Thursday, February 18, 2010

☺ A Day of Thanks ☺

Thanksgiving 2009

Can we say this is a catch up post? Can we say stop rolling your eyes and enjoy the time to reminisce way back before winter hit so hard? YES we can say it. If we can't...then just skip this one and move on to the next catch up post! Just saying...

We spent the big Turkey Day at Dave's brother's house. This year it was our turn to spend it with Dave's family. Next year it will be with mine.

The food was delish! So was the company....

This strange photo ↓ of me looking like I grew a really long tail, is actually me sporting a dog leash that someone sneakily attached to my belt and then attached the other end to the dog kennel. When I jumped up to run into the next room....(because someone yelled at me to "Hurry!") I was shocked to see the entire kennel coming with me. But we won't mention any names of the culprits here....will we Nat???? ☺

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a wrestling match or two...

They have a new dog. I think he loves me...♥

Bryce trying to imitate the puppy... (or something!)

LOVE my boys!!!

We all gobbled til' we wobbled...another successful Thanksgiving on the books! I am thankful we have so much to be thankful for!!!!!!!

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