Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

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Today is my Dad's birthday! Yes I know it seems like I have been doing a lot of birthday posts and that's because I have! Lots of birthdays lately!

I hope you enjoy a little peek into the life of one of the greatest human beings I Dad!

These photos are him with his dad and older brother Jerry. He also has two sisters, but I don't have any photos of them as kids.

*His dad and brother Jerry

*Him and his mother Helen
*He be "stylin'" with that seriously hip polyester outfit that matches SO well! ;o)
*He is always fixing, repairing, building, or re-making something! His garage is always meticulously organized and clean. You could eat off the floor. His cars are the same. He could own a car for ten years and then sell it looking brand new inside and out!

He served in the army during the Korean War. Maybe that's where the Mr. Clean in him was born. He spent some time in Germany while in the service.

He married my Mom in 1958. He worked at various places and later retired from Hill Air Force Base as an electrician. My parents moved a lot. We lived in California (Concord, Eureka, Stockton), in Nevada (Sparks), in South Ogden (Washington Terrace), in Farr West, and they most recently moved to a condo in the North Ogden area.

*He loved to fish and we spent a lot of time during my growing up years at one lake or another almost every single weekend.
*Me and him at my high school graduation
*Our fam. ~ Me, Mom, Jerry, Dad
*He hunted quite a bit, but I don't think he really enjoyed it because he quit going. Probably because I had a fit whenever he brought home one of those poor little deer with the BIG brown sad eyes!

*Did I mention he loved to fish?
*Halloween ~ that is my mom and him! Scary! Surprised I wasn't scarred for life!
*Mr. Brady has been cloned!!!

*One of my favorite photo's of him↓
*Him and my Mom on Skyler's first Christmas
*With Madi
*With his mom Helen

(clockwise) ↓
*He has a great sense of humor (obviously) and everythings always more fun with him around.
*On a camping trip with his peeps trying to remove ear wax. Haven't they heard of doctors? ;o)
*The mighty masked caper
*My parents used to square dance and they weren't even square! In fact, they were really good!
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My parents love to go camping and we spent a lot of weekends in the mountains. I have great memories of those days. They now go to Beaver Dam in the winter for a couple of months each year (or more) with a bunch of friends to get out of the freezin' temps here! Lucky ducks!

My Dad is a handy man and can do ANYTHING! He is building his shed in a couple of these shots. When we built our house, he did all the electrical work and helped us with so many other things.

*My Dad LOVES to golf! Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say he is slightly obsessed with it! He lives for it. He breaths for it. He sleeps for it. He eats for it. Okay maybe I am exagerrating just a tad...or maybe not! Which is all good, because he is very talented. He even makes and sells golf clubs sometimes. As you can see in the photo, he also gets his grandkids started young!

*Stylin' in Hawaii

*Having good times with friends and family (his sister Gay is in the front with black hair and his sister Sharon is right behind her)

It's all about the head-dress↓ (click to enlarge)

My Dad is the funnest grandpa!!! He goes by a few names associated with that, i.e. Grampy, Popsie, Papo.
*When Tyson had a long hospital stay, he would always come up and spend the night with him once in a while so Dave and I could have a break and be able to spend some time with the other boys. Tyson loved it when he came.
*The boys love to rough house (work over) with him.
More fun times! (click to enlarge)

The fam 1997 ↓ Look at my McKay! He was a newborn -only three weeks old!

The fam 2004 ↓

The golfer man! This is what he spends a lot of time doing when it's warm enough (and even when it's not!)

He and my Mom celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in July this past year. The reception was held at the golf course club house (come on...where else?!) The celebration would not have been complete without a decorated golf cart for him to whisk my Mom away on a romantic tour of the greens! (loaded down with grandkids!) ;o)

One of the highlights of his life was meeting Johnny Miller. He has this framed and hanging in his house.↓

Tonight we celebrated another great year in the life of a great man, father, and grandfather! 73 years YOUNG!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I am glad I got to spend some of it with you!

Max (aka Wilford Brimley) came to say Happy Birthday too!

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Allison said...

My dad's birthday is today (Feb 1st). At first I thought we'd be sharin' something there, but that's okay too :-D

He turns 60. I'm making him a carrot cake that will have blue frosting. The layers are made, just gotta let them cool then chill so they can get frosted :-) Blue!

Lucy said...

We've talked about this before but what year did they live in Washington Terrace? Heck...we might have been in the same ward.

Paula said...

You sound like you have a great dad...You are a lucky lady

Jodi said...

Allison - BLUE frosting???? I could understand PURPLE, but blue??? LOL! ;o) Happy Birthday to your dad too!

Lucy ~ We lived there from about 1969 until 1979. What part did you live in? We were right behind TH Bell. Wouldn't that be amazing if we were neighbors or something?

Thanks! I am!

Michelle said...

My your Dad looks great for 73! He looks great for any age! I hope it was a great birthday!

Michelle said...

My your Dad looks great for 73! He looks great for any age! I hope it was a great birthday!

Jeppsons said...

I have always thought your dad to be AWESOME as well. He always greets me with a big hug and a smile. Wish your father a Happy Birthday for me, and give a big hug and smile also. I hope he has many, many, many more birthdays.

da Bergs said...

There is something about the relationship between a daddy and a daughter!

Kelsee said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy. Very special post and very special daddy.

Kelsee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave said...

Just perfect- once again! Great tribute to a great man. Priceless photos and memories. He's lucky to have such a daughter as you.

LarryG said...

very cool

LarryG said...

very cool

Yvonne said...

Your dad looks like an amazing man. I hope he had a wonderful birthday and that the celebration was FANTASTIC.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! You have great parents and they're lucky to have such a good daughter! Looks like a fun party!


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