Thursday, February 18, 2010

When Pig-(skin) Fly!

Once again our summer and fall was filled with lots and lots of

Taylor played for the high school team and McKay played little league.

The high school hired a new coach this year and it was like night and day. Coach Gunter is very positive focused and builds self esteem right along with muscles and brawn.

Taylor playing against my Alma Mater Bonneville! I had a real hard time not wearing blue and gold to this one! :D

Homecoming Game ~ yes that is a helicopter. It landed to drop off the mascot Bee. Pretty cool. Even cooler was the fact that Taylor got to play in some Varsity games this year even though he's only a Sophomore.

What number does that cute girl have on her face? It looks like #83. I wonder WHO could have that number? Hmm........

Taylor had a great season!!! He played amazing!

McKay also had a lot of fun playing this year. He had some of his best buds on his team which always makes it more fun!

I had a blast attending all of their games! I was lost without it!!! Ony five more months until it starts all over again....

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