Thursday, April 22, 2010

~A Little of THIS and a lot of THAT~

Here is an assortment of very random photos of things I didn't get around to blogging about (beginning with most current). But since a picture is worth a thousand words I am looking on the bright side AND thinking of all the time it saved me in writing!

☺ Bloggy Friends ☺

Jody, Kelli, Moi, Jen, Chelsea

Kelli came to Utah to visit and wanted to get together with us! How sweet she is. I have always wanted to meet this Cupcake Queen. She makes the most amazing cupcakes. She has now turned into the Zumba Queen too. I wish she would have taught us a Zumba class while here.

Charlie's Angels plus two.... I think we need some remedial help in the pose area.

We were supposed to be making strange faces in this one. ↓ Obviously Chelsea and Kelli didn't get the memo!

This is me and my friend Colleen. ↓ We were at a Utah Homemaker's home tour and at our friend's home we saw all these cool Barbies! We immediately sat down and had to have some fun. I have to say as a mother of all boys, THIS part of the tour was by far my favorite! Do you have any idea how long it's been since I played Barbies? Once in a great while I have with my nieces here and there, but not enough! I couldn't believe the cool food and stuff they have now! I didn't want to leave. It was so much fun that I think I am going to go out and buy some Barbies for ME my future grand-daughters.

Remember the post I did on April Fool's and the RAINBOW pancakes that my boys refused to eat because they just knew I had done something to them? Well, here is McKay and his buddy Justin actually eating some. The only difference is it wasn't April Fool's day and so they "assumed" they were safe. Guess the joke's on them ... heehee

EASTER! And General Conference weekend.

Let's see who can pull the best face...

I should have taken a picture of our German Puff Pancakes! Those have become a tradition on General Conference weekend. And they are the best things on the planet. So great to have all the boys home! It went too fast...

Dave and I were invited to go to Heber to our friend's cabin for the weekend. We had gone before and had such a great time that we were excited to go again. They are a lot of fun as well as great cooks. They make the best waffles and syrup. We had fun playing games and staying up late. Last time we had more people so we did Karoke, but with less people, no one was quite that brave this time. Dave and I spent the next day shopping the outlets in Park City. FUN!

Tyson had a LOT of friends and one of my favorite's has always been Brooke. She is all grown up now and married (AND a mom) but she still comes and visits me frequently. I just love her. And her darling little Taylr is the cutest and happiest little girl I think I've ever seen. She is all smiles all the time. She does have this little look in her eye and gets this smile that reminds me so much of Tyson. We decided he must have trained her before she came down in order to pass on his legacy.


Curly or Wild? Or just boring straight like I usually wear it? What's your vote? I am serious, I would like to know. I personally like it curly via the flat iron, but it is very time consuming and I seem to be flat iron retarded. Wild is fast. Straight is in between. My wish is to have someone come to my house each day and do my hair and makeup! Wouldn't that be great!

Speaking of hair... One morning Taylor came down with his hair all .... well all... well... just... all... WEIRD!
I immediately grabbed the camera so I could put it on here for the entire world to view. It will serve me well someday as blackmail I'm certain.


Having a good time with some friends. I think Rob must be dyslexic.....

McKay was really excited to get braces... not sure WHY, but he was. Here are his before and after photos. He got blue and black bands to represent the Carolina Panthers.

Our backyard neighbors...

My new pets. Yes, they are frogs. No, they are not fluffy and cute and cuddly and soft. Yes, "I" bought them. No, I am not sure why I did this. Yes, they will probably live forever. No, I will not give them a proper funeral and burial someday (unless the toilet is considered proper). And no, they don't even have names. Well, not real names. I have been known to call them many things, but nothing you could really put on their birth certificate.

This is me and Bryce eating at an Indian restaurant in Logan. It was very good food! When I go to Logan we usually go food shopping and I try and take him out to lunch. We've been to some really good places so far, but this was one of my favorites.

*Feeding SIX teenage boys one night. I still am trying to figure out where boys of this age put all those calories.
*Skyler and Jeremy getting ready to go another Survivorman in the snow.
*Three of my boys sharing one couch.

Jeremy and Sky leaving on a Survivorman adventure in the dead of winter! I took this photo knowing it might be the last one of them. But they "survived" and came home alive.

Some of our Family Home Evenings with Dave's family.

Our yearly traditional ice-skating (and lunch out) with cousins.

My boys LOVE their cousins....especially this one ↓ but saying goodbye never gets easier. Arizona is just too far away...

I have the most amazing friends... I really do. On the anniversary of Tyson's death, I received so many nice cards, letters, emails, phone calls, and gifts.

Here are a few of the wonderful things that really helped make a very hard day much easier. Thank you my friends. I ♥ U!

This is the wreath I made to put on his grave. I always try and make something tropical since he LOVED Hawaii and the beach.

Baby shower for Tori at her and Kev's new home. The little one is no longer in the oven and I am an Aunt again! Yippee!

McKay and Sky hunting. Probably bunnies! :(

Playing a little ONE on ONE ↓

Who says white men can't jump?

I wanted to play too. Holy cow, that kid is impossible to beat!

Lunch with my boys....

New Year's Eve (yeah, I'm going WAY back!)

We had a big party at Dave's parents because so many of his sibs were home for the holidays.
We played lots of games and ate LOTS of yummy food!

We also celebrated my niece's birthday. She was born right after midnight on New Year's Eve. She was the city's New Year's Baby!

Bryce and Weston after a "Dew Contest"... (no I don't approve!)
They drank all those cans you see. They also were hugging the toilet for a while after.

Me with Koda. He loves me, what can I say? ☺

The little always love to tease and play with Bryce.

That's all. Until further random-ness...


Audrey said...

Its no wonder you haven't had time to write! You are much to busy having FUN!

Nancy Mc said...

Love all the pictures. Wish I was that ambitious:)


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