Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The girl's (and boy) are back in town........

This is my nephew Davis....aka "Davie" with McKay. He came with his sisters to spend the night with us.

They wanted waffles for breakfast and so I asked them what color (guess I haven't got out of the food coloring mode from Valentine's Day!) ☺ Madi wanted purple (good girl....still in the purple club!) and Paigely wanted blue (still NOT in the purple club!). So to keep the peace, I polled the entire household. It came out: 2 purple......Madi (and ME of course!), 4 blue, and 1 normal. With all the boys in the house, it was no surprise. But, being the diplomatic person that I am, I made them blue...even though it went against every fiber of my being. I did however color the butter purple. Blue waffles with purple butter and brown syrup (or just plain old white sugar in the girl's case)....sounds appetizing don't ya think? Mmmmm........ Notice all the Batman toys on the counter Davis is playing with while his breakfast is untouched. Man, have I gone soft! My boys were never allowed to have toys at the table! Guess I am just getting ready to be a Grandma! What? Did I really say that? Nooooooo......... I am definitely not THAT old!

Everything tastes better when it's purple! You go girl!

The first thing Paigely asked me when they got to my house, was what craft were we going to do. I thought it would be fun to make their mom a get well candy bouquet (since she wasn't feeling well), so we made homemade suckers. The first batch got burnt! Really burnt! Ridiculously burnt! I was a little side-tracked because I have never seen the movie 'Cars' and they insisited I watch it. Of course, as the rest of you moms out there will attest, you can't just sit down and watch a movie. Not during the middle of the day! Not unless it's really late and you are too pooped to do anything else. Sooooooo, I was making suckers and wiping counters and giving directions on how to paint a little ceramic thingy-ma-jig, all while still trying to watch the movie. Well, in the two minutes that I did walk away to actually watch it, the sucker mixture suddenly went brown. VERY brown! Okay, black! Part of the problem was my candy thermometer wasn't working! Do they ever? Has anyone ever found one that does? If so, let me know!

Here we are trying to take a photo of the candy bouquet. The photographer (yes that would be McKay because he did NOT want to pose for another picture!) didn't give us any warning before he shot it.

Okay...........we are ready now.


The suckers really are in there (the new batch) down at the base. Hard to see, but they are there!


Doran & Jody said...

Hey Jodi, If I can be old enough to be a grandma, you are way overdue. Did I say that out loud?

Doran & Jody said...

Jodi, You have been tagged by me.

Alli said...

the pics are so cute of the kids,mom came into town,the girls have told her how much fun they had with you they cant stop talking about how much they love jodi..they just eat you up


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