Friday, April 25, 2008

Renaissance Feast

Wow two feasts today! The Friday Feast (check out below) and this one. Last night some friends invited us to go the high school's annual Renaissance Feast. We've been before when one of our sons was involved and so we thought it would be fun. It is put on by the high school history department and they go all out and try and make it a real fun time. After we go we always say that we should have taken the whole family. Next year... They serve you a six or seven course meal (with NO utensils ~ although we snuck in some plastic ones!) and put on a program while you eat. The costumes are amazing and it is pretty fun. The lights were low so the pictures aren't the greatest. But alas! Here they be anyway...

We went with Lady Jen and Lord Janzen. Here we are patiently waiting for our food and beverage. We be parched!

This is Mr. Demonja (Pres. Demonja to us - he is a counselor in our Stake Presidency). He was the main character in the acting part. It was kind of fun to see his other side!

Two of the servers. The one on the left is Bryce's friend Tyson.

They told us to wear our napkins like this. Notice WHO doesn't have theirs on? Yep the guys! The ones that need it the most! Off with their heads!

They serve an entire "fowl" and a huge platter of ribs.

Did I mention NO utensils?

Whatever works!

Are we having fun yet?
Someone's Knight in Shining Armor...
Dave with the bread knife getting every last morsel off that bird. Not sure who the two boys (hoodlums) next to him are, but they were VERY outspoken and not shy. They were yelling out things all night and the entire room kept looking at our table!
Appears we be no longer parched!

Part of the program. The two girls were Lady Obama and Lady Hillary. Hmm... The King was trying to choose which one to make his Queen. As always...Superman to the rescue!

Oh, the violence!

Mr. Demonja again...

Sitting at the throne for a photo after it was over. Sorry it's so blurry. You might have to click on it to see it better.

The remains of the night...

♥Fare thee well until the morrow!!!♥


Mr. (Pres) DeMonja thinks these two look identical.
They are perfect strangers. Jen is on the right.
On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think???


Tiffany said...

That looks like so much fun! Hm, I would have to go with an 8 on the twins. Are they twins? They have a look like my twins. I can tell them apart just by looking, but some people have a hard time.

Jodi said...

No they are complete strangers! Jen doesn't think they look alike and so I am just taking a poll to see what everyone thinks.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ They do look a ton a like!

fivekidsandsomechocolate said...

How fun was that!!! I love creative activities such as this...and Superman.

I think the girls do resemble each maybe a sisterly fashion. They are both very pretty.

As for the photo cubes- Do not fear I have no idea how to use Photoshop. I use Picasa 2. It is a free download from Google. You just sort out the pictures you want to use and go into "create". It's self explanatory & easy.

Holly said...

Oh too fun! And yes, they do look alike!

The Hoyt's said...

Question.. I posted today and it made all the widgets and my picts and side bar stuff move down below my post in a single file instead of running along the side like normal.. This ever happen to you? Or would you know how to fix it?

Jen said...

O.k. Jodi, my eyes are half closed in one of the pictures! Didn't I warn you that all the pics had to be semi normal?! That was so fun! Thanks for going!

Jodi said...

Okay Jen, I just added that really bad one of me just for you! (Not that they all aren't bad of me!) So now we are even! lol


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