Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Road (Show) to El Dorado (Elder Otto)

For those of you that don't know what a ROAD SHOW is, let me explain.

It is when you get 40+ youth together to practice a play for weeks that will need costumes, props, scenery, sound effects, and extreme patience on the part of the director, all with basically no budget and no professional help. It is also where the youth bond with one another and with their leaders and in the end it provides memories that last a lifetime! AKA - perform the show on three different stages as you travel from one to the next with ALL your costumes, props, AND performers! Can get a little tricky at times!

Our stake leaders gave us the theme which was "The Road to....." We were to fill in the blank and then base our show around that. Someone suggested The Road to El Dorado and then I got the idea of keeping that BUT changing it to The Road to Elder Otto and make it a play on a missionary's life. They liked that idea and so we went with it. It was a lot of work and creativity, but in the end everyone pitched in great and it came together amazingly well!

Once the play started we changed this sign to El Dorado to Elder Otto. It was part of the script.

I was in charge of choreography. These were my cute cheerleaders!

Taylor and Mitchell so enthused to be there!

Ashley and Steph ARE enthused! Well, I think they are...

McKay and his buds who would much rather be playing XBox but still being good sports!


Me with the Angel and the Devil hitching a ride in this way cool car!

We all fit nicely don't ya think?

Steph, Chelsea, and Maddy pretending to be afraid of my driving skills...
Seriously can't imagine why!

Stephanie now driving and scaring the horns off the devil!

Live performance. McKay is in the black (top front right). Taylor is bottom left. They were both football players in this scene.

Taylor is in all of these scenes.

Elder Otto successfully made it on his mission even with all of the modern distractions such as sports, girls, cell phones, Ipods, video games, scholarships, etc. etc. And guess where he was called to? The Beijing Spanish speaking mission! Ha ha... actually to El Dorado!!!!

The grand finale!!!

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What great fun!!!

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