Wednesday, May 13, 2009

♥ Happy 18th Bryce!!! ♥

My middle son BRYCE just turned 18! Wow....where DID the time go?

DISCLAIMER: I have been working on this post off and on and off and on and OFF and ON for sometime now. The sheer ENORMOUSITY (not a real word, but you know what I mean) of this post will vouch for that! I didn't do a birthday post for him last year and so this one is going to count for TWO! WHY didn't I do one last year....well, there is a very good reason for that. I was in Hawaii. Yes, I was in Hawaii on his birthday...WITHOUT him. I know, I know. AND I didn't even post a thing about his birthday. And YES, I have been feeling so guilty about that for an entire year and so I just kept adding and adding to this post to help ease some of that guilt. Silly I know. But now you know. And I am STILL feeling guilty because this one is NOT on time!
Happy Birthday to one awesome YOUNG MAN!

He was the cutest little kid. I always had so many people (strangers) come up and tell me how adorable he was.

But one thing is for sure...he was born with MISCHIEF in his eyes - and trust me, it didn't just stay in his eyes either!!!

Eating a nightcrawler (encouraged by his Uncle Jerry) and immediately afterward saying, "Mmm...tastes like chicken!"

Bryce was a little casanova from day one. He was ALWAYS kissing his cousin Chantel or any other unsuspecting girl. When he was two, he had half our church ladies in love with him because he was sooooooo stinkin' cute and such a little flirt. Unfortunately, things haven't changed much!

Yes this is a real PYTHON that was brought to our church for a cub-scout pack meeting. (Taylor, Bryce, & Tyson)

Like I said the mischief didn't stay in his moved on down to his hands. He was always into something. One day (ALL in ONE day) when he was two years old, he poured fingernail polish on my upholstered cedar chest, tore the wallpaper off in the bathroom, fingerpainted with a cube of margarine, and smashed eggs all over the floor (he did that several times). Where was I when he was doing all this? I was trying to clean up the previous mess while he was off creating another one! We decided to try reverse psychology on him and nickname him "Angel", hoping he would believe it and BECOME it! I have to say it worked....well MOST of the time anyway!

Just a few of his antics....

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These are some scrapbook pages that I thought would be faster to just add the whole page even though the shots are tiny. So you will definitely have to click on these to see them. These were made BEFORE scrapbooking became an art obviously! I wanted to add these for family history purposes so forgive the duplicates!


Through the to enlarge

The photo for his Indian Jones party invitations when he turned five.

He was always such a character! When he turned five, he held up all five fingers and turned to me and said, "Look Mom, I'm a whole handful!" Truer words have never been spoken!!

Check out some of these facial expressions... lol

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Hawaii trip 2004

Bryce was chosen as our district Cub of the Year when he was a Bear Cub. He was selected from about 40 other boys that were nominated. Because of it he was able to do flag cermonies and other things at big events in the district. It was a great experience for him and set a precidence (not to mention lots of pressure!) for his younger brothers, who both were also chosen when they were that age.

Bryce also earned the rank of EAGLE SCOUT!!!

He was able to meet STEVE YOUNG at the LDS Conference Center at an American Mother's event he did a flag ceremony for with his brothers Taylor and Tyson!

Bryce received the great honor of being named ACADEMIC ALL STATE in FOOTBALL this year! We are so proud of him!

He played hockey his junior year and would've this year (his senior year) also but the practices overlapped with football.

Bryce has MANY talents. He is an amazing snowboarder, wakeboarder, skateboarder, longboarder....anything that takes balance. He is a great golfer and disc golfer. He is an extremely fast runner and can throw a football farther than almost anyone I've seen. He is fast and quick...except of course when it comes to cleaning his room! He has maintained a straight 4.0 since he was a freshman and is a great student. He is my Mr. Social though too, and always has something planned with his many friends. He is an overall well balanced and AWESOME young man!

Bryce you are one amazing and awesome son! I am so honored to be your mother!!!


HOLY COW is anyone STILL out there?? I think I am off the hook for the next four years now!!! lol


Nancy Face said...


Nancy Face said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce! He was an adorable little boy, and he's grown into such an accomplished and talented young MAN! :)

Gee whiz, I thought MY son's birthday post was enormous (tee hee)! Great job! :D

EarlGirl said...

Wow, that was quite a post! That should do it for your guilt. What an adorable guy! I loved the mischief stories.

Times and Seasons said...

What a great mom you are!!! That is one amazing post! He is such a cute, cuddly, adorable, and very HOT kid! Happy Birthday Bryce!!!

Times and Seasons said...

Oh and I have a daughter that I would love to have him meet! They would make such a cute pair!

deb said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce! Wow - Steve Young?? That's cool! This is one of those posts where you should not apologize for its length! I think it is remarkable that you would do such a tribute to such a great son!

Kelsee said...

Happy Birthday Bryce! Such great pictures and such a cute guy!

michelle said...

He is an amazing kid! BUT of course that is only because you are an amazing mom! Hope he had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

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