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Food 4 Thought Friday

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Food 4 Thought Friday!

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Feel free to play along for some yummy fun! I will post a new one each Thursday night. JOIN IN!!!
Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions:

*Hey guys, please leave a comment if you played along! THANKS!
MEMORIES (in honor of Memorial Day)
Breakfast ~ What is your earliest memory? 
Lunch ~ What are your three (or ten)☺most memorable moments?
Dinner ~  What is something you wish to never remember?
Midnight Snack ~ What person will you never forget?
Recipe for the Week ~ (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for the week?)

MEMORIES (in honor of Memorial Day)
Breakfast ~ What is your earliest memory? This one is hard, but I think it's when I was in kindergarten and waiting outside the school for my mom to pick me up. I watched all the buses come and go but my mom was no where to be found. I started to cry and was in great fear I had been forgotten.  It must have traumatized me because I still remember it vividly.
Lunch ~ What are your three (or ten)☺most memorable moments? I might have a hard time choosing only three because I can think of SO many! Some of these are lame because I am in a rush and don't really have time to think this through.  But here is what I came up with on the top of my head:

  • My wedding day
  • The birth of each of my five sons
  • Meeting Pres. Benson and Pres. Monson
  • McKay opening his mission call to Russia.  As well as sending three sons on missions to Indiana, Brazil, and Russia and welcoming them back after two long years!  
  • Sky diving on my 50th birthday in Hawaii
  • Totaling our car on the freeway when a truck's contents flew out and several cars had to swerve causing several accidents. I wasn't sure I was going to survive after I was hit and spun and then stopped facing sideways on the freeway and then watched a fast speeding car come right for me.
  • When I was awarded Utah Young Mother of the Year and met with the Governor and having Dave and my little boys Sky and Tyson there with me.
  • Serving with Barbara B. Smith for two years on AMI (everything about my service in AMI is memorable!)
  • Moving to St. Louis for Dave to attend medical school
  • Running the Boston Marathon
Dinner ~  What is something you wish to never remember? Being told we would be living with the dreaded Cystic Fibrosis disease in our family and saying goodbye to Tyson as we closed his casket. 
Midnight Snack ~ What person will you never forget? I could answer this with several names, but I think I will say my cousin Shelley.  She passed away with MS about 8 years ago.  She was nine years older than me and I looked up to her and wanted to be just like her in every way.  She's the reason I learned to twirl baton, fire baton, took ballet, tap, drill, all kinds of dance, piano, and became the Majorette at my high school and then a dance teacher and owner of my own dance studio.  She's also the reason I never got hooked on Coke. She didn't drink it and so I didn't.  When I see so many of my friends who depend on the stuff, I am grateful every day for her example.  She was my idol and hero and she is also the reason I am an active member of the church.  I can attribute so many things to her and I am grateful every single day for her example in my life growing up.
Recipe for the Week ~ (instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for the week?)
Hang onto your hats because you never know what surprises wait around the corner!

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