Monday, May 8, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday,  I tried to run but too painful still.  I went to the track, and ended up running a bit around the school.  I have to be patient even though it's frustrating.  I could NOT believe I found a penny right on the track!  I found another one one the road.
I made a birthday cake for Bryce, but he ended up getting tickets to a Bee's game and so we cancelled his party at our house and then my Mom threw together a BBQ at her house so I made baked beans for that.   

I enjoyed talking to Sky while I worked in the kitchen.  When I got back from my run, he had washed all my big windows. Inside AND out!  I was so grateful because they really needed it.  He had also power washed the waterfall.  
Looks like he needs to power wash himself!
When Dave got off, we headed to Grammy's.  No boys, just Dave and I.  I have a fun family and we were laughing most of the time. 

dear tuesday,  I headed to my harp lesson.  It was a solo lesson this time and we spent a lot of time on my technique and form.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get that down.  After my lesson, I met Dawn in Farmington at Zuppas for lunch. It was yummy!   We had fun catching up!  I love spending time with that woman.  I always come away feeling uplifted.  We talked about her conferences she has been attending and the things she is manifesting in her life.   And check out the cute shirt she is wearing!  Love it!

I then headed to SLC to Lyon and Healy to buy harp strings. I needed them bad!  I can't wait to fix the broken one so I can actually practice normally again.
The chairs in front of Lyon and Healy
On my way back I searched the globe (the northern Utah globe) for Caramel M&M's. They are VERY hard to find and I am dying to try them!  I ended up finding a lot at a Maverick in North Ogden so I bought quite a few.  I have to say, I am a bit let down. They did not live up to my expectations.  I think Milk Duds are better.  So meh.....  BUT... the Strawberry ones, ARE amazing!

When I got home, I started to re-string my harp. HOLY HARP STRINGS, that is hard!  I had no idea it was such a pain!  The main reason it was a pain is because the instructions in my book and the ones on YouTube were completely different. I was getting so frustrated.  Skyler could tell and so he came and rescued me.  He is good at knots (that Eagle Scout rank comes in handy sometimes!) and he taught me a new and much easier way to tie it.  I worked on that thing for much too long! I was so happy for his rescue!  Now if I can remember it for the next time one breaks!  

Taylor was home.  I mumbled something and he asked me if I was still talking to myself.  I kind of laughed and the next thing I know he is playing the sound recording I sent to him accidentally last week!  Oh, I was dying!  It was hilarious, but embarrassing cause I was just talking to myself...about Taylor!  Hah  These boys! However this kid ↓, got a 3.9 GPA!  I am so proud of him because he had some dang hard classes!
I am really unhappy with my phone camera.  It took both these pix and I couldn't even adjust the lighting to make it look normal. I am so sad. If anyone needs a good camera on their phone, it's me!  I take a lot of pix!  Understatement of the year!
These boys!  I went to Taylor's game.  I was beat.  Bryce left for Moab.  

dear wednesday, I got up early and worked on a bunch of stuff including trying to decide on who to give the Tyson Memorial Scholarship to. I have narrowed it down to three.  I ran 5 miles.  Yay!  But the injury is painful and I stopped halfway and did my PT exercises.  Plus I walked part of it.  I did find some treasures from heaven though.  

I was so excited to go to lunch at Maddox today!  Jenniece invited me along with my dear friend Cecelia and the wonderful women who comprise the singing trio Heartbound.  I have been friends with them and loved them for years and years.  I met Debbie way back in my Institute days and I've known Me'Chele for years from AMI. Heartbound are the ones that set up the lunch.  When I walked in the lobby of Maddox the three of them were inside and as I walked up to them, they all started screaming and yelling, "Here comes the Boston Marathon runner!"  They were all excited for me and saying I am the only person they know that has run it. They were possibly more excited than me!  They were all very sweet.  
We had a VERY fun lunch.  It was what I describe as how lunches with friends will be in heaven because everyone was SO kind and positive and listened to whoever was speaking at the time and no one monopolized the conversation and everyone wanted to hear what everyone else had to say instead of talking.  Every word was positive and upbeat.  These are some of the best woman on the planet.  Every single one of them.  Lesa S. was supposed to join us as well, but Gary had surgery and so she didn't feel like she could come that far.  We missed her.... a lot. Her life has changed immensely since his call, but she is still so humble and down to earth.  Jenneice told us some stories about their adventures since the call.  Cecelia and Me'Chele have both served as missionaries and we heard some amazing stories from them as well.  Cecelia is the funnest and brightest and most Christlike person I know.  I have admired her since I met her 26 years ago.  I could go on and on how incredible each of these woman are. They have always been the cream of the crop and I have always felt so inadequate around them but at the same time SO grateful I have been blessed to be able to associate with them.  They have all made me strive to be a better person. I know I will never reach it in this lifetime, but there's hope for the next.  Heartbound gave us all two of their CD's.  FUN!  I REALLY needed this today.  It was uplifting and positive. 

My Boston Marathon photos are up.  Now to decided if I want to order any or not. They are always a huge rip-off, but it IS Boston.  

Taylor came home and studied and then had a game.  It was for the championship. They won the first one and then had to play one more for the title.  They were tired. The other team was fresh.  It started out pretty bad.  But they were able to catch up and then take the lead for most of the rest of the game.  Sadly, they ended up losing by a few points!  It brought back all the years when he played for the high school.  It was intense. I kept telling myself, it's just a city league.  Hah.  He played his heart (and feet) out.  
I had fun with this little cutie and his little bro.  They are in our ward.  He was entertained by selfies.
dear thursday, I ran this morning and stopped by my friendly horses on my route.  This guy is always uber friendly.  A little too much.  I thought he was going to eat my sunglasses (OR bite off my headband!). I tried to get a photo of him when he was right in my face, but didn't succeed.   I did my PT while out.

Today was one of my favorite Homemakers meetings.  It was the favorite things one where everyone shares their faves.  When Beth welcomed everyone she congratulated me on the marathon which I thought was so sweet.  I love that lady.  She is so on top of things and does so much at her age. I hope to be just like her.  We all shared our favorite things. I couldn't really think of much to take this year and so I took the Caramel M&M's and shared them with everyone and I took the Swig cookie mix, fried crispy Jalapenos, and my Drops of Amazon (Pravana) hair stuff.  It was a good meeting as always. 

We had our first night of kickball for the Stake YW Sports.  We had enough to play and it was actually a lot of fun except one leader really hurt her knee.  

I had to run Wallies and as I was coming out a girl handed me a post it note and there was another one on my window.  Something so simple, but so kind and it totally made my day.  I am going to leave them on someone else's car.   

dear friday, I was hoping my run today would feel like normal, but nope. It's still painful.  I am still taking it pretty easy. So frustrating!  I am so slow!  It's like my legs are made of lead.  I don't remember feeling this un-recovered this far out from any of my other full marathons.  They say it's take one day per I should be fully recovered in 26 days.  I'm on day 18 and so I just need to be more patient! Not my greatest virtue! I usually bounce back in two weeks.  Oh well.  It was worth it!   I ran back to where I did yesterday with the horses and I found a shiny penny on that dirt road. I have ran that road tons of times and never found a coin.  It's so bizarre some of the places I find pennies. I have not run one time in the past several weeks without finding at least one coin.  Thanks Tys!  
I made my Boston Sista's a little Thank You for coming and supporting me at the race.  And as I was heading in to our lunch, I got two texts saying that two of them couldn't come. So I text Kathy to see if she was because if she wasn't I wasn't going to keep driving in and just cancel it and reschedule cause we needed more than three. She never responded so I assumed she forgot and so we cancelled it.  I then got a text and a photo from her saying she was there and waiting.  She still hadn't seen her texts.  hah  Oh well.  
Since I was already in Ogden, I headed to my parents and visited with them.  They were having lunch and invited me to join them.  We had some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and salads.  We talked for about two and half hours.  It was fun just visiting with them. I told them all about Boston. I love my parents and I am so grateful I still have them!  I do not take that for granted because almost all of my friends have lost at least one parent and most have lost both.  On my way home I got a text from Troy seeing if we were going to dinner with them at El Toro.  I guess Dave had responded we were and I was a bit in the dark but ended up just going straight to the clinic and picking up Dave and then meeting them there.  It was Cinco De Mayo and so we wanted to eat Mexican food. We had a great time.  We were just chatting a bit after we had finished and the waitress came and asked us to leave.  We got kicked out!  LOL  She said they had so many waiting and they needed our table. I get that, but it was kind of abrupt.  

dear saturday, I tried to get in a good run again but it was bad. One of these days I will have it back. Today was not that day.  But I did see some glorious spring blossoms! 
When I was almost home my street was closed off about a block or two up because the city was having Soap Dish Derby. I saw Katie S., and the Huffs and chatted with both of them while we watched. We saw one car wipe out into some oranges cones, but nothing serious.  I watched for quite a while.  It was really fun.

When I got home all the boys were here and just hanging out.  I enjoy it so much when they do that.  It's so fun to watch them.  Brings me joy to see how well they get along.   Taylor is getting ready to head to Hawaii for the summer.  I wish he wasn't going for so long but he is getting a job over there.  I'm going to miss him.  We got some serious wind, rain, and thunder when I was out buying a gift.  The skies were black and the wind was intense.  Sky made us buffalo wings for dinner!  They were so good!  Mmm....  better than Wingers.
Taylor tried to pull a fast one on me by trying to get me to juggle three eggs and when I told him they were raw he tried to trick me into thinking they were hard boiled.  I KNEW they were raw and so I cracked one on the counter to see his reaction.  It was priceless!  I then salt and peppered and we waited to see if Dave would notice it right there on the counter.  It took a bit, but he did.  When he saw it, he did a double take, like "What the?"  Hilarious.

dear sunday, I woke up to thunder and rain!  Love it!  Love the feeling I get from it.  I wonder why?  It must have come with me from heaven because it's been a constant thing through my life.

We headed to Stake Conference.  I LOVE having the perk of a reserved parking place. I feel bad for the young man that has to stand there and wait for us to arrive, but it's pretty cool we don't have to get there 30 minutes early for a parking spot anymore. Hah!  CJ came and sat by us as well.  Him and Taylor leave in the morning for Hawaii for the entire summer.  Dave did a good job.  He spoke about trials and about Mother's Day coming and then talked about his own mother and then he said he was grateful for me because I basically raised the boys single handedly when he was gone up to 120 hours a week at times during med school. He talked about how that it wasn't easy and how I sacrificed doing many things I could have done and accomplished but I gave that up to raise our boys and he gave the credit to me because he wasn't home much during that time. He read some quotes from Elder Holland how no love comes closer to the love Christ has than the selfless love a mother has for her child. I can't even remember now what else he said because I was seriously very uncomfortable. I remember he said something about how now I have time to fulfill some of my dreams and that he is amazed that my "little body" can do so much that he can't even imagine doing. He didn't specifically say anything about Boston, but I guess that is what he meant. It was embarrassing even though I know it was kind and I am grateful. I sat behind Bonnie, and she is one of those rare people in this world that is always just so sweet and kind and reached back and patted my leg. I got to be entertained by her granddaughter. What a hoot. After the meeting, I got a lot of hugs or handshakes, I guess because of what Dave said. I never know what to say because it really is uncomfortable when he does that. A few came and congratulated me on Boston. People are really just so nice. Dave had to go straight to a coordinating council meeting in Logan and so I took a nap. I LOVE Sunday naps!

THIS is what the wind did Sunday evening!
Pretty crazy!  I wouldn't have felt one bit bad if it had taken out the motor home. That thing is an eyesore.

dear random, Dave had to take Bryce's truck one day and I got this shot when he went driving by me when I was at the stop sign. It makes me laugh so hard. He's a bit big for that truck. lol
Spring is so gorgeous!
One of my all time favorite photos of me and my dear friend Dawn. It popped up on my FB Memories.  This chica is one of the brightest spots in my life!  Love her!
This popped up as well. I made this little sign a long time ago and had forgotten about it.
TRUTH RIGHT THERE! Other than I don't "suffer", I ENJOY it!

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Oh Jodi...I love you to pieces. I love your fun filled life. I especially love being a part of it! You're amazing!


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