Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've been tagged...

I've been "Twosies tagged" by Jody

Two names you go by:
Jo or Jode
Jodi Mae (and of course, Mommmmmmmmm!)
Two things you're wearing right now:
Pullover top
Two things you'd want or have in a relationship:
Laughter ♥
Two of your favorite things to do:
Go out to lunch with friends
Read blogs! A new thing for me.
Two things you want very badly right now:
My basement completely finished
Two things you did last night:
Had a killer headache and so actually watched TV (The Office and can't remember the other one! But it was good!)
Started writing another "Beacon of Light and Hope"'s been a while!
Two things you ate yesterday:
Krispy Kreme creme filled donut w/chocolate icing (probably the reason for the headache! BUT worth it!!!) I was only going to have a bite, but kept going back for more bites until there wasn't any bites left!
Dave's Chili and cornbread
Two things you did today:
Cleaned my fridge ~ inside and out ~ yeah even vacuummed those coil thingy's under it!
Gave my boys haircuts
Two longest car rides:
St.Louis to Utah AND back! (many times)
Utah to Oregon and back
Two favorite Holidays:
Two favorite beverages:
Lime Rickey's
Two things about me:
I like to organize stuff

I love hanging out with the youth
Two jobs I've had in my life:
Preschool and Dance teacher
Wilton Cake Decorator instructor
Two places I've lived:
Reno, NV
California (lots of different cities there when young)
Two of my favorite foods:
ANYTHING chocolate!
Two places I'd rather be right now:
Right here at home
Somewhere tropical

I now get to tag 2 people to do my twosies tag. I tag Cindi and Tori and anyone else who takes the time to read my blog!


Dave said...

It never ceases to amaze me when I read about you!

Mel said...

Yes, Jodi, of course I remember you! I am so glad that you joined blogland. It's fun to read about you and your fun family. Your blog is truly a beacon of hope. I would love to have you put me on "the list" and I will return the favor. It's fun to reconnect with Brigham friends. Feel free to give Bishop Clive a hard time all you want. Cracks me up that he's the bishop. Love him and Dixie, too.
Thanks for keeping in touch.
Mel :-)

Shultzybabe said...

Nice tag, Jodi. BTW, I added you to my blog.


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