Monday, May 22, 2017

*Monday Memos*


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Weekly recap of my rather crazy, insane, but fun and rewarding life!

dear monday, I got in a 5 mile run this morning.  
No matter how many times this happens, it always makes me laugh.
 I spent a good part of the afternoon working on my presentation for tomorrow.  Trying to convert a lot of information into a short 20 minutes is harder than it sounds. Mr. Cat decided to take over my papers for it.
Our dryer drum needed to be replaced.  Luckily, I have strong guys who can make it happen rather quickly.
Dave was on call and worked until almost 10 pm.  Some days are like that.

dear tuesday, I changed harp lesson from today to tomorrow so could work on my presentation.  Thanks to that, I was able to get in a pretty good run this morning.  I am so not feeling ready for the half marathon on Saturday.  At. All.  Still running pretty sluggish.  I did get in my PT exercises though when I was by the pool and found some nice coins.

I finished up the prep work on my presentation and ran to the church to make copies and then headed to the 13th ward.  There was a huge crowd.  They had four speakers scheduled and I was the second.  I had no idea until I arrived that they were also doing the 10 Cow thing. Only they were only doing 8. I told them we two upped them.  ;) Tami V. went first and spoke about Holy Cow.  It was really good. I wish I had felt a bit more prepared so I could enjoy hers more.  Or maybe it was nerves.  I did okay, but felt like I had too much info and too little time and I fear I may have overwhelmed a few of them.   20 min. isn't long enough to talk about such a broad subject as organization.
I told them I felt like an impostor right now because my house at the current moment is not how I want it.  I have a lot of purging to do. I also focused on the fact that being organized is not something or someplace you "arrive" at.  Even if we "get" organized we will not stay that way because we are working against NATURAL LAWS!  I got all scientific on them for a bit and explained the natural laws we continually work against.
***NEWTON'S 2nd Law of Thermodynamics - ENTROPY - Natural law - just as strong as gravity.  Anything left to itself tends towards disorganization.   Or translated: Any house, yard, lawn, kitchen, kids, etc. left to itself tends towards disaster!  We are trying to KEEP ORDER and by natural law it is moving toward disorder.
***NEWTON'S LAW OF MOTION- A body at rest remains at rest unless some force acts upon it.  Thinking here of our children, husbands, selves.  
***NEWTONS 2nd Law of Motion - When a force acts upon an object the object will start to move, speed up, slow down, or change direction.  The greater the force the greater the movement.

I told them that in fact, it is easier to rule a kingdom than to regulate a family! Not only is this true, but the only THRONE we have is the one we are constantly cleaning! But there is hope.  I then basically shared my nine points (or P's) for organization. I cut it down to eight for this one.  They are:

4) PACE  

I shared my card system I use for my housework routine and told them that sometimes I don't use it, but other times, it's a life saver.  I am not currently using it, but I wish I were because then I wouldn't feel like I am always behind.  I intend to start it up again in June.  I also shared how I did my boy's Responsibility Records. I think that overwhelmed some even though for me it was easier to do than to not do. Everyone is different and has to figure out what works best for them.  I didn't haul half my house this time like I used to.  
Some of the other classes.

dear wednesday, we were woken up to our doorbell at 4:45 a.m.  If that isn't enough to make you sick, I don't know what is!  I was afraid to see who was standing at my door because I can guarantee the doorbell ringing that early is NOT going to be good news. We both got up, but no one was there.  Then the power went off.  We were in the dark.  When it went back on, the doorbell rang again.  That's why it did at 4:45 a.m. as well.  We need to fix that little glitch so that doesn't happen again! Not fun getting woke up that way!  When we looked outside we had SNOW!  SNOW! And it was freezing!  Literally!  We had 85° last week and 32° this week.
I thought it was pretty in a "frost"ing like kind of way.
It gave Mr. Cat the go ahead to be lazy.  Actually, he doesn't need to go ahead for that.  He just is.

I headed to my harp lesson and even though I am so done with winter, I have to admit it was pretty.
I had a pretty rushed lesson.  :/  I ran some errands.  While I was pulling into a store, my tire hit a curb and when I came out it looked low and so I had to get some air in it. A really nice guy stopped to help me.  :o)   I had to rush back to BC for a lunch with Ayako and Val.  We met at Old Grist and even though we didn't have a lot of time, it was fun.  I love spending time with them because they are both so positive. 
When I got home I spent a long time practicing Canon in D on my harp even though my teacher has no idea I even bought the music.  It has always been my favorite song and I spent about four years trying to learn it on the piano. I loved playing it on the harp. I started on the advanced version in stead of the easy one because I figure why waste my time on the beginner one if I eventually want to play this song.  I love it.  Only problem is, I didn't practice any of lesson pieces.  

I ran over to wish my cute friend Julie a Happy Birthday!  We have been friends since we moved here and she is one the sweetest people I know.   We are both so busy right now that we don't seem to get together as often as we used to, but we always pick up where we left off. 

dear thursday, we had our revelation study group this morning and it is the last one with Caryl since she is moving unless she gets a ride back each month. We are taking the summer off.  I enjoy the group. 
I went to lunch (Costa Vida) with Marilyn and Cheryl.  It was a lot of fun.  Marilyn leaves in June or July for Texas.  So sad.  I will miss her family.  

I practiced harp, blogged, and made dinner.  I am not a fan of making dinner when I have gone to lunch, but with the boys home now, I do anyway.  I made one of my faves, Turkey Divan but I added almonds and rice this time and it was really yummy.  

Turkey Divan
1 lb. sliced turkey (thinly sliced from deli works great if don't have leftover)
1 bunch broccoli - steamed
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1/2 c. sour cream
1/2 c. milk
2 shakes garlic salt
2 shakes curry powder
slivered almonds
Can add 2 cups of cooked rice
2 cups shredded cheese

Layer broccoli on bottom of pan.  Place turkey on top.  Then pour sauce mixture over turkey.  Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.  Top with grated cheese.  Put under broiler to melt. Serve with toasted French bread.

dear friday, I did a short two mile shake out run about 6:00 a.m.  I then got ready and headed to the Ogden Marathon Expo in Ogden. I was disappointed.  It wasn't that great this year.  Too many non-runner vendors and not enough runner ones.  I did however get KT taped on my piriformas and hamstring. That was fun! NOT!  At least they had a curtain for privacy. 
I ran into my friend Robin's daughter who had her kids with her.  I finally got to meet Ava and Cowen. So cute!  That little Ava was adorable. I wanted to take her home with me!  I had to find a shower gift and two wedding gifts.  But instead I found this cute purple child's table for my future grandkids.  NO, I don't need it, but I will not find one when I finally DO get some littles. 
I also hit the mall and spoiled myself with a couple pieces of See's candy.  My faves are Milk Chocolate Bordeauxs and Tipperaries. Mmmm....  I resisted the Pretzel Maker though!  Not easy!  I had my diamond checked and it looks like I need it re-pronged and so I hesitantly left it.  It always worries me to leave my rare diamond anywhere.  I ran a bunch of errands and then after Dave got home (late again) we headed to Winger's to carb load.  I had the rice bowl as usual.  I was beat.  I am so not looking forward to the race tomorrow. I am not counting on doing very well at it.  I am just grateful there isn't going to be rain this year!  YAY!

dear ogden half marathon,  I was so happy Dave was able to take me to the start.  This is one of the few marathons you can do that.  It's so nice because it means I get two extra hours of sleep by not riding the bus!  The only problem this year was there was a massive traffic jam about three miles from the start! Ugh!  We were stalled for at least 30 minutes!  We stopped at Maverick so I wouldn't have to run across to the Portas once I did arrive - IF I ever arrived.  I was getting a bit anxious!  And for good reason.  As we sat stuck in traffic, I saw the race begin!!!   Right out my window!  That's only happened one other time to me at the Provo Halloween Half when our bus was late.  Luckily, we wear chips and so it doesn't count against our time.  
I am sitting in the car and the runners are in the background
 Dave dropped me off and I had to run quite a ways to the start and then go back around and make sure I stepped over the timer mat.  There were quite a few of us that were stuck in the traffic. I ended up starting almost 9 min after the gun!  But it was a great day!  NO RAIN!  I did NOT enjoy having to go around so many people!  When you start after the race begins that means you are going to be doing a LOT of passing.  I got frustrated that slow runners weren't running on the right which meant I was doing a lot of zig-zagging which drains your energy.  I finally just ran on the outside of the cones. I almost missed stepping over a timer mat because of it but it saved me from weaving in and out the entire time.   But it was a great day and I surprisingly felt good.  Other than the last mile was a killer!  I was ready to be done!  Once I turned onto Grant and could see the finish line far off in the distance, I wondered what in the heck I was thinking!  But, truthfully, that always happens at every half and full marathon.  Usually even earlier, so I should be grateful!  I was hoping for a sub two but before the race I honestly didn't plan on it, but once I got in my groove, I knew I could do it.  I finished with a 1:58:02.  I was happy.  I got 10th in my age division out of 88 and I was only seconds from the 8th and 9th place.  So, I can't complain about that.  I really was surprised.  I came in 125th with my age grade.  No PR, but I'll take it.

My cute Mom and Dad yelled at me. I didn't even know they were coming!  They are such great supporters!  I love them so much.  At least they saw me cross the finish line because Dave missed me.  AGAIN.  He has done that several times.  This time he did because since he dropped me off he had to kill two hours and so he parked by the finish line and then fell asleep.  Hah.  Oh well, at least he was there! 
I ran into Bob at the runners area and he got 1st in his AD.  My injury held up pretty well in the race, (thank you Advil and KT tape) but once I got home it was really bothering me.  
The "official" race photos came right before I published this.   They were FREE this year!  That is a first for Ogden but much appreciated! 

This is the age grade system. It shows you how fast you would have ran a marathon at your prime with your time at your age now.  This means I could have ran a 3:16 marathon in my prime.  

dear surprise and shock, Dave called me from work and told me what he was about to say I had to keep confidential until it was publicly announced.  That always is a little unnerving.  I had NO idea what it could even be. He went on to tell me that he had just got a call from a GA in SLC and they told him that McKay would be coming home on Wednesday!!!  WHAT!!!!?  YES, on WEDNESDAY!  He said the first thing he told him was that he was calling about his son McKay and that he is fine, but he would be coming home six weeks earlier than planned.  The reason being is that his mission is being dissolved and merged with the Novosibirsk mission.  The four who were scheduled to come home in six weeks would be coming home in FOUR DAYS!  The 10 who were scheduled to come home in August would be reassigned to United States mission.  The rest will be part of the merge.  His Mission President has already been released, gone home, and given a new assignment.  


Shock?  That's an understatement of the century!  I know I should have been on Cloud 9, but I was unsure how McKay was feeling about all of it. I know he was super excited to stay the extra three weeks from when he left on his mission.  Technically, he will only be coming home three weeks early.  I wish I could talk to him and see what he is feeling.  I am sure he has mixed emotions as do I.  I am anxious to get him back on American soil with all the unrest over there.  His mission borders North Korea.   But I also know he must be feeling sad that he has to leave so suddenly and I know he is concerned for the members there as well as the non members who will now be without the missionaries, at least in the number they had before.  It's all a bit crazy!   So fast!  A lot to take in!  I was a bit hyper after finding out.  I wasn't able to tell anyone until the church made an official announcement which the General Authority told Dave would be in the afternoon.  I ended up seeing it on Facebook after another mom posted it.  


dear shower, I went to McKell's shower with Julie at Shauna's and I was still so keyed up about the news but I couldn't say anything.  I had a couple people ask me how much longer until McKay got home and that was a little interesting trying to answer without showing my excitement!  I took a super watermelon cute cooler that I filled with picnic items. 
I stole Tara's baby and had fun holding her.  She was an angel.  I found this photo on Facebook later that Tara's mom had posted with "She's a natural".  Hah  I responded by saying I need one of these!  It's true! I do! 

dear official announcement, I came home and saw the official announcement by the church and so I called my mom and dad and told them.  They were very excited.  I talked to the boys earlier and informed Taylor as well.  How sad he is in Hawaii and won't be here!  Here is the official announcement, though it seems somewhat vague.

First Presidency Announces 

Mission Merge in Russia

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement Saturday regarding the merging of two missions in Russia:
The First Presidency announces that effective July 1, the Russia Vladivostok Mission will merge with the Russia Novosibirsk Mission. Doing so requires fewer volunteers to staff the combined mission. In anticipation of this change, volunteers from the Vladivostok mission who were to be released in July will return home in late May, and volunteers who would have returned home in August will be reassigned and complete their service in missions in the United States.
President and Sister Perkinson, who have presided over the Russia Vladivostok Mission for the past two years, have been released. We are grateful for their years of faithful service. The Europe East Area Presidency will supervise the combining of the two missions.

SO SO crazy!  But soooooooo exciting!  

dear seminary graduation, in Dave's talk tonight he mentioned how we need to always be living right because things can change so fast in life.  He then talked about how McKay is coming home early so unexpectedly.  He related it to his message. It was good.  I had so many people come up and ask me about it.  When I got home I  went straight to bed. I was beat!  It was a long day!

dear sunday, well, McKay is not coming home in four days now.  He is coming home in THREE DAYS!  Dave got another call today informing us he will be home on TUESDAY!  Crazy!  I am beginning to get a little giddy but I need to talk to him in his email today and see how he is feeling. I can't allow myself to be excited until I know.   I attended my first week of the Family History class.  It is going to be really good I can tell.  I'm excited. I do feel bad for Jennie though because she is taking two classes on while we attend. I talked to a lot of people about McKay coming home.  When I got home I was beat.  After dinner I took a nap.  It felt good but I had to cut it short cause our Home Teachers were coming.  We talked about McKay and it still seems so surreal!  I anxiously awaited his email.  Happily he said he is excited!  Yay!  Now I have the green light to get excited!  

            MCKAY'S COMING HOME!!!  In THREE days!!!
Travel plans! It's official!

dear random, I stole this off my cute friend Dawn's blog. This is her cheering me on at Boston from Utah!  So cute!
 I stole this too!

Speaking of Boston, my official race photos arrived.  I am holding the penny in my right hand that I found on the course.  When my boys saw this, they thought I was doing sign language.  The kind of signing I don't normally do.  Hah
My sand from Maine.  Shauna shared her purple sand with me!!!  I did not know purple sand existed!  LOVE IT!
Yes, she's back!
dear quotes

In honor of Mother's Day: ALL ABOUT YOUR FIRST BORN
1. Were you married? Yes
2. Did you have an epidural? Yes. It was the only one that worked out of the five boys. The rest only took on one side.
3. Were you induced? No
4. How old were you? 23
5. How did you find out? Felt green so took the test
6. Did you want to find out the sex? It wasn't possible then, but even if I could I don't think I would have
7. Due Date? March 25th-ish
8. Did you deliver early or late?Three weeks early
9. Did you have morning sickness? Morning, Afternoon, and Evening
10. What did you crave? KFC mashed potatoes and gravy and strawberries
11. How many pounds did you gain? 24
12. What was the sex of the baby? Boy
13. Did you have any complications? No
14. Where did you give birth? Brigham City, Utah
15. How many hours were you in labor? 8 hours
16. How much did your baby weigh? 6 lbs. 15 oz.
17. What did you name the baby? Skyler David
18. How old is your baby today? 32

Come on mamas! Let's hear your story!


Nancy Mc said...

When I heard that the missions in Russia would be changing I wondered about your McKay. By the time I comment he will already be home. How exciting! It is so wonderful to have your children do just what we raised and taught them to do as they serve missions. But the day they come home is just so exciting.
Congrats on your Ogden 1/2 time!

Audrey said...

I'm glad that the Ogden 1/2 was good for you this year. And McKay is home! How exciting for you!


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