Thursday, February 14, 2008

♥Happy Valentines Day♥

Dinner by candlelight on Valentine's Day is mandatory at our house. The boy's love it probably because it's an opportunity to play with matches! Staying with our traditional red and heart shaped meal.....our Valentine's dinner menu included meatloaf baked in a heart shaped pan lovingly decorated with catsup, heart shaped bread sticks with pink butter (of course), pink jello salad, baked potatoes topped with none other than purple sour cream (NOTHING says I love you like purple sour cream!!!), and red spiked punch....(totally JK!) And of course a beautiful heart shaped red devil's food cake. I can say beautiful because there isn't a photo of it on here. ☺ I got purple roses (my fav!) and Idle Isle chocolate covered almonds and nutballs. Mmmmmmmm................. Thanks hon. Then we did some Valentine "phantoms" (as we call them) ~ leaving treats on doorsteps and running. I got to do one since my two usual runners couldn't. One had to be to his game early and the other wasn't feeling real great. I made him do the last one though (no other way to drive and do the ditching because of the way the house sits) and sure enough we got caught! I am SO glad I made him do it! That would have been the last time if it had been me trying to run on the ice as they pulled in the driveway! That has never happened before in all our years of doing this! Fun, fun! It was all short lived however as we had to run off to a basketball game by 9 p.m., then come home to three sick kids instead of just one. wasn't my cooking! They have been coming down with it for a few days! At least that's my story!


This was taken at our ward Sweetheart's Dinner and auction on Saturday. We won a lot of our bids including Stephanie's English Toffee! Yea!!! It's the best! It's for a great cause too. The money goes to fund our youth camps in the summer. I am already getting excited for girl's camp! What a blast it is!!! Here's wishing you all a very happy and romantic VD!!!



Nick Capener said...

hey Jodi its Nick Capener come and look at my blog here it is
go there and see it all usually keep it updated

Anonymous said...

My comments aren't coming through...

Nick Capener said...

hey Jodi we got news letter that you sent

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful

Shultzybabe said...

Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! How fun to have heart shaped food!!


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