Friday, August 15, 2008

Food 4 Thought Friday - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Since the Friday's Feast Chef has been out of the kitchen for quite some time (and may be for a while yet), I have decided to start my own version until he/she is able to return. I am calling it
Food 4 Thought Friday.
It is generally the same idea, with just a little twist. Feel free to play along for some yummy fun! I will post a new one each Thursday afternoon for those that are on a different time zone. JOIN IN!!!

Food 4 Thought Friday

What is your first thought when you wake up?
"What time is it?" Once in a while I will panic that I overslept as soon as I wake up. It's usually about 5:30 a.m. and so I try and go back to sleep if I am not going to the gym that day.

If you could go out to lunch with any three people (real of fictitious/ from any time period, dead or alive) , which three people would you choose and why?
My first choice would be Jesus Christ. The reason for that is obvious. My second choice would be either Condoleeza Rice or Eleanor Roosevelt because I have admired both of them for their courage, wisdom, and poise in the public arena. And it would be fun to hear a few of the White House secrets! Third is a huge toss up. I just can't decide! It would be between Benjamin Franklin (because he was amazing!), Princess Di (because I think we would click), Gandhi, Mother Teresa, (to be inspired by them), or Edward Cullen (to see what he is really like even though he is fictitious), or Johnny Depp (again obvious reasons!) I might want to chat with Santa for a bit though too and ask him why I really didn't get what I wanted for Christmas last year!

What is your favorite restaurant and what do you like the most on the menu?
The Old Spaghetti Factory. My favorite thing is the Spaghetti with half browned butter and Mizithra cheese and half meat sauce. Ooooohh! So heavenly! The Spumoni ice cream for dessert is superb too!

Midnight Snack

What do you usually think about right before you fall asleep?
"Why didn't I get to bed earlier!" And whatever has been weighing on my mind that day.

Recipe for this Week (instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?)
I have been watching the Olympics this week and I think it would have to be the fact that we are strong as human beings and can achieve our dreams if we really and truly want to sacrifice what it takes to do so. Anything is possible if your mind is in it.

To play along go here ~ haha!


annie said...

I've missed the feasts on Fridays. I played along!

Helena said...

I played today!! Have a great weekend!!

Judy Thomas said...

Yea, Jodi! You rock, girl (hope you had fun at camp last week.. I'll come back and check up when I'm done with my new Friday obsession :-)

Marianne Arkins said...


Sadly, there isn't one in the northeast, but I'm from CA and the browned butter and mizithra cheese is my FAVE.

I haven't played yet, just followed the link from Judy's site and had to comment.


Kimber said...

I played along!

LarryG said...

wow - i'd love to be a fly on the wall at your lunch date - or even a "fifth" wheel :)

great work
have a great weekend.

Lucy said...

If I liked spaghetti, I would love the Spaghetti Factory place in Trolley Square. There's a compliment there someplace but I'm not sure where. Nor which. But I really did like that place.

My Wonderful Men said...

Spaghetti Factory, love that place I wish we had one closer to where I live.

I still need to post my award you gave me I did not forget about about it.

♥M♥ said...

played along, thanks!

Yvonne said...

This was great. I loved your answers--that's quite a group to have lunch with (I love Benjamin Franklin because we share a birthday ; )

Dawn said...

I've been missing Friday's Feast too, so I am so glad you did this fun meme.

I used to always wake up afraid that I overslept. When I was about 20, I would wake up and start taking a bath and getting ready for work. I was just always afraid I would get fired for being late. Ugh, I am so glad I don't go through that anymore.

Oh, I love to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory when we get to St. Louis, but we haven't been in ages. Well, probably since we have had kids anyway, so at least 6 years. There aren't any in the state of Illinois, which is where I live. Bummer!

I played along too! :-)

Tiffany said...

You are awesome to have a Friday Feast for us. I adore you!!! I love The Old Spaghetti Factory meat sauce, browned butter, and ooooooh the mizithra cheese. My mouth is watering and I already ate. MMMMMMM!:O)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I saw this at Annie's blog this morning (along with another Friday meme) and decided to play along to both today. Thanks for doing this, I used to do the Friday Feast and always enjoyed that one. Good questions!

Have a great day!

Sofia said...

Thanks so much for filling in! I'm loving your take on it :]. Posted mine for this week and last!!!

Take care, Sofia.

Helena said...

I played along today. I found it hard to post a comment thou, every time I pressed the here part it brought up you older post, so finally I scrolled down and found the comment form. Thanks for posting the meme!

Kimber said...

I played again this week! Thanks Jodi!

Nicole said...

Thanks again jodi! You rock and the questions are great!

Susan said...

I am a day late but I joined along:


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