Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Girl's Camp 2008!!!

I attended our Young Women girl's camp last week for the third year in a row and it was such a blast! It really is like one big giant week long slumber party! I have never understood where the phrase slumber party came from though. Talk about an oxymoron! Slumber is the least of what we did! There was way too much fun to be had to sleep!

This year we went to Camp Shawnee in Liberty Utah. It was beautiful up there. We even had cabins! Yippee!!! AND flush toilets! Double Yippee!!! AND showers! Kinda yippee...since the water that came out of them was glacier like freezin'!!! But I am happy as long as I don't have to encounter an outhouse! I would rather hold it for three days than go in one of those! We have been seriously spoiled since this is our third year in a row in cabins and flush toilets! I am afraid next year we are going to get the thrill of a tent and the agony of an outhouse! Ugh!

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Here are our fearless leaders. We have the most amazing women in our YW! I just love every single one of them! They are all so amazing. We gel so well... and really have a lot of fun together.

We took quite the hike to a waterfall that proved to be a DRY waterfall! We were so let down, but happy to head back to camp. It was about a five miler with some pretty steep inclines. The photo of our feet was taken after we returned! Oh my! It will have to be enlarged to be appreciated.

There is no hired chef at our camps! Nope! The leaders and the girls do the cooking. The first night Loraine, McKenzie, and I "got" to cook about 4000 lbs of chicken! I didn't think we were ever going to get out of that kitchen! We found a few little surprises in the pots as we got them out of the cupboard. Apparently the little miceys don't like the outhouse either, but they do like the pot(s). No pun intended...heh-heh.

We had a great day touring the Monastery in Huntsville (click to enlarge) and were able to hear the Monks chant and attend a prayer service. We bought honey and jam at their little store and enjoyed a slide presentation by one of the Fathers. Then we headed to David O. McKay's childhood home, also in Huntsville and learned about that history and had lunch on the lawn. After that we hit Pineview Dam and swam. Can you believe I didn't get ANY photos of that! Oh...think of the blackmail possibilities! But I forgot!

We were told that this was a NON PRANK camp this year. A what??? Now that IS an oxymoron if I ever heard one! No pranks at girl's camp??? That is bordering on blasphemy in my book! I am the Prank Queen and have proudly earned that title! But... I have to say I was outdone this year by my friend Jen. Go here to read what she did!

I behaved myself so well that one of the girl's (Katelyn) pranked herself! (The top two photos.) She was hanging on some hooks for over 45 minutes until I found her (she was trying for that long to get me in there) and wanted me to believe someone had done that to her. Nice try girl! I should have left her there, but to my credit I unhooked her and set her free! I can't believe I was so well behaved this year!

The camp director put me and Maddy and Stephanie (the top two young women pranksters!) in charge of a non-prank -so to speak- to keep us busy so we wouldn't have time to do the REAL things. They were pretty smart because it worked. The non-prank was a giant spider we named Herkamer. He appeared in unusual places with the names of the next girls attached to him that were to hide him next. He appeared once in someone's underwear and bra on the top of the flag pole!

Stephanie (THEE prankster!) and Heidi trying to frighten me with a plastic rat and Herkamer. I may look scared but I am onto them. After all I do know that the fakey's can't hurt me. Can they?

This is Savannah, who LOVES snakes and all creepy things. She caught a snake and since it was a baby sort of one I decided to be BRAVE and touch it. It took me a while BUT. I. DID. IT! See boys??? See how brave your Mom is!!!

Here is Herkamer hitching a ride on the top of my Suburban on the way home and on Heidi's van during the field trip. We got a lot of strange looks! The last night the Bishopric was invited to attend our fabulous dutch oven dinner and our testimony meeting. That was great for me because Dave is in the Bishopric. I was going to have him smuggle in some contraband (aka more chocolate) but there was already quite the supply this year! Heidi tied all of our arms together while we ate! That was an adventure! It was supposed to instill in us our theme "OF ONE HEART"! More like of one arm!

We had a skit night and Kim was once again a cross dresser! Too bad this cut off his head because he was stylin' a great do. The center picture is of him eradicating our cabin of spider egg sacks! What a guy! Thank goodness we have our fearless Priesthood leaders along to protect us from a bunch of baby arachnids about to hatch! One night we did A Walk With Christ and the leaders portrayed different people and events in Christ's life. I had the part of Mary Magdalene.

*Me and McKenzie. Sadly she is moving and this was her last hurrah with the Young Women.
*My bud Stephanie. I just love this girl! I am 30 years older than her but we gel like best buds!
*Dave and I. He came up for dinner on the last night with the Bishopric.
*Jacquie, Katelyn, Maddy, and me. It was pouring rain so we ran out for a photo!

The Relief Society showed up with massive treats! Yum...well with the exception of Jen's cupcakes! lol Everyone did a spotlight scrapbook page but the leaders put on geeky photos of when we were YW age. Jenny H. made this amazing carmel corn! I couldn't quit eating it! It was SO d-licious! We had SO much food and so many treats this year. I don't think I quit eating the entire time!

These last shots confirm we were seriously sleep deprived by the last night. Audrey and I stopped and visited one of the girls cabin and since there was a pole in the middle of the floor...what did we do? Pole dancing of course!!! Remember we were running on fumes by now. No need to fret...it was totally G rated! The pictures are pretty much the extent of it. And once again, Tammy entertained us into the wee hours with her many hilarious antics.

A great time was had by ALL! I can't wait until next year!!!

For more photos and stories check out Audrey's post here and Jen's here!


Dawn said...

Girl's Camp looks like so much fun! It's making me wish I lived closer. I don't think we have anything like that at our church. Surely I would have heard about it if we did. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures! :-)

Audrey said...

You would have to post those pole dancing pictures! I honestly forgot about that. That certainly was a fantastic, very memorable week. Thanks for making it so much fun!

Yvonne said...

Looks like a great time. I'm with you on the slumber party comment ; )

da Bergs said...

I LOVE GIRLS CAMP!!! Looks like ya'll had a GREAT time!!! Our T-shirts this year were hot pink too!

Okay, I have to confess... I was nosing around on your blog and OH. MY. GOSH. Okay, as if it was NOT enough that we are both the mother of 5 boys... I TOO was a baton twirler!!! Yep, won state 2 years in a row! HAHAHA! AND, I too have a son that has cooked snake and eaten it... Omigosh! I feel a bong coming on...!!!

LarryG said...

wow! this is an awesome post!
glad y'all are having a summer camp blast!

thought about you - Song Bird

My Wonderful Men said...

Wow, you all look like you had a blast. That spider is crazy looking. That would have scared me to death, I hate spiders.

I guess a cold shower is better than no shower.

What fun for you to be able to do this each year.

Jen said...

Oh, camp! I'm so glad I was able to go up this year with you guys! It seriously could be the highlight of my summer. And I didn't know about YOUR pole dancing!!! I missed out on so much! I need your copies of the pictures when you get a chance. Loved them all!

da Bergs said...

Jodi! Yes, add me to your blog list, I added you too! What Co. is your son working with (security systems) My sons are with Pinnacle... Yep, Twirled in Texas! Too funny! Keep in touch!!! ~Shaila

Tiffany said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Yay for girl's camp.

Shultzybabe said...

Wow! How fun! Did your boys survive ok with you gone that long?

Nancy Face said...

Everything is so fantastic! What a blast! Love it, LOVE IT!!!

I love your hot pink shirts...and I am seriously in love with Herkamer. I wish I could adopt him, haha! :D

G rated pole dancing, haha! :D


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