Thursday, April 1, 2010


Now honestly, wouldn't you LOVE to wake up to these????

A RAINBOW of color and yummi-ness!!!

WHO wouldn't right????

I'll tell you WHO wouldn't!


Yes, my offspring that I nurtured from the second they were in my womb until this day. They refused my offering on this day of fools.


And WHY did they refuse my rainbow-lific offering of such amazing-ness?

Because of this ↑

They somehow awoke to a little permanent marker in the form of a mustache. And the trusting for the rest of the day was called off. They honestly thought I would ruin or "add to" the wonderfully-licious scrumptious rainbow cakes.


I even proved to them I hadn't tampered with them in ANY way by eating them myself. Still, no cigar cakes. Oh well, their loss!

This ↑ was my prankster artwork practice sheet.

MOTHER NATURE must have Alzheimers because she obviously thought today's holiday was CHRISTMAS instead of April Fool's Day. We woke up to SIX inches of snow and it continued off and on ALL day long. Not my idea of a good joke!

But this is ↓

And I'm not talking about decorating someone's trees and yard with this stuff.


I'm talking about decorating it until it transforms into a yummy looking Birthday Cake!

I was originally going to deliver this to my husband at his office, but decided it would be more fun to have Taylor give it to his friend who turned 16 today. I knew she would be much easier to "get" than my husband. He is onto me too. What's up with that?

Oh, I LOVE April Fool's Day!!! It really should come more than just once a year!

McKay and his buds shooting a potato cannon in our April Fool's Day afternoon hail storm.

I really wish they would totally nail Mother Nature with it until she brings back SPRING!


LarryG said...

I love love love those pancakes! Fantastic!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Hahaha, you are the funniest mom EVER!!! The mustaches are hilarious! I've GOT to do those pancakes sometime, that is so awesome!

Dawn said...

Jodi, you rock! I detest mean pranks on April Fool's Day, but all of yours are fun. Love the pancakes! :-)

Kelli said...

you are so funny

Jodi said...

You are too funny!!!


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