Monday, January 26, 2009

A little of THIS and a lot of THAT...

These posts are specifically for all the posts that never happened but were supposed to... all combined into one! Yes, I know they can be long, but humor's just easier this way sometimes!


↑ Me and my cousins (or nieces or whatever they are!) Britt, Candi, and Tiff, took my Mom out to lunch for her birthday at Olive Garden. I LOVE OG! I had my fav Chocolate Almond Amore' drink and lasagna! Doesn't get better than that!

I am never sure what to call them because technically they are my cousin Shelley's girls, which would make them my second cousins, but that sounds soooo distant and we are way too close to be so distant! Their mom Shelley, who passed away a few months ago, is my Mom's niece, but she and my Mom were raised more like sisters. So my Mom is more like an Aunt to them. Confused yet? Me too! Whoever they are...

I ♥ em!!!

For ME????↑

I put this on just for you Mom! ↓


My boys telling their cousin Trevor goodbye for TWO years the night before he left on his mission to Mexico.

Bryce and Trevor. ↓ These two won't see each other for almost three years depending on when Bryce leaves on his mission. That is a looooooong time!


We go to a lot of basketball games right now with Taylor and McKay playing. The above shots are Taylor's freshman team. He is #10 shooting the free throws.

Riley and Taylor eating between games...↓ They are great kids!


My nephew and two nieces wanted to come for a sleepover last weekend. We had a lot of fun! They wanted to make cookies and I had these old Halloween pre-made ones still in the fridge I needed to use and so we made them. They snarfed them down! Nothing says I ♥ you like old Halloween cookies!!! ;o)

We made CREEPY CRAWLERS!!! Messy but fun!!!

I told them Max had to come along too. He is so cute...just a fuzz ball full of energy!!! A great time was had by all!!!

The bottom two photos ↓ is the reason why I need to repaint so often!

It was so nice to have a little more estrogen in the house!!!


Skyler was heading back up to USU after Christmas to finish his school year in pre-dental, but got an amazing job offer with the Home Security business he has worked for in the past. It was a tough decision for him to make, whether to continue with his classes or take the job. He went to the first couple of days to class and then decided to take the job. He had to move to Las Vegas and is now managing part of the business. Waa-waa!!! I loved having him so close! Guess I got spoiled. (No good photos of his face because he hates his pix taken!...dang kid!)


We got to tend my in-laws dog Koda for a little while - though not long enough! I miss him! He belongs with me!

He loves me...what can I say? ↓ Seriously he does! If Dave gives me a hug, he goes bolistic and starts to whine and moan and bark until he lets me go. Not in a protection sort of way, but in a very jealous sort of way. It is so cute!


McKay and his good buds serving at one of his bud's sister's wedding...again. These guys are going to be pros with all the sisters his friends have! At least pros at making sure the refreshments are safe to eat!


When I was out to lunch with my good friend Jen and Logan ♥ (at Olive Garden...again! ---only in a different city this time so it doesn't count!) I ran into my old friend Michelle and her daughter Hailey. When we were in Med School, they were in Dental School and lived below us in a four plex in St. Louis. I used to tend Hailey when she was a brand new baby and now look at her! (2nd pix top right!) Ugh, I feel so old now! Bottom right is Bryce deciphering a message trying to find out who asked him to the VD ! (Valentine Dance)

That's that....until next time!!!


da Bergs said...

FUN pics! And, I love your purple coat!

nancy mc said...

Fun post. I think everyone once in a while we need a catch up post.

Mel said...

You are always having so much fun! Loved the post!

Jodi said...

Thanks Shaila! Can I just mention that the coat only cost me $15! One of those AMAZING deals you just have to tell everyone about! lol

tammy said...

Love all of your fun pictures. And the fun purple coat, too. Gotta love purple! Check out the Chocolate IQ quiz on my blog.

Yvonne said...

Looks like such fun. I love the pic of McKay and his friends serving at a wedding--and where would they be??? At the chocolate fountain, of course ; ) Too cute.

Jodi said...

Thanks Tammy - I took the quiz and of course I passed with high honors! lol

Yvonne- You should have seen how many times I was cleaning chocolate off ties and white shirts (not to mention little faces) that night! But of course, I was right in there eating it with them - so I couldn't say much! ;o)

Jeppsons said...

What great pictures! Those girls are so beautiful considering what they had to endure. How proud you must be of them, especially your mom and Shelley. Your boys have and are all growing into such handsome young men!!!!! Running into old friends is such a joy. I can't wait to come home (Utah) for a day or two to see some! Keep up the great work!!! Sooooo many good memories keep me going!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Looks like you have way too much fun Jodi!



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