Friday, February 8, 2008

Botox In Reverse

This morning was the first time I have been on a run in over a month! I became pretty wimpy when the temperature dropped below 12 degrees!!! I knew it was time to give it a rest when on my last run my face froze in a grimace. I think I now have an idea what Botox feels like! Only of course in reverse. Instead of not being able to smile or grimace, I wasn't able not to! I wonder if I pulled my face wrinkles up and taped them in place if they would freeze that way for a while after a frigid run? Hmm.....might be painful but hey, it would be cheaper than Botox. I was really pumped this morning when I checked the outside temperature and it read 30 degrees! It was a flippin' heat wave! On my way home from the gym this morning I scouted the roads I normally run on to make sure they weren't still snow packed. Everything was looking good. So I got on my gear and took off. I knew I was in for an exciting adventure when I almost biffed it twice before I was out of my driveway. Can we say black ice? It was everywhere. I decided to speed walk for a while, which I knew I was going to have to anyway since it had been so long since my body had even moved over five miles an hour. I knew I was going to have to basically re-condition. But as I started out walking my body was begging to run. Yes, I said begging! My mind kept telling it to quiet down, but it was really wanting to run. Now that is quite a profound statement coming from me. Normally it is my mind trying to convince my body to run. I have only been running since June and so this was a new feeling. I decided to listen to my body and began running and it was actually enjoying it. In fact, it was telling my mind to quiet down this time. Wow! I think I am beginning to see how people can get addicted to running. That will never happen to me of course, but I can see it. The one thing I do love about running is just being able to get outside. There is something that just lifts my spirits when I am out in nature. I feel such gratitude for so many things while I am out and I can see God's hand everywhere. Today I noticed a pink heart laying in the road and I thought it was a Valentine someone had dropped, but when I got closer I saw that it was a pink sock that had randomly frozen in a heart shape. I took that as a little sign from heaven telling me I was loved. Maybe that's really stretching it, but it works for me! Then as I looked up into the sky, I saw the most amazing thing. A cloud was crossing over another near the sun and the entire edge of the cloud was like a prism. It had a rainbow of beautiful colors on the border of it. I had never seen anything like it before. If I had payed attention in my science class I could probably tell you what it was. I just know it was an incredible sight and another little gift to brighten my day. These things must come in threes because as I was running up the hill towards my house, I heard birds singing! Birds in February? I haven't heard that sound for a very long time and it was like the sound of hope to me. The hope that winter will soon end and spring really is, one of these days, going to come! The only downside to that is there will no longer be free Botox treatments!

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Doran & Jody said...

Hey Jodi, Next time take me. With my weight on your back you probably wouldn't slip so much.


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