Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Today is my Mom's 70th Birthday!
This post is dedicated to you Mom!

Click to enlarge all collages

*My Mom and her big sister Sharon ↑ (top left)
*My Dad, Mom, Grandpa Ira, and me and my bro

*My Mom's sister Sharon, her Mother Mae, sister Dixie, and her on the far right
*My Mom, sister Sharon, cousin Ron

My Mom was a Christmas Tree! ↓
She is the second one to the right on the bottom.

My Mom was the middle daughter of three girls. She grew up in South Ogden. She was the valedictorian of her junior high school (something we all love to tease her about!) She met my Dad in his cool car when she was a car-hop at Macy's in Ogden. The rest is history. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!!!

Ooo- la-la!

These are not in any chronological order ↓
*Mom and bro Jerry
*Mom and me and bro
*Us again (don't you love the silver tree?)
*My cute Mom

*The fam in about 1980 ↓
*My Mom always hiding from the camera!
*My Mom with Skyler on Jerry's bike
*An old one of my Mom and Dad

At my wedding 1982↑

My Mom couldn't wait to be a Grandma! And once she was, she became the best Grandma on the planet. She is a lot of fun and all her grandchildren LOVE to be with her! In fact ALL the neighbor kids, school kids, church kids, you name it...all LOVED her (and still do!) To know her is to love her. ♥ Pretty much everyone calls her Mammy - but my boys have always called her Grammy. Whenever we go shopping someone will always come up all excited - young OR old and hug her and say, "Hi Mammy!"

↓ First three are of Skyler and the bottom right with Bryce and Chantel.

She LOVES to be with friends and have fun ↑

*Her mother Mae with some of our pups when living in Reno
*Her niece Shelley doing her hair
*We were always fishing!
*This is her with Britt, me, Tiff (Shelley's girls) in Park City

My Mom took care of her niece Shelley (and her four kids) when Shelley she got Multiple Sclerosis. She did everything and anything she could to help. When she retired from working (she worked for the government at IRS and Hill Air Force Base) she was over there nearly full time. She is the most unselfish person I know and was ALWAYS over there helping them with something. She also did a lot to help take care of my Dad's Aunt Carmen and his mother my Grandma Helen, until they passed away. She tended her granddaughter Chantel full time for many years. Her life has never been her own and she likes it that way. She was always there whenever I had my babies to stay and help. She was (and still is) always willing to babysit for me and my brother whenever we needed her (and even when we didn't!) ☺ She has the most giving heart and sincerely wants to help others out. When someone moves, she is the first one there to help them clean and pack. I don't know how I would have survived without her when Dave was in his residency and internship. I don't know how she has done it all! She is truly AMAZING!

This is her at Shelleys with Shelley's girls Tiff and Britt and my niece Chantel.

She's gonna kill me for this one!!!
I used to have my own dance studio and she was one of my adult clogging students and even performed at the recital!!!

*With her sister Dixie ↓
*My brothers wedding
*When her and my Dad were sealed in the temple
*Some of the grand kids with the Christmas count down calendars she makes for them each year. They really look forward to them!

My parents just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in July!

70 years young!
We had a party to celebrate at her house. Doesn't she look GREAT for just having major hip surgery four weeks ago?

The cake says Happy Birthday Grammy Mammy! ↑

We always have fun when we get together ↓

↑ * Teaching Maddy how to crochet *Bryce and Taylor being boys *Me and my nieces Paigely and Maddy * Chantel, Maddy, & Mom

↑ *Max trying to fly! *My Dad cutting the cake *McKay and Max *There is NO explanation for this one!!!

↓ Me and my brother trying to get a photo of his dog Max and my dog Koda (foster dog - we are tending him for a while) together.
It took some doing - but we finally got one!!! lol
Check out the dogs faces! You might have to click on it to see them better! Too funny!

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Hope it's one of the best yet!

♥♥♥WE LOVE YOU!!!♥♥♥


Jeppsons said...

Tell your mom Happy Birthday for me. She looks incredible. I totally agree that she is an absolutely AMAZING woman. She has touched so many lives. Mine included. I am so fortunate for having known such a beautiful, caring woman. Even though it may be years before we see each other, she always has a huge hug, a great smile and a kind word. Thanks for everything Susie. I love you!!!!!

LarryG said...

that is one gorgeous momma!
thanks for sharing her with us,
love the "glam" shot, awesome pic.

I enjoy the family orientation of your blog, refreshing always.

Yvonne said...

Your mom looks (and sounds) like a beautiful woman. (She certainly passed on those qualities to you.

All the pictures are great, jodi.

I hope your mom has a wonderful 70th birthday.

Dave said...

This is absolutely great! Priceless! Your mom is going to love it! It was really nice of you to put this together. Quite a tribute to such an amazing woman. It's no wonder that you're the way you are. It must be genetic!

Kelsee said...

What a great tribute to your mom! She sounds like an amazing person! You are a lucky one to have such a great mom!

sal said...

Happy 70th to you beautiful Mom!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! I can see you have great genes!

palmtreefanatic said...

happy birthday to your wonderful mother!
i just love your posts! you are so inspiring!

Karen said...

Tell your mom happy birthday! She is the best and she sure looks great!

deb said...

What a great lady! Tell her I hope the next seventy are as good!


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