Thursday, February 18, 2010

*Christmas 2009*

Picking out the PERFECT Christmas tree. I think we found it this year!!!

After we pick out (or cut down) our tree we ALWAYS traditionally go eat at Village Inn.

Adding lights and decorating is always a TALL order!!!
But the end result is worth all the effort.
I LOVE gingerbread houses and I love making them too, but NOT every year. I made this one two years ago and it has held up so far!

Christmas Eve Dinner. ↓ I am using my new Christmas dishes for the first time even though I've had them for a couple of years. The chargers look black in these photos, but they are a gorgeous dark purple!

So happy my parents were able to attend this year. Last year, my mom was down due to a hip replacement.

Christmas Eve splurge! Bryce helping with the feast.

Lots of that nasty FISHY stuff, but thankfully we also had Prime Rib!

My cute parents!

On Christmas Eve we always have a birthday party for Jesus complete with cake and candles and singing Happy Birthday. This year we opted for a pie because time was tight. We each write down what gift we want to give the Savior for his birthday (usually some character trait to improve on) and then we take it to a manger scene and leave the notes in Baby Jesus' crib. It has been one of our funnest and most meaningful traditions. I have everyone write their gift down twice and I keep a copy. It is so fun to go back and read what they wrote when they were younger. It's such a treasure to have all of Tyson's as well.

Christmas Eve and the photos they LOVE to HATE that I force them to let me take every year.

Christmas morning!

It's obvious I was up all night and missed out on my beauty sleep!

My parents returned bright and early ...well "bright and early" for teenagers that is! lol The boys used to wake us up at 4:30 a.m.! Now WE have to wake them up by 8 a.m.!


Our house looked like a bomb had struck, so we went to Dave's parents house and exchanged gifts there until their's looked the same.

Dave's sister Karen, my niece Dani, and moi.

Dave HAD to buy this PINK fishing vest for my little niece Mackenzie because they are fishing buds.

Me with my nieces playing some crazy game! I think it was called CURSE. If not it should've been, because that's what it made me WANT to do!

THIS ↓ is what I asked Santa for this year. I guess I was too naughty because I didn't get one! Waa- waa!

Another great Christmas! Wow that went fast!!!

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