Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apostle Song

Here is a great way for your kiddlin's to memorize the names of the Apostles and First Presidency. I remember when ours were younger and Dave taught them all their names. It was pretty awesome to even hear our then three year old recite them all in order and even better because I learned along with them! But I must say this is even better. It tells a little about each, so you get to know a little more about them. Have fun!

*You will have to put my Music Playlist on pause to hear it clearly. It is at the bottom of my blog. Click the button on the far left once or twice.


sara said...

That is great! Thanks for sharing it.

EarlGirl said...

I loved that! We listened to it three times and 'yeehaw'ed and clapped and danced around.

Jen said...

Awesome! I always learn things better when it's in song form!

Karen said...

Loved it! I'm using in FHE tonight!!


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