligator tasted like steak with chicken skin.  I'll pass.  They had to stand in line for 30 minutes.  I guess alligator is popular. 

Taylor came home a bit later and it was nice to have everyone home for a bit.  We all sat and chatted about Taylor going to Hawaii this summer and Sky and Bryce both told him their opinions as did Dave and I.  Poor kid. haha  He is determined to go though and so I hope it works out.  My injury was bothering me for the first time in a while (I think because I stretched out a lot while running today) and so Dave was nice enough to rub it for me.  That really helped.  I went out and ran some errands and brought home some Little Caesar's pizzas for everyone.  

dear sunday, I was so happy I didn't have to play the piano or teach today.  Troy and Carol were gone today and so I sat by myself in sacrament.  After the sacrament, Grayson came and sat by me.  How sweet. I am sure Brooke told him to, but that was the sweetest thing. She is one of those amazing people who instinctively knows what to do.  I wish I was more like that.  I just don't think I would have thought to do that.  I would have been fine alone, but it was a nice gesture.  He was adorable. We really had a good time chatting and he was so excited about so many things. Such an enthusiasm for life.   Little boys are just the greatest.   I went to SS and sat by the class.  There were only two girls and me.  We waited for a while for Sister Olsen to show up because she was teaching, but when she walked in she had a very surprised look on her face and asked me if I was teaching today.  I said, "No I thought you were!"  She looked surprised and said, "I thought you were!"  Haha  We all had a good laugh!  Well, apparently it was MY turn!  Since I taught last week, I was thinking it was her turn, but I forgot I had told her I would teach two in a row since I would be gone to Boston for a week.  How did I not remember that?  I worry about myself especially after last week when I didn't realize I was supposed to play the piano!  UGH!  Vacations throw me off!  At least I hope that is what is going on!  But it turned out pretty great because we talked to Kendall and Bailey and then Kafton came late and we did a get to know you day.  I learned a lot about them I didn't know. So it was good.  Sister Olsen wanted me to tell them all about Boston and so I did that as well.  It was kind of fun just chilling with them. They are all great kids and I love teaching them. 
I took this last Sunday when they were solving a puzzle, but since I haven't written that post yet, I am adding it to this one!
After dinner and a nap, we went to Brian's bday party.  They asked me about Boston and I told them about it.  I was attacked by a huge hot flash in the middle of my story telling. I haven't had one for a long time and so it was not a welcome guest.  The joys of womanhood!

dear mckay, his mission president sent us a nice letter and some pix.  Only 67 more days!

dear random, 
This is Rinda.  She is my robot vacuum.  Carson named her.  I actually named it Bob, but he didn't like that name and renamed it to Rinda.  I put Mr. Cat's toy mouse on it and shetook off to clean the house like that.  I started laughing so hard....I almost wet my pants!  Now, if only Mr. Cat would hitch a ride on her. 
Dave put these in my bathroom.  I can't get enough of these!
My friend Shauna sent me this from Maine.  This was the one beach she wanted to take us to, but we ran out of time. 
I found this photo of me and my chocolate buddy Jaida!  Love that girl!
I think he missed me! 
A text I got from Sarah.  Love this little guy to pieces!

dear quotes, 
It's been nice to not have to worry about getting in my long runs!  I get a  break from them until about August!  I am going to enjoy the break!

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