Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Tag ~ Crazy 8 Meme

8 Things I’m ♥passionate♥ about
*My Family
*My Faith
*Chocolate (duh)
*Purple (double duh)
*Reading, Writing, but NOT Arithmetic!

8 Things I want to do before I die
*Get my photo albums caught up (and it will take that long too!)
*Travel to some awesome places
*Spoil many grand~"daughters"
*Run a marathon...WHAT? Something must have possessed my fingers to type that!
*See my boys grow up successful, healthy, and happy
*Write a book
*Get completely organized... Ha ha HA!

*Get my Masters

8 Things I often say
*"Stop that, before you break something!"
*"Hurry up or we're going to be late!"
*"What's the temp outside today?"
*"Love you!"
*"I'm freezin'!!!"
*"It's your choice."
*"Okay, who took my chocolate?"
*"Will someone rub my feet...pleeeeeeease!"

8 Things I've learned this past year
*That I love to blog!
*That I am a runner.
*How to download pictures to my computer!
*If the house isn't spotless, it doesn't matter.
*Life is short so spend time doing what you love and with who you love.
*It will all work out.
*It's not only okay, but necessary, to take time for myself.
*To stop worrying over what I have no control over.

8 Things I must do each day to feel good
*Read my scriptures and Pray
*Eat chocolate!
*Service of some kind
*Accomplish at least some of what is on my agenda
*Find some quiet time to think/ponder
*Spend time with my fam♥

8 Things that attract me to my best friends
*Great Sense of Humor
*Accepts me for who I am
*Easy Going
*Positive Attitude
*Someone I can easily talk to
*Common sense

8 People I think should do Crazy 8's☺


*If you always wanted to know the definition of a "meme", but were just too darn afraid to ask~ click on comments below.


Yvonne said...

That's a great meme. I learned a lot about you--those are the ones that are always fun. Let me just say you are so right about life being short--we truly never know. (I don't think I will ever be completely organized ; )

deb said...

I love memes! This one is especially good. I am going to add it to my blog if that is okay. I feel the same way about time for myself. Watch out, if I don't get it. Time alone is even better than chocolate for me! ;)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for tagging me. Question though: What is a meme? Is it me, me put together, an accronym for something, or is it really a word and I am just ignorant to it's meaning?:O)

Jen said...

Can it be crazy 3's? I don't know if I can think of 8 things! I love the comment about breaking things! Life with boys! And about lunch...you're on!

Nancy Face said...

This was great! I enjoyed learning more about you! I also hope to catch up on my photo albums before I die, haha! :D

Jodi said...

Ok Tiffany, you are going to be sorry you asked what a meme is! I too, wasn't sure when I was tagged the first time and so I did a little research. I always thought it was a "me" "me"...because they are usually about, well...ME! But, I was WAY off. It is pronounced so it rhymes with GENE or DREAM. So here is (one of)the definitions I found:

In 1976 a nerd named Dawkins shortened the Greek word ‘mimeme’ (something imitated) to meme (mēm) so that it sounded similar to the word gene. (He did that on purpose)
In his mind, a meme is similar to a gene, in that it’s self replicating.
He wanted his new word to describe a unit of social and cultural evolution.
A meme can constantly mutate into something new, depending on the host, and be passed on. In this way it also resembles a virus.
A blog meme is generally a pre-made list of questions that the author answers for her readers. She then “tags” other readers to answer the same questions. The author of that meme is at liberty to keep the same questions, or tweak them as she wishes. Hence the “mutation”, if you will.
A specific blog meme is only one unit in a memeplex (a group of memes). I assume that the different blog memes make up their own memeplex and fall into a larger technology meme. But Heaven help me, I’m not an expert on such things.
There are memes for most human behaviors and cultural systems. For example: politics, religion, fashion, personality, etc, etc, etc. And I mean etcetera. There are lots of the little buggers out there.

So there ya go! Much more info than you wanted I am sure! ;)


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