Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Airing my Dirty Laundry

Sock it to Dirty Socks!!!
Normally I don't talk about my dirty laundry, but there are just those times when I can no longer keep it in. Sometimes I have to air it all out and feel the cleansing power of the vent (no, not the dryer vent).

As a mother of ALL boys (lots of them), I have bought, sorted, picked up, pre-treated, washed, re-washed, dried, folded, and put away MANY MANY MANYpairs of sock. Not to mention many of the un-attached (or single) ones as well. I really do believe the dryer eats spare socks. But that is a whole other post.

From this ↑

To this ↓

I do have to admit, that is not an actual photo of my boys socks, because if they ever get that bad, I happily huck them in the trash.
I have come to one conclusion through all my years of "socking".
White socks are the bane of my existence!

And probably most of yours if you also have boys. Don't get me wrong. I actually LOVE white socks. Oh yes, very much. But once those white socks are purchased and living in my home, they are no longer white! At least not completely. There may be parts of them that are still white, but that actually makes the parts that aren't, look even worse. This, however, is NOT a reflection on my laundry prowess. Trust me, I have Clorox-ed, Biz-ed, Oxiclean-ed, Spray & Washed, Shouted, and Zouted until the cows come home, but I have never been able to get them completely white and stain free. Now interestingly enough, MY white socks and MY hubs white socks, enter as white socks and die as white socks. Not so with my boys. Theirs are always laid to rest as the color of dirt.

I have since found a solution that has made me one happy camper and laundress. This one little thing has saved me hours and hours of pre-treating and re-treating and worrying what the boys friend's mothers will think when they see my boys with imperfect stained socks. Yes, I admit, I do worry about that. Even though it is totally silly. I don't want them to think I am laundry retarded or something!

I now no longer get as upset as I used to when I see the boys outside in stocking feet. I no longer cringe when a real nasty one comes through the dirty clothes. I can honestly say I am at sock peace.
How did I come to this near impossible sock peace you ask? Do you want to know? Are you ready for this? The solution is as easy as...


When I first noticed a couple of my boy's friends wearing them EVERY DAY, I thought WHY weren't my boys also wearing them and WHY didn't this style come in sooner? I mean really! Who in their right mind would have made wearing white socks the norm for so blasted long? No one that has boys, that I do know! I guess if I didn't want to buy new black ones, I could let them wear the real nasty ones that could almost pass as black. Unfortunately they still have to have white socks for certain things, so I can't totally eliminate all of them. But almost!

A little warning...keep in mind that they are only cool if they are the ankle (or below) socks. Wearing black socks that are calf length with shorts just might get your boys beat up. And I would not want to be responsible for that.

I am all for the black socks. But of course, if I had MY way, I would prefer they wore these ↓

But, I also know, that isn't going to happen any time soon. (unless your son's name is Donny Osmond!)

And if you really get overwhelmed with all those dirty smelly socks, there is a company now that will wash and dry all those stinkin' socks for you! How cool is that? For around $10.00 a pound, you can have someone else do your dirty laundry! My only question is, do they also sort, fold, and put them away? And if I tip them extra well, do you think they would come to my house and pick them up off the floor? Hmm...

If you want to check out the Dirty Socks Laundry Company go Here. It is for real!

I think I will stick to doing my own which is now much easier since I have found one other solution that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I now buy each boy the same socks. Now that they are getting older, they can all wear pretty much the same size. This saves tons of time sorting and matching. Now I just wash them, mate them, (which is extremely easy when they are all the same) and then throw them in what I call our sock basket. No one gets their "own" socks anymore, they are all in a community basket so now they aren't always looking for their socks. They know the sock basket will always have a generous supply. I have a drawer where the strays go and when I get enough in the drawer I match them.

My only question now is, where were these black socks 23 years ago when I had my first son??? Never mind, I think I know the answer to that one. They were on those men "tourists" who wore them (almost always calf length) with shorts and sandals! Talk about having that GQ look! Ugh!

Dirty Socks

by Bruce Lansky

My socks are very dirty,
so I washed them in the lake.
It wasn’t long before I knew
I’d made a big mistake.
The water changed from clear to mud.
Then fumes began to rise.
And soon a cloud of air pollution
covered up the skies.
When bullfrogs started croaking
and ducks began to quack,
some campers started chanting,
“We want our clean lake back.”
I’ve got a pile of dirty socks.
I’m in an awful bind.
I guess I’ll have to bury them.
I hope the worms won’t mind.


LarryG said...

that's funny...
i put a load of "whites" mostly socks in the washer this morning - with a a good half cup of clorox!
we'll see what happens...
who knows - maybe i'll snap a pic of it... now that you've brought it up...
and btw - yes i wrote the poem :)

EarlGirl said...

Gasp! Black socks? I think you may have found the answer to world peace. I wish my boys' feet were the same size. I know before long they will be, but you've given me something to look forward to today.

Yvonne said...

Kyle started wearing black socks a few months ago and I'M SO HAPPY. (I still haven't thrown away all those "white" (or former white) socks.

Fun post, jodi ; )

Michelle said...

I love the sock basket idea! I think I'm going to start one of those in my boys' room so there's no more searching for "MY" socks!

Nancy Face said...

My guys still wear white socks, but I buy the ones with gray ALL the way along the bottom, so they look really white on top by comparison!

Love the silly poem! :D

Kelli said...

my front loader wont soak cuz it doesnt fill with water totally. BUT when I use to have a real washing maching, I used tide with bleach and put them in when I went to bed. Then the next day after I got home from work I would start them, My boys always had white socks. WITH THE EXCEPTION of sock that were worn to their dads, which was a few pair I always sent to their dads house. hehe. I did have the no socks feet outside rule (Which they obeyed at my house but I dont think they did at their dads house) I love tide with bleach but now with a front loader you have to use HE soap. If we go camping or something I stick my whites in the bathtub at night with tide with bleach soak over night then stick them in the washer the next day. I cant wait for tide to come out with an HE with bleach for front loaders. I hate my front loader because I like my old tide with bleach soap.

Jodi said...

Can't wait to see your photos!
And Wow on the poem! You should have it published! It is really impressive!

World peace huh? Woo-hoo! At least it will seem like it around here!!!

I am still trying to part with all the whites too!

Let me know how it works out!

I have a lot of those gray on the bottoms too, but they still get so dingy and dirty looking! How about just black on the bottom!!!! Hey, I think I am onto something! That would be perfect! White that shows from the shoes, but black on the bottom where they get black anyway! Anyone want to donate some money to get a patent on it? hee-hee

I totally am with you on the front loaders being harder to soak things! Even if they do come out with an HE in Tide w/bleach...it still isn't as easy to soak in those. I keep a bucket in my laundry room sink that I always have some sort of whites soaking in with Biz. I let them soak for a few days and just stir up the water every day. That also helps, but I will have to try soaking in Tide w/bleach!

My Wonderful Men said...

Black socks interesting.

I wish I could figure out how to get the sweaty sports smell out. I swear even after washing it's still there in the work out clothes.


Tiffany said...

That is so great. I am going to have to do that when my guys are alittle bigger. Right now the white socks stay white. I am such a stickler for taking them off, before they go outside. However, hub's is another matter. I am going to buy him black socks. He is so rough on socks. It's like he has sandpaper feet and they just eat at his socks all day. Guys and sock! Phhht!:OP

deb said...

How I can relate. Girls aren't much better either though!

Great post!

pearlcitygal said...

If they are going to sale white socks for boys they should at least put some kind of stain release in them! Bleach doesn't kick it!

Gayle said...

Black socks are a fantastic idea. Football practice is destroying our white ones. But all the same socks...ewww...the boys definitely don't like sharing socks, and I hate if someone wears mine. One son wears Nike, one wears Addidas and one wears Champion. I wear Nike, but womens. Matching isn't so bad when you have logos! :)


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