Saturday, February 6, 2010

☺Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun☺

I have LOVED LOVED LOVED serving in the Young Women's organization of my church. I was just released as Young Women President and that caused me some serious grief, until that is I found out I was going to get to stay in as a Mia Maid advisor! YIPPEE!!!!!!! If I had been completely released it would have felt like cutting off a limb or sacrificing my first born. It would be almost unbearable. I love it because of ONE reason....well, actually about 30 reasons.

THE GIRLS!!!!!!!!

Maybe it's because I am always swimming in testosterone or because I feel like I am still a 15 or 16 year old girl myself or just simply because my girls are AMAZING! They have the most incredible spirit about them that just LIFTS me up! And it is instantaneous. As soon as I am near them, I feel a wave of their spirit seep into my own. I know this won't last forever and so I am cherishing every moment I get to absorb some of their spirit.

Our Spa Day at the Crystal Inn

Young Women's in last big hurrah as President.

Our theme was Marathon of Excellence.
These are cute little running shoe cookies... "remember the worth of "soles" is great in the sight of God"

We decorated like a marathon. We had an Aid Station and a Cheer section since we all know we can't get through this tough marathon of life without some help and others cheering us on.

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You can't read the sign I am holding, ↓ but it says FINISH (for the Finish Line). It has a little more meaning in this photo however because this was my board that was being released with me. Our days as this board are now finished. Some of us got to stay on, but not all. As you can tell, we are very SAD!

I am the saddest of all... I was not ready to be finished with this calling.
Tammy, the new President and her new board holding the START sign.

As you can see we are all VERY supportive of her NEW adventure!

Yeah, it's gonna be THAT bad...

She will be fabulous. I can't think of more capable hands to turn over my girls to than hers.

The reason I have to turn them over ↓

Yes it's all HIS fault! He had to go and be made Bishop on me which means I can no longer serve as President. A silly rule if you ask me, BUT I will be obedient. Seriously though, I can see the wisdom in the reasoning. Both are very time consuming callings and it would tend to put a hardship on the family with both of us serving in those capacities and I am more than happy to support him in his calling as he always has me in mine. Yes, even IF it means saying goodbye to being Young Women President...aka the best calling I have ever had. Sniff, sniff.

I am just grateful I am still in!
Here we are pretending to be some kind of ice -princesses.

Brooke was just a wee bit frightened of falling.↓ Pretty sure the girls had more fun helping her than skating!

We girls just WANNA have fun and so we DO have fun!


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Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

Dawn said...

I too can see the wisdom in the reason you needed to step down, but sometimes wisdom stinks. ;-) I'm glad you still get to be with the girls. Congrats to your hubby!

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Aubri said...

I just found your blog while blog hopping. Love your attitude!

Jen said...

Oh how I miss those girls! And what's with all the spam comments? Seriously!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

um...WOW!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the stake YW's and I've seen lots of New Beginnings and YW in Excellence but WOW!!!!!!!!!! Yours takes the cake! You guys did a fabulous job!!!! Amazing, I'll have to bookmark your ideas. :) SO cute!

オテモヤン said...


Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Getting released from YW was such a sad day for me. It has been my most favorite calling. Ever.

{just a hint:if you put comment moderation on you will quit getting all the spam comments! Most of those links if clicked on will download viruses on your computer. }


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