Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cheap Therapy!

Yeah, yeah, I know it seems I go out to lunch a lot, BUT I love it and who cares as long as it's with good friends, and there is good food that I don't have to prepare!There is something renewing in being able to get out with someone you relate to and just "talk". Even though you have to pay for the cost of the meal, it is still cheaper than therapy! And that is what good friends do best: theraperize you! (I'm sure that's not a word, but it works!) When my kiddos were little, I did not indulge in lunching out with friends very often. With so many little ones, it was just much easier to stay home, feed them lunch, and then put them down for a nap while I called my friends and chatted on the phone instead. The one drawback to that was eating that oh so delicious macaroni and cheese...again! Bleh! But now, I have a little more freedom to meet other friends who are also in this same stage of life as I am and it is so enjoyable to be able to just get out and renew our friendships.

Yesterday, I lunched out with my friend Karen. We went to the Center Street Grill and both of us ordered their total heavenly Turkey Foccacia sandwich. I start to crave it when it's been a while since I've had one. It is de-lish! Karen and I have been friends for probably 14 years now. We first met when we were doing a Joy School group together with our boys and then I brain-washed her into helping me with our city's American Mothers chapter for many years. We share the same values and worries and both have always had a deep desire to be strong advocates of motherhood and children. We have worked together on many projects, conferences, programs, meetings, etc. She is a true friend and one that I can always count on for answers when I am searching for help in any area of life. She is a deep thinker and always has a solution to life's troubles. We can go for months and even years at times without really seeing much of each other, but still be able to pick up where we left off. She helped me so much when I did Tyson's tree for the Festival of Trees. One of the things we have most in common is our love for lighthouses. She just started a GREAT blog called Live The Moment. Be sure and check it out HERE.
Yesterday was kind of a catch up time for us because we haven't really talked in a while. We got talking about our children and the challenges that come with raising teenagers in today's world. We talked about how our plans haven't always turned out as we had hoped and realized that often that is for the better. Unfortunately, as we were just getting into some great discussions, we both had to go. We really needed about three more hours! But be it short, or be it long, it is still therapy just the same! I am so blessed to have so many amazing and incredible ♥friends♥ that lift me and inspire me each day. When I think of all the names I could add to my lunch therapy list, I feel so grateful to have been blessed with so many in my life. Where would be without friends? Do your friends theraperize you? If not, what does?

I'm ready to go to lunch again! Who wants to join me????


Jen said...

Almost called you today! I'm good anytime!

Jodi said...

Dang! How about tomorrow!!!!

Yvonne said...

You are so right--good friends are great therapy (and cheap, too ; ) I'm grateful for the phone, I do most of my visiting that way.

Glad you had a chance to meet up with your friend. (I will have to check out her blog.

deb said...

I'm in! Now, where do you live? ;)

Karen said...

I'm in anytime! Thanks again I always love spending time with you, even those long hours and days in our craziness of AMI! The best times!! Love ya Karen

Dave said...

Are husbands invited???


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