Monday, August 11, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

All I can say is... GOOD STINKIN' LAUGHS!!!

I saw this on Amy's blog and knew I coudn't resist! Me and my hubby were really laughing as we were clicking through the years! He just better be careful because I might yearbook him next! Try not to pee your pants as you look!

This one has to be my fav! I think I would have fit in quite well with this do.

Okay...this one is stretching it (literally!). It looks like my head is elongated! A little Mary Tyler Moore for ya...


OH!!!! Tooooooo funny! Looks like another version of Michael Jackson! I went to school with a girl that had this hair! (minus the little bits of blonde bangs hanging down!)

Ew! Ick! Can we say BIG HAIR???? Not too mention it looks like I have gained a few hundred pounds!

A little too much face shadow!

You can still see some of my hair in this one! Not to mention facial hair! Heh-heh!

Looks like an old classmate of mine.
(If any of you know WHO I am thinking of, let me know!)

I saved the BEST for LAST!!!!


Ooooo... let's pray this hot look comes back in style, shall we???

If you want to have some fun too, find a photo of you in high school and then go to this link → Yearbook Yourself ← and get ready for a laugh or two!


Kelli said...

that is so funny. I have to keep looking for a pic of me that doesnt have bangs hanging down.

Nancy Face said...

That's HILARIOUS! Love it!

Audrey said...

Wow! That Micheal Jackson look is so you!!!! I think you should dye and perm your hair and wear it like that! You are so funny!

EarlGirl said...

Oh, wow. I've GOT to try it! The fro was pretty impressive!

deb said...

How funny!!! Those are too good! Especially the fro!!!

My Wonderful Men said...

These are good, you gave me a great laugh on some of them other I really thought you looked like a hot mama!

Thanks for playing along.

Jen said...

That was great! The last look was definitely the best! Although the Mary Tyler Moore one looked good too!

Lori said...

At first I had no idea those were even you!

Those are hilarious!

Yvonne said...

I saw this on another blog and absolutely LOVED IT.

I may have to try it.


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