Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The photo for this post has been MOVED!!!! It is just to the right---------------------->
At least for today. As this post moves on down it will not move with it but that's okay because when I discovered that you can click on these photos and ENLARGE them......I had to remove it! It is a REALLY BAD PHOTO up close! Not too great far away either, BUT I kinda need the photo or I will have to re-write this post. Had I left it on, the "attention" would have been changed to "WARNING- this photo may be hazardous to your health!" A four mile run, no make-up, and of course..........MY AGE made it mandatory to move it! Just hope I got it off in time before someone tried to enlarge it!!! Not sure why you can't enlarge the side-post photos, but may I just say I am SO grateful!
Been one of those days???
Well - actually this is me right after I got back from my run. I was so hot (yeah explain that when it was only 34 degrees outside!) and that snow looked so refreshing! I couldn't resist. It was kind of like wanting to jump in a cold pool when it's a 100 degrees out. And let me tell you, it felt soooo good.

BUT...it has been one of those days too. However,this was taken before I knew that. My hubby wasn't feeling well and so for the first time in 14 years he missed going to work. He has gone in before when he was so sick he had to lay on the little beds in the exam rooms between patients.....but miss work? Oh no, not him. Never!
Well, I knew it was serious when he actually called and told them he wouldn't be there, only he would. Meaning he was on his way to get his blood work and an x-ray done. I have never seen him as sick as he was today. And he was in extreme pain. After waiting for all the blood work results (kinda funny watching a doctor order his own labs!) and the x-rays, his Dad came in (he was filling in for him) and sent him to the hospital for a CT scan. Of course, he had already told his Dad right before, that he was going to need to do that.
At the hospital in the Rad room, I was trying to help him and he informed me he didn't need my help. I flashed back to those days when I was in labor and HE was trying to do whatever he could to try and make ME more comfortable. And I would (not so politely), tell him to leave me alone! I know many of you can relate! Well, when you hurt, you just don't want TO BE TOUCHED! I think we both had some empathy for each other! When we got home and he could hardly make it up the stairs I said something that annoyed him I guess because he told me to not talk to him. Wow, I remember saying those exact words at least FIVE different times to him!!! Yep, while in labor! He asked me if I had wished this on him. Hmm...I will just bet I did at least FIVE different times! In fact, I am positive I did. Good thing I only had five kiddos.
Come to find out, he has a kidney stone. I have heard many people compare that to hard labor. Of course those would be all women. It seems somehow unfair that any women should have to endure a kidney stone if she has already experienced hard labor. Those should just be reserved for the men! Ya know.... JUST so they get a taste of what it's like. Okay, all kidding aside, I feel terrible he is in so much pain and I hope it doesn't last long for his sake. He is not like a lot of men I know, who become major wimps when they are in any kind of pain. He has been tough as a rock....er stone. (pun intended)☺
Hopefully it will all be over soon. I've never had one thankfully! His mom has had a few of these and claims it's just like being in hard labor without any relief. I told him he just needs to birth it and then it will all be over. He won't even have to get up in the middle of night to feed it or anything. ☺
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Holly said...

Ooh. Poor hubby. I've heard those are really painful. What kind of doctor is he?

About the genius thing. It's all dependent on whichever particular post you enter, not the entire blog. The first time I did it, I got under-graduate. So, I did it again with the page that had the post about a sonnet my husband wrote. That's what got me the genius level. So, try it again with a different post!

Shultzybabe said...

Oh man. That really sucks! Sorry to hear that.

Doran & Jody said...

Sorry to hear about Dave. Did Doran's test bring that on? Hey! I thought you were suppose to come and get me for the running? Remember, you needed someone on your back to keep you from slipping. I really need to get going too. I was just about ready to enjoy running before the cold hit. Do you think the desire will ever come back?? Hmm....

Karen said...

I can't believe you run 4 miles! You go girl. Sorry Dave is not feeling well, give him our best.

Karen said...

Thanks for the reminder of Dr. Suess's Birthday! I will have to remember to read a book today for fun! I want to know how you added the script to the top of your page your Make it happen?????

Nancy Face said...

What a cute blog you have, and such handsome boys! :)

Sorry your oldest one (hubby) is so miserable...I hope everything comes out all right (pun intended)!

My hub and I had our 25th anniversary in November...so close to yours!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! :)

karessamom said...

Hey I just read about your experience last February(actually Dave's LOL) I know that feeling--when Dave had his first attack when we were still living in Brigam City--he thought he was coming home from work to die! of course at that point he didn't even know what it was. Karessa had taken robert out in the stroller and it was all I could do to find her so we could get him to the hosp. Now many years later we know. no fun! hope now everything's a-ok with him.


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