Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day is one of my least favorite holidays! I am just NOT a prankster at heart. Uh-uh...not ME! I can't stand to play practical jokes on others and see their reactions. I hate having a day that I can do anything and actually get away with it in the name of a holiday. I absolutely HATE getting others before they get me and I absolutely can't stand to laugh. I hate trying to come up with great ideas and then visualize how they will play out and have them come off even better than I had planned. Just HATE that! Oh and by the way, did I mention that I am expecting????

I was a little let down this morning when I tried to GET the boys. I ALWAYS get them good. But... they are onto me. They now know that as I wake them up on this lovely holiday, I will tell them something bogus hoping they will forget what day it is. This morning I told them all (one at a time) they needed to hurry and get up and come watch the news because their school was burning down and they were filming it live. NOT ONE of them FELL for it! NOT ONE!!! Not even McKay! I was so disappointed. He did confess later that he over heard me when I was telling Taylor and so he was prepared. Dang! At least I no longer tell them things that make them sad. One year they were counting down the days until their cousins were coming to visit and I told them that they were not coming now because some relative had died and they needed to stay and attend the funeral. They really suckered that one in. They were a little miffed at me when they found out it was an April Fool's joke. I let it drag on for a while until my little smile, I could no longer contain, gave it away. I told McKay once that I was leaving for a week on a trip, knowing that would get him, and he totally believed me and started to cry! I know, I know! Sooooo mean! I didn't think he would CRY! BUT as I said, I learned my lesson and now I only tell them things that would make them HAPPY...ya know, like their SCHOOL IS BURNING DOWN, etc.! I did get them a little though. I switched the cereal bags in the boxes of cereal this morning. Not much, but still fun! I still plan to get them this afternoon hopefully! Keep in mind that I am the lone female in a house full of testosterone which for some reason translates into getting snakes in my shower (fake) or under my couch in my basement (real!) or little plastic spiders and cockroaches in my bed. I could go on and on...AND ON. And these little pranks are done ALL YEAR LONG, so I feel absolutely ZERO remorse!!!

I think the best one I did has to be the year I covered cotton balls in chocolate and they looked just like dipped chocolates. Mmm...delicious. That was a great one, but not exactly easy to get all those fibers to look smooth! I should resurrect the pancakes with pieces of paper inside them, or the sandwiches I sent in their lunch with tin foil inside, since McKay was too young to remember those. Although I am sure he has heard the stories many times. It's much harder to get him since the brothers have all warned him about these things and so I have to come up with new and better pranks. I need some of your GREAT IDEAS for this afternoon. I do have a brochure for a CHORE CAMP that I am going to show McKay and tell him it came in the mail and I was wondering if I should send him there this summer. There is a copy of it at the bottom. I will put the link next to it, in case you just HATE this holiday as much as I do!
If you want to print (or just read) this GREAT BROCHURE go HERE.
We just started a new Chore Chart that I am writing a post about tomorrow. Think they would fall for this?

I hope you have a great day! And remember...watch your back! You never know who is lurking around some corner just waiting to GET YA!! Oh, and your ideas please!

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Yvonne said...

Goodness--doesn't sound you need any ideas from me. That chocolate covered cotton balls sounds fabulous!!!

I haven't even tried to get anyone today!!! (But the day is still young, isn't it ; )

The Hoyt's said...

You are so clever... I loved it.. Tonight for dinner i'm doing the meatloaf cupcakes from the family fun magazine. Looks good.... Have a great day!!

Jen said...

I want to get someone today, just don't know who or what yet. It will come to me! I think I need to try those chocolate covered cotton balls! I loved all your good ideas! Wish I would have thought of the school burning down one!

Tiffany said...

Oh, I just HATE this day too. *wink*wink* You can do chocolate covered olives, the green ones work the best. That's a good one, or those little bitty onions. That works great too. I went to the dr. today and should have come home and told my hubby some rediculous thing, but told him the truth. I have strep. Darn, still time to get him good.:O)

Karen said...

I am still working on today, I tried the we are running out of gas on the way to the soccer game but they didn't buy it,, darn! I did wash sheet today and I am going to try to short sheet the beds I'll let you know how it turns out! Have Fun but not too much fun!!!

Bella Blogger said...

Hi, you left a comment on my blog regarding the collage of birthday pics. I do it in photoshop. Let me know if you want help with one.

Breanne said...

Ok I don't know how to comment...hopefully this works :) I'm just getting used to this blogging thing. I got my mom good on april fools :)
Oh and I don't know how I got my pictures big...they just showed up that way!


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