Monday, January 5, 2009

How I Spent My Winter Vacation...

Well let's see...

I attended many concerts...


Not to mention MANY basketball games...

Taylor is #10 (white uniform in these↓)
click to enlarge

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Taylor shooting on the far right← #10

Taylor's cheering squad↓


AND played MANY games...
Click to enlarge collages...

We are having a great time playing Mad Gab with Barry's over emphasis on "E-cademy E-wards"!


And of course ate A LOT!

Taylor can eat more bacon than anyone I know in one sitting!

Bryce's way of chopping onions so he doesn't cry ↓

Out to lunch with my friends for Jen's birthday ↑

Eating...always eating!!!

Learning to make homemade pasta and chicken fettuccine with my Young Women

The best part was eating it!!! Mmmmm...


Even did a little FISHING...

The girl Bryce asked to the Snowball Dance responded with 30 goldfish swimming around in his bathtub!!! She is a foreign exchange student from Japan. She is in the white and her "exchange mom" is in black.

The poster said, "Of all the fish in the sea, I'm so glad you choose Me!

Bryce doing a little "fishing"!

As of this post...3 are still ALIVE! Most of them died the first night. Must have been that bathtub cleaner I used right before! (Hee-hee) JK Bryce!

Bryce and a couple of his buds decided to ask foreign exchange students to this dance.


Saw lots of Christmas lights...

We call this the Gingerbread House. It's close by us and IS AMAZING!

Blurry, but hopefully you get the idea!


Did waaaay more shopping than even I wanted...

These photos were actually taken by Dave when he came to resuce me from locking my keys in the car after a long day of shopping. I haven't done that for so long!

I took the boys shopping one day. Here we are at Hollister taking a little break.

While the boys shopped a little, I had my hair curled for a demo at one of the kiosks. Now if only I could do it myself.


Took care of my brother's dog Max...

He is a lover boy! I didn't want to give him back! Neither did the boys. No RED eye here...just GREEN!


Tried to help take care of my Mom after surgery...
but my Dad is too capable!
Here we are anxiously awaiting her to get out of surgery. My Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill on the far left getting bunny ears from my Dad. *Dave and I * My boys checking out her hospital bathroom. *Me and my Dad talking to her right after surgery.

She had a hip replacement (major surgery). When her doc (Dr. Calton) got in, he realized her bone had totally necrotized from when she broke it three years ago. She had been walking on a dead bone for THREE years! It was essentially like walking with a broken bone for that long. He thought the pain had been from arthritis but it was from the bone getting no blood supply and dying long term. OUCH!

This is my Mom's Gingerbread Christmas Tree. She is obsessed with those little guys and it's the cutest tree. Wish it showed up better with the lights.


Helped at my friend Lynda's daughter's reception...
Mckay did too!
I worked in the kitchen and McKay and his buds cleared plates. *Lynda trying to contain the stress of losing her first daughter to marriage * The kitchen crew *Tracy and Lynda

Isn't this the cutest apron???My cute Young Women bud Stephanie made it!!! I had so many people ask me where I bought it. I JUST LOVE IT!!! Click on her name and check out her new blog!


Had MANY cousin sleep overs...

This is Mackenzie (Mickey) with the boys. They can't get enough of her and she gets totally doted on while she is here. They always ask for a little sister when she leaves!


Spent a lot of time "trying" to get just ONE picture of my nephew Weston...
He is the one in the top left photo with his hands covering his face * The rest of them he is hiding behind a pillow EVERY time I tried to get one.

Still attempting and FINALLY I DID get one! It must be genetic because his Dad is doing it in the bottom right photo too!


It was all sooooooo much fun UNTIL...
I had to say goodbye to my cute little niece Mackenzie until summer :(

Hurry summer - hurry fast!

Guess it's now back to reality... ugh!


Dawn said...

It looks like you had a fun and busy Winter Vacation. I think it is awesome that Bryce and his friends asked the foreign exchange students to the dance. Way to make them feel welcome here. Of course, his date was a real cutie, so I can see why he would want to ask her. ;-)

I chuckled a bit at you locking your keys in your car. Don't you hate it when that happens?

LarryG said...

holy times, lovely days!
somebody is getting the most out of life - that is so cool, way to go Jodi!

fawndear said...

I'm tired and full just reading this post. Looks like you had the best kind of holiday surrounded by family, friends, service and love.

Happy New Year!

MarciaBrady said...

Sounds like you had a great time! You are a busy woman.

I'll have to go check out those aprons. That one is sooooo cute!

Yvonne said...

You did so much in a two week period.

Why does reality always have to get in the way!!!!!

My Wonderful Men said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season with your family.

Shauna said...

What a fabulous holiday!! I chuckled loudly when I read you locked your keys in the car. Oh the memories!!! I love all the pictures. It is hard to believe that everyone is growing up and such handsome young men your boys are turning into.

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful but busy holiday! But those are always the best!

Jen said...

What a fun holiday! Love the pictures of Bryce and their dates. They are such good kids giving great memories. I'm so glad you locked your keys in your car too. Doesn't make me feel so bad calling you for when I did it not that long ago! And I think I'll try Bryce's method for chopping onions, looks effective!

stephanie said...

Hey I have lots to say! So of course I loved the apron, I was going to say it was way way cute, but then I read and noticed that you covered that much. I think that I’ll be in trouble with the apron though; I may just have a huge list of customers coming! :D

stephanie said...

Also I have a question, but you may receive many off this cause it is more than 300 characters. Why in the young women activity picture collage you have many pictures, and almost all of them have random parts of my body in them?

stephanie said...

Sometimes my chest, my hand, half my face, ect. Why never all of me, HONESTLY! I love that you have your camera everywhere with you and you are always taking pictures. Looks like you had a very busy but fun holiday break.

stephanie said...

By the way I tagged you check my page to understand. Love your blog, keep it up and keep those pictures coming.


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