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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear aloha taylor, I took Taylor to the airport on Monday morning. He is going to spend the summer working in paradise.  Poor thing.  See what Skyler started?  But, hats off to him for having the guts to head over without any clue where they (him and his bud CJ) are sleeping, driving, eating, living, or working. Okay, I exaggerated that a bit.  They actually have a car lined up to buy when they arrive at the airport, and they have a job interview the day they arrive.  But as far as living, they can't get in BYU Hawaii housing until June and so they are homeless for now.  We all gave him a hard time about doing this, but deep down I think it shows a lot of strength and bravery for taking a step out in the dark and seeing how it works out.  He has a lot of faith it will all work out as is supposed to.  But I have lost more sleep than I care to admit worrying about this move. Aaaagh!
ALOHA!  Off to paradise!  
I look like I just ate a "happy" meal or happy something.  Gah
 Taylor's post on Facebook (and CJ'S)
They were homeless for almost three days and slept in the car they bought from a guy who met them at the airport.  Crazy kids!

dear new hutch, I am SO excited!  After years and years of looking and hoping I would find the perfect hutch someday, I finally found one on a week or so ago.  I had a feeling I should look and there it was.  BUT... it was in Magna and I really didn't want to drive that far.  So I decided against it.  But it kept coming back into my mind and I thought how many years I have tried to find the one I wanted but never could and this one was perfect and a good price as well.  But, I didn't know when I could make the trip. I decided I would just do it but then it was gone from the website.  Oh well.  Then I got a text from the seller (I had previously text them) telling me that it was still available and they had dropped it $50.  I asked them if they would take $75 less.  They said no, but they would take another $50 off and so then I really knew it as meant to be mine.  The problem, getting to Magna with a truck to haul it home.  Taylor happened to need a ride to the airport and so I had them send the measurements again and figured it would fit in the Escalade.  The problem was having someone help lift it into the vehicle.  Hmm....  The seller said it was "crazy heavy".  So.... I was not sure HOW it was going to work out, but I decided to go with faith and see what we could do.  She was new to her neighborhood and didn't know anyone.  She said there was a bus stop near her house and we could maybe recruit some peeps to help.  After I dropped Taylor off, I drove to her house and not only was it crazy heavy, but it had to be lifted down some concrete stairs.  Hmm...  I tried to see if the two of us could lift it, but neither of us was very buff and it was worse than crazy heavy.  I decided to go around the hood and see if I could recruit anyone. Amazingly before I even left, I heard some noises coming from the backyard across the street. I meandered over there and saw two men working.  What? Seriously?  I knew this was working out perfectly and so I asked them if they could do me a favor and help me lift it.  They didn't speak much English, but obliged.  I could tell it was difficult for them but they kept at it and didn't want our help.  They got it down the stairs and then tried to get it in my vehicle.  It wasn't quite fitting.  We were all very discouraged and I submitted to the fact I was going to have to come back with a truck or just bag it. Then I suggested the one guy go inside my car and try to pull it through that way as we tilted it.  He did and it worked!  I think I witnessed a miracle right then.  If I hadn't drove off with it today, I am not sure I would have gone back for it. Pretty sure the way everything worked out, that this was the hutch for me! hehe  I had to drive very delicately on the way home, but I am now the owner of a gorgeous refurbished hutch! I can now get out my China that has been in storage for almost 35 years! Crazy huh? I would have never bought China had I known I would never use it!  But now I can!
Shoved in the car
It doesn't have the shelves in it yet or, of course, the China, but I think it's gorgeous!

dear group harp lesson, I headed to Kaysville and we had five or six of us at the lesson.  It was actually fun this time.  I think we all had practiced our songs and so we sounded pretty good. 

I finished my Social Books once I had the 40% off coupon.  Now, I have them all up to date with the exception of one of our trips to Hawaii and our cruise last year. 

dear run with robin, we headed out about 6:30 and it was a gorgeous morning!  We basically did the Peach Day's route.  This was the first time I felt like I wasn't a turtle since Boston, though I still was.  But the photos were worth it.
I LOVE spring!!!
So does this guy!

I'd much rather find a penny than a snake!

dear how to be a 10 cow woman, I got a text asking if I could please be in charge of our entire RS night because Shauna and Becky couldn't make it.  Hmm....  Okay.  I was okay with it only because the idea was mine on what we had planned and I knew what was happening for the most part.  I was informed that the speaker who was teaching the class on Goal Setting was not able to be there and so I had to scramble and throw together 10 minutes worth of stuff for that.  Luckily, I had taught a couple classes about that to my SS class and so I had some notes and handouts. I got the rest off the internet.  I also grabbed a talk I had given and revamped and was good to go. I got there an hour early to set up and make copies.
Some of the classes
Some of the presenters

A few of the notes on my Goal Setting class.  I wanted to include Rodney Brady's Principles of Goal Setting on here for future reference because it truly is invaluable.  He is truly inspiring.  He set 200 goals in his youth and when he was WSC Pres. he had accomplished about 167 or so of them if I remember correctly.  Since then I have never forgot how powerful setting goals are.  I challenged the sisters to write one goal on the back of their card that they think is impossible and I challenged them to reach for it and see what happens.  
The family fun game, I was a volunteer.  It was a blast.
The refreshments.  COW PIES and MOO JUICE and COW TALES
I had asked Troy to teach the Udderly Delicious class and so he asked me to be his assistant. Ever feel like you overdid your appearance at an event?  Yeah, me too. However, I am grateful he did because first of all I learned how to make a perfect omelet and second, he gave me a VERY nice omelet pan just for helping him.  Wow!  Can't beat that!  He did a great job. Me on the other hand... I guess I was the comic relief.  I flipped the omelet perfectly the first time but after I added cheese and flipped it again, half of it landed on the table and part of it on the floor!  
Troy also brought crepes (Creps).  I have been saying it wrong all this time!  It's not CRAPES.  It's CREPS!  He would know since he served in France.  They were filled with banana foster filing.  Mmm.... My fave!
VERY FUN NIGHT!  Even if I was at the church for four hours!

dear scholarship recipient, Wednesday night was the Scholarship Awards night and so Dave and I went a bit early to meet the winner of this year's winner for Tyson's Memorial Scholarship.  She is a darling girl and we chose her because she has endured some pretty hard things and chose to have a positive attitude through it all. She is even a cheerleader at the high school even though she is wheelchair bound. After reading her application,  we thought she was quite deserving.  
I seriously  need  a new camera on my phone!  
I think Tyson would approve!
As we were coming home we saw this...
Yes, that is our son on his bullet bike...aka death mobile. UGH Who invented those things anyway?

dear camo penny, sometimes the places and the way I find pennies (and coins) amazes me.  This one was completely camouflaged and if I hadn't stopped to tie my shoe I would have never seen it.  This happens frequently.  I often wonder how many I run right past every day.  I also wonder how rich someone would be if they were able to magically gather all the coins that have been dropped across the world!  

dear presentation preparation, I felt really bad that I had to cancel a lunch with the City Creek Crew on Thursday. I was torn what to do but it was my ONLY day and first chance to get my talk prepared for Tuesday.  I just couldn't justify a two hour round trip commute along with the lunch and shopping, so I decided I needed to put this first.  I was asked to do a 20 minute presentation on Organization in the 13th ward.  I decided to pull from three or four other talks I have filed that I have given on the subject as well as on Time Management.  That method may have actually taken more time because I was trying to organize and pull from all four. Most of them were no longer on the computer because when it crashed we lost it all. Skyler kindly scanned one in that had the most info and I was able to use a program to copy and paste (kinda - it doesn't work great but good enough).  I decided to do some of my prep outside so I could get some rays on my lily white legs before the Ogden Half Marathon.  BIG mistake!  As you can see!!!  I was only out there for about an hour.  
Yeah, that was brilliant!  I didn't even think I was getting ANYTHING!  WRONGO!
I was able to work hard on my talk for most of the day and I knew I made the right choice about not going.  Interestingly enough, part of my presentation includes a part where I explain that you can never say YES-YES to anything.  When you say YES to one thing, you automatically say NO to something else.  You can YES-NO or NO-NO, but not YES-YES.  I had to say NO to City Creek so I could say YES to my sanity in getting this ready. 

dear friday run, I am very disappointed in the shirt I had made for Boston.  You can barely read it.  It says, "I earn my CHOCOLATE one step at a time" .  So I am going to just wear it to train in.
I found some chalk sitting on the sidewalk and so I took advantage and wrote some encouragement to other runners. I love it when I see positive signs.
I was able to get in 10 miles on Friday. I did walk a good mile or so.  Just not back where I was yet.

dear boston sista lunch, we had rescheduled our lunch at BOSTONS for this week but sadly everyone came but Robin and she could have come LAST time.  Oh well.  She wasn't feeling well.  We all wore our shirts except for Patti.  She said it was too hot.  Agreed.  It was fun to reminisce and we all signed a shirt I am sending to Shauna to thank her again.  
 Posing with our Sista shirts!
 Shauna called us while we were eating. I think she really misses us!  ;)
We face-timed her after we ate.  She is so fun.  We all DO miss her!

dear four wheeling and hobo dinners, Friday for date night we headed up to Camp Cumorah on our four wheeler with some friends.  I wish I would have got a really cute group photo, but I only got candid ones.  Some of the couples made some really unique hobo dinners.  They all looked good.  Ours was just the normal boring kind.  It was gorgeous weather, but I still wanted to stick by the fire to stay toasty.  It even stayed nice once it got dark, but then all of a sudden it felt like the temp dropped 20 degrees instantly!  We loaded up and headed back down. The ride down was freezing! Fun times!  We have some fun friends.  We did miss the Parrishes though. 

dear i'm going back to bed, I had my group harp recital on Saturday in Kaysville.  As we were eating dinner on Thursday evening, we heard one of my strings break.  It was the same one I had just replaced!  Great! That means I need to get to SLC and get another one or scramble to borrow one. I tried and no one had it.  THEN, on Friday night as I was tuning it, my F wire (lowest octave 5th) popped!  Yikes!  A wire!  Those things are expensive!  I text my teacher to see if she had a spare I could borrow. Nope.  She text a few peeps to see if they did.  Nope.  I use that string a lot in my pieces for the recital and so I had no choice but to run to SLC before the recital!  A little frustrating for sure since I had already been down that way several times this week.  I hurried and got ready. Dave loaded my harp in the Escalade and off I went.  The closest store was Lyon and Healy on South Temple but they were closed and so I had to go to Murray to Summerhays.  Great store btw!
I text Nanette and told her I would be late to set up my harp and she was okay with that.  As I headed out I noticed I was almost out of gas!  I knew I could make it there but I would have to stop before I went to the recital building.  I was on a serious time crunch as it was and so that was frustrating.  I never drive that vehicle so I didn't know.  
I ran in the store and the harp specialist helped me.  She told me that the Bow Brand strings have been breaking like mine.  She said they are no longer the best.  So I got the Premiere brand and she tied the knot for me.  Her way was very simple. We were making it too hard.  So, off I went to get some gas. I had to go out of my way a bit. I spilled gasoline all over my dress and shoes cause I was trying to hurry and put the nozzle back.  That meant I had to run into the gas station and buy some wet wipes to clean it off because it smelled bad!  I rushed in and got some and headed back on the freeway when I noticed my phone was missing!  I needed to call Karen to let her know I was on my way cause she was going to help me put on my new strings. Sooooooo.......I got off an exit and turned all the way back around!  I was in a serious time crunch at this point. I was supposed to have my harp there to tune by 11 a.m. and it was now 11:25 and I was 20 minutes away. PLUS, I had to replace TWO strings before the recital began at noon!  And I am a rookie!  I got to the gas station and the clerk said he hadn't seen it. There was a long line and so I asked a lady in the line if she would mind calling it.  Luckily I had it turned on!  Nothing. So I ran back to the car and it was ringing!  UGH!  It was in the harp store sack!  A wasted trip!  I got back on the freeway and nearly got killed a few times!  You should have seen all the illegal traffic things I was doing to get there!  Some days you should just stay in bed!  I kept hoping this wasn't an omen of how the recital was going to go!  Oh well.... 

dear harp recital, I arrived with about 20 minutes to spare.  20 minutes to carry in my huge harp ALONE, my stand, my music, my books, park, and get BOTH of my broken strings restrung AND tune my harp!  No stress at all.  THANKFULLY, my cute fellow harpist Katie who is SO nice, helped me restring it.  I just knew I would mess it up if I did it alone.  It took a good 10 minutes.  Then I tried to tune it and I was the last one to get it tuned.  Nanette did a quick check and it was time to start.  Dave arrived right before we started and gave me my Mother's Day corsage a day early.
We began. I was finally relaxed and settled. Well, as relaxed as you can be when playing in a recital! 
The songs I played were: Little King Yevtot, Andante, Twinkle Twinkle group, Honeybee, Nisse, and Ivy Fairy.  Sadly, the strings I replaced went completely flat during the recital and I could not tune them in the middle.  That meant I had to not play those notes which would be easy for an experienced harpist, but not me. Therefore, I ended up playing VERY quietly all of my songs. It probably would have been fine had I not even come since I didn't have a solo or duet.
The harpists
With my cute niece Mickey.
My third recital in the books.
I've been taking lessons now for 14 months and even after today, I still love it.

dear mother's day,  I was grateful I didn't have to teach today because I had to play piano in RS and I needed to really practice for the songs. Not good to put that off!  Dave's parents showed up for our sacrament meeting.  I had the SS training class today.  All the women received a long stem red rose today.  Very nice.  Dave made a delicious turkey dinner for me!  I got cards from all the boys which is always my very favorite gift!  I would be happy with only cards!  They are all so sweet. Taylor wrote his before he left and had Sky give it to me.  Ahhh...
I also got a CRICKET!  And it's purple!  I am so excited to learn how to use it!  It was Sky's idea.  He always has great ideas for knowing exactly what to give everyone.  
 I also got some Idle Isle chocolate!  Mmm....

However, NOTHING beats THIS!!!  ↓
 We got to talk to McKay!!!  He called two hours late, but that's okay!  He looked SO good and sounded amazing!   52 more days until I get to hug him in person!!!  FIFTY. TWO. DAYS!!!
 We were able to add Taylor in from Hawaii.  It was a lot of fun to be able to all chat together!  
I met his former companion Elder De Sandre.  McKay trained him and Elder De Sandre had nothing but praise praise praise for McKay.  Sadly, McKay's debit card still isn't working and he hasn't been able to spend ANY money for SIX MONTHS!  I felt SO bad!   He owes 5000 rubles to his comps.  That equals $80.  
 We didn't get much time because we spent so much time hooking up Taylor, but I was okay because I get to see him in 52 days!!!!

We chatted for a while with Taylor after McKay had to sign off.  He is doing well and loving the tropical life.  He looked great too!  He is living across from the PCC with a Samoan family.  The lady takes good care of them and him and CJ call him Mom. Sugar Mama.

I got my traditional Mother's Day photo with the ones that were home.  It has been a long time since all of them were at once! Then we headed to my parents and then Dave's. 
I am very grateful for this beautiful and FUN Mommy of mine!  She is the best!  I am so fortunate to still have her with us!  I do not take it for granted!
Love all these guys!
This might be my fave photo of the day.  This look is staged but it cracks me up.
This ↓ might be my least fave photo of the day.  I do NOT like him (Sky) riding that thing.

dear mckay, the countdown is ON!  Still on, I should say!  Only 52 more days!  Yeah, I know I keep saying that!  

dear random, Facebook is at it again messing with pix.  Sometimes they turn out really cool.  I am still undecided about this one.  Looks a little Picasso to me!
This one isn't so bad....
Just looking at this relaxes me!
Just looking at this un-relaxes me!  I should be back to doing those again.
Boston Marathon posted this of the FOURTH WAVE.  The one I was in.   I can't find me in any of them though I know I was there!  They caption was May the Fourth Be With You since it was posted on May 4th.

 I have this framed and in my home.  It is one of my all time favorite photos of my boys.  The Samoan's name is Kap.  He works at the PCC and instantly became my boys favorite.

 Kap!!!  He lives across the street from the PCC and is Taylor's neighbor!  He told him he met him when he was a kid.  What fun!  We went back after Tyson passed away and told him that he was Tyson's favorite!  He found us and in honor of Tyson he gave us a signed print of a painting he made that he sold in the gift shop.  We still have it.  What a great man!

 Here I am with my cousins.  Can you tell which one is me?  Yeah, that hair cut devastated me and I locked myself in the bathroom for two hours sobbing saying that I looked like a boy.  This picture confirms I wasn't delusional.

A few of Bryce's adventures:
 A few of Taylor's (that is his roomate Brad in the life jacket)

Recipe for Chocolate Melting Cake from the cruise:
I may have to do the math and make it a smaller version! Or not!  I probably could put enjoy eating the full amount!  Oh my I love that stuff! 

Chat Conversation E

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