Thursday, February 18, 2010


With Dave now serving as Bishop, we were invited to a Stake Leadership Retreat held in Salt Lake City with the Stake High Council, Stake Bishops, and Stake Presidency. It was a great weekend of friends, food, and fun....not to mention some great counsel and speakers.

We first met at the Mandarin in Bountiful (one of my FAVORITE restaurants!) with the Hickens and the Hepworths. The meal was fabulous!

After the meal we went to the beautiful Bountiful Temple and did a session with the entire group.

After the session, we were ready for MORE food and so... "when in Bountiful to do as the Bountiful-ites do" which is to consume large amounts of Nielsen's Frozen Custard!

That we DID!!! After all, this was called a "retreat". And as we all know, you can't retreat without significant amounts of "treats"!

We had our regular Bumbleberry Concrete with Almonds!!! YUM!!!!

After that we all retreated to our beautiful hotel to spend time together with our spouse.

I wish I would have taken a photo of our room because it was fabulous!
But I did get one of the towels. Yes, the towels - for ONE reason.

See that little blue card hanging there by the towels?

I LOVED it and after reading it I decided I need to hang one up in my boy's bathrooms.

It reads:

We are committed to resource and energy conservation. Every day tons of detergent and millions of gallons of water (sounds like home!) are used to wash towels that have only been used once...(REALLY sounds like home!)
Here's how you can help:
A towel that is hung up (sounds like a miracle!) means
"I'll use it again"
A towel on the floor (sounds like the future destination of every towel in my house!) means
"Please exchange"

I am sure if I hung it up - instead of encouraging water conservation, it would just give them the go ahead to throw them on the floor even more often (if that is even possible!) But maybe it's worth a try...

In the morning we had a YUMMY breakfast!

After breakfast we joined the other couples for a morning of wonderful speakers. We heard from author Quinn McKay and then Charles Dahlquist (former General Young Men's President). They were both excellent. My favorite was Brother Dahlquist. He taught us many awesome things, one being that we need to teach our youth that "THEY CAN DO HARD THINGS".

It was a great little get away, though very short, it still helped to renew and restore a little bit of sanity! And for a retreat, the "treats" were pretty good too!

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