Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hats ~ Photohunt and Saturday 9

PHOTOHUNT ~ January 17, 2009

Today's theme is HATS

This was taken about 1999 at Lagoon at a Drug Rep Party.
They provided the hats...(obviously) :o)
Go ahead and say it! You know you want to!

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Saturday 9: The First Apartment
I did a little photo hunting on this one too!

1. Where had you moved from? My parent's house.

2. Describe your first apartment. It was in St. George when I went to Dixie College. It was a white townhouse and I had five roommates. We were close to campus and across the street was a church with a limo that we called the po-lyg car because it was the longest limo we had ever seen! I went down with my friend Shauna and when we got there we really had to clean the apartment. Our roomies were beauty queen beautiful, but it wasn't very clean. We also had roaches in our kitchen and silverfish in the bathroom. Normal for St. George, but STILL! Quite surprised I even stayed after that piece of knowledge was privy to my brain.

Mel, Janet, Tina, Tanya, Me (in purple of course)

Cleaning out the weevil and roach infested flour we found the day we moved in! Get a load of those shorts!

Po-lyg Limo↑ (and there were several more rows of doors!) Wonder how many kids and wives they could fit in here? Can you imagine how many, "Are we there yets?" the poor guy would have to endure!!!
In some ways it looks like the Ghostbuster Cruiser! Maybe that's what it is!

3. How old were you when you had your apartment? 18 years young.

4. Did you have roommates? If yes, tell us more. I had five roommates. Shauna (whom I went with--- check out her blog here!) and Tanya, Melanie, Tina, and Janet. Shauna was my partner in crime and we really had a blast together. Mel played the typical dumb blond hiding how smart she really was. She had a new guy over ever night. Janet was very down to earth but always busy with her boyfriend (now husband) Dave. Tina was delicate but very beautiful. Tanya was just cute and perky. I loved them all. They were all from the area and helped orient us foreigners. Such good memories!

My Roomies! Tina, Mel, Tanya, Janet, Shauna, Me

We be stylin'! Serious! We were! Shocking I know! We had all just modeled in a fashion show for JC Penneys! Kinda scary. How styles have changed... thankfully! Oh that dress!

5. What was your place of employment then? We worked in the office during school and then Shauna and I stayed and worked for the summer in the cafeteria. We did catering all over the area for special groups and worked in the kitchen for youth conferences etc. It was so much fun being there in the summer even when it got to 115°! We went tunnel running in Zions Park and went to Las Vegas a few times and saw all the cool sights we never had time for during school.
Me and Shauna working in the office at Dixie College ↓

The catering & kitchen crew

6. How were you finances at the time? About how they are now...always in need of more!

7. Tell us about a lover who spent a night there. Lover? Hmm... No boys were allowed to do THAT - though Janet's boyfriend Dave fell asleep on the couch a few times! My lover "friend" did fall asleep in my room on the floor once though. But Shauna and I woke him up and sent him on his way! lol

8. Tell us about a band you listened to then. (You can cheat. Look it up.) Boston, Eagles, Foreigner, Kansas, Styx, Elton John and I confess...Barry Manilow! Bet you can guess when it was!!!

9. How long did you live there and why did you move from there? Six months. I only stayed for one semester and the summer. I moved because I was heading back to go to school at Weber State University. Dixie was only a junior college then...and besides my "friend" went on a church mission.

*In front of our apartment on someone's cool car! (not ours dang it!) If you look above my head you can see the polyg car in the back. See how loooooong it is! Might have to click to enlarge *With Rodney Rebel (wow shorts used to be really short!) *Janet, me, Shauna, ready to jog (or at least pretending to be for the picture) * Tina, Susan, me


da Bergs said...

You havent changed a bit girl, you look just the same! HAHAHA I DO love that pink dress!

Seriously, how fun to look at old pics!

Jeppsons said...

Wow!!! I must say this brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my stomach. I talking to a student about this the other day. What wonderful memories!!! I can't believe you have so many pictures, but it shouldn't surprise me. I have some, but I will have to get copies of others. Thanks for the uplift!!!!

Jeppsons said...

P.S. The Hats are awesome!!!!!!!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

My first time here. I found you through Saturday 9. Great photos with the meme. It sounds as though you guys had a blast! Great blog, happy Saturday...

Jodi said...

Shaila ~
Oh, I hope I don't still look like that! Bleh! And the dress...what can I say? I was stylin' - lol

I had so many photos that were eaten by acid because I had them in the non acid free albums. It broke my heart because there were some good ones! Waa-waa! You will have to send me yours! You should see the ones I didn't post! But these are still good stinkin' laughs!

Audrey said...

I had forgotten that you went to Dixie! My first apartment was there too. I will never forget the roaches and silverfish! Yuck! Thanks for sharing such fun memories!

Shauna said...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

LJezak said...

This is so great! I love seeing photos of you in your college days. You really haven't changed very much. In fact you look better now! Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

Love it all! Dave reminds me of Willie Wonka though. Love the shorts, definitely styling. By the way my pictures that you talked about, I did them in picasa. :D it is fun. Your lesson on Sunday was amazing by the way.

My Wonderful Men said...

Love the hat picture! And like everyone else has said you haven't changed one bit, just your hair. And I must say it always looks good!

Yvonne said...

Such great pictures and such fun memories. I, too, am so glad that styles have changed.

Remember the song--"Who wears short shorts????"

Jen said...

Those were awesome photos! Love shorts! And since no one else has said it, boy, you sure look like a clown! Love these photo hunts!

Jen said...

Those were awesome photos! Love shorts! And since no one else has said it, boy, you sure look like a clown! Love these photo hunts!


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