Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Feast #8 (Leftovers)

The Friday Feast Chef took a break this week, so I am doing one I haven't done yet. Actually two because I couldn't decide which one I liked best. Guess this means I am over-eating this time... and leftovers no less!

Name one thing that is unique about you.
I made and decorated my own wedding cake. Not sure if that is unique or just insane.
What would be your most treasured memory of your childhood?
The packages my Grandma would send to us when we lived far away. I was probably six or seven. She always sent me a little brown bag full of penny candy and chocolate licorice and little ruffled underpants. I also loved our camping trips and visits to my cousins in California.

When was the last time you just 'bit your tongue'?
I plead the fifth...
Fill in the blank: My favorite _________ is __________ but I like _________ too.
My favorite weather is rain but I like snow too. (but not now...I want spring!)

What type of wood do you have for your home’s furnishings?
Mostly oak because that is Dave's fav, but I am getting really sick of it. I love cherry or alder.
Name that silly fact about you that was unknown...until now.
When I was a Junior in high school, me and some of my friends went to the school where the Senior dance was being held and boosted each other up on this ledge so we could see into the dance. We all had on masks (kitties, spiderman, clowns, etc.) and just perched on the ledge peering inside. We just wanted to see everyone's reaction when they saw us and create some fun. I had on a cat mask and didn't notice all my friends had jumped off. I was just sitting there all alone peering inside, until someone from the dance came over and opened the window really fast and started trying to pull me inside! Aaaa! Luckily I escaped!

Main Courses
Who do you talk to most often on the phone?
That's a toss up between my Mom and Dave. Lately, it's been more texting with Dave though.
You're a superhero, but with 'non typical' superpowers. What would your super powers be, and what would you like to be called?
Oh, I have always wanted to have superpowers! I have often thought it would be so cool to become invisible! But as of late, I am thinking it would be SO amazing to close my eyes and visualize things how you want them and have it instantly happen. Like having the house instantly clean! My name? Hmm... maybe Purplestreak.

What level of responsibility do you have in your job?
Since my job is to raise righteous and responsible boys, I would say there isn't a higher level than the one I have. Gulp...
World Cup final, Olympic Games, Superbowl, World Series, NBA finals, Stanley Cup... which one would you like to play in?
Olympic Games in figure skating.

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deb said...

I want those same super powers! It would be just like Bewitched. That would be so cool! Great feast! Thanks for sharing.

Jean at Penny Lane said...

Hello Jodi! Thanks for stopping by Penny Lane and your high compliments. WOW -- you did two feasts! You must have been expecting lots of company or you are just so use to making so much for your growing boys!

Anyways, I emailed you about the tags/category/labels on Blogger.
I hope that helps you out.

I love your polkadots.
Also, we were all reading about your little boy's antics (the butter smear, the donut stealing, etc). Yes, I remember days like that myself. Now I can laugh at them -- thank goodness!

Jodi said...

Thank you so much Jean! I appreciate you taking the time to teach me about the archiving issues. And its a dang good thing we can laugh at those days isn't it? AND of course, publish the photos on our blogs! lol

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your Feast! Thanks for sharing.

Yvonne said...

Those are great. I don't know of anyone who made their own wedding cake--you are brave.

Love your superpowers answer.

sara said...

Purplestreak??? Oh that is way too funny!

sara said...

You didn't have the cake photo on here earlier. When did you add that? WOW! I am impressed! You did a great job! I haven't heard of anyone that made their own wedding cake before. It was beautiful. Purple of course! Do you still decorate cakes?


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