Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Aaaaaa!!!! (that was a scream!) I am in the top FIVE!!!! Sego Lily Day Spa Blogger Contest!

Yesterday on a very difficult part of my run (a very enormous steep hill where I was losing steam) my cell phone rang. I debated whether or not to answer it since I was huffing and puffing pretty intensely, but my desperate need to breath got the best of me and I DID answer. I am soooo glad I did!!

It was a very nice person at the Sego Lily Day Spa informing me that I, yes ME, had been chosen as one of the top FIVE FINALISTS in the search for the Sego Lily Blogger!!!

I nearly dropped the phone! The excitement was so powerful that I was able to push it and nearly fly to the top of that hill! I felt like Rocky (only with less biceps.)

I am still somewhat in shock! WHAT???? ME???? I was told I get an amazing treatment called the Body Butter Drench that I will need to blog about for my final entry! I am going to go have that lavish little procedure on Friday! My body is already drooling for that butter drench...

I am posting an email I got today that explains how the contest works and the links to my fellow competitors.


Sego Lily Day Spa (click for a link to their website)

Announcing the Finalists!

Congratulations to the Five Finalists!

First off, we want to thank ALL of the wonderful bloggers that entered. We could only select five but way more than five of you won our hearts and smiles with your fabulous entries. Thanks so much!

After an INTENSE selection process we are very excited to announce the five finalists in the Search for the Sego Lily Blogger! And without further delay, here are your five finalists!

Angie Lucas - link

Heather Herbert - link

Jodi (that's me!) - link

Amanda Calton - link

Robin Konie - link

How the Judging Process Worked?

Narrowing down so many great entries required a bit more time and brainstorming than we originally anticipated. Here are some details on the selection process we used.

To select these finalists we assembled all of the entries and distributed them to our five-person management team at Sego Lily. Each person on the team could nominate any entry as a "semi-finalist" which gave us a list of 14 of our favorite entries.

From that list each Sego Lily Manager was asked to rank them in order, 1 being their favorite and 14 being their least favorite. These five scores were averaged together giving each blogger a final score. The top five scores were selected as finalists.

The voting was EXTREMELY close, there was a .75 point difference between 6th and 5th place. Everyone that entered should be very proud of the wonderful work and we hope to see you next year when the contest begins again!

What Happens Next?

All of our finalists have been contacted by phone and have a treatment scheduled, once the treatments are finished they will all have an opportunity to write a post on this, the OFFICIAL Sego Lily Blog about their experience and then the public will help us choose by voting (using the comment section of each blog post) for their favorite.

The top vote getters will be ranked in order and this number will be averaged with a separate ranking by the Sego Lily Management team. The blogger with the top average score will win the title of Sego Lily Blogger and the dream year will begin.

That Won't Be the End!

Be sure to subscribe to our blog for entertaing and informative information, stories, as well as special news, announcements and our monthly newsletter as well!


Holy Sego Lily Batman I am pumped!!! Now if I can just relax enough to enjoy that wonderful, pampering Body Parkay (I mean Butter) Drench!!!

Cross your fingers for me my peeps!!! As you can see I am really going to need your help to pull this off! Winning means $3000 worth of spa treatments for an entire year! WOW!!! I know you will come through for me, and in return I promise I will blog in such a way that you will feel like you are actually experiencing the same thing I am (in a virtual kind of way)....exquisite domestic tranquility in the purest form of the word!!!

Ahh....Sego Lily take me (take us all) away!


Anonymous said...


Jeppsons said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you win!!! You deserve it sister!!! I WILL DO ALL I CAN TO HELP!!

Jen said...

You SO deserve it! Good luck!

LarryG said...

Holy Saturated Fats Batgirl!
Body Butter Drench?
I don't suppose there will be a video feed for the event - lol

enjoy - you deserve it - it may turn you into one more "italian stallionette" - dat dah dadadah dadadah dadadaaah! (ala Rocky's theme)

Jodi said...

I like that Larry! The Saturated Fats!! I think I will somehow use that in my post about it! Thanks for the idea!!!

One heart and mind said...

Jodi I am soooo jealous! You lucky! Way to go--I'll be thinking of you on Friday!

Yvonne said...

How exciting--Congratulations. Whatever I can do to help you win ; )

Enjoy your "body butter drench"

Jodi said...



It was AMAZING!!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

CONGRATS!!! Butter Body Drench sounds like the thing dreams are made of!!! :)

Shauna said...

I posted about this on my blog and voted for you woman! I also e-mailed and sent all my blogging buds over so I hope you win! You totally deserve to win it :) ♥ HUGS ♥

Lesa said...





Anonymous said...

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