Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying to Ketchup!!!

One day there were three tomatoes walking down the street. A mama tomato, a daddy tomato, and a baby tomato. The baby tomato was walking too slow, so the daddy tomato went back, stomped on him and said, "KETCHUP!"

Ketching (catching) up is what I am in the process of doing. I added seven posts below that are extremely over due. There are at least that many more I still need to do. But hey, there is nothing wrong with a catch up plan right? After all, french fries would not be the same without it.

All in all, I am going to try to incorporate my motto just a little bit better in the future.

"It's far easier to KEEP up than to CATCH up!"

(or is it Catsup?)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

☺Bunches of Lunches☺

I remember when my boys were little and I used to just crave a chance to go out to lunch with my friends. It was a rarity back then, but now I am in a time in my life where I am able to meet friends for lunch more often. I LOVE IT! And I take advantage of it every chance I get. There is just something that rejuvenates a woman when she can get together with her friends old or new and sit down and chat over something delicious that she didn't have to cook! It truly is one of the finest pleasures of life... Here are few of those great times. It's a good thing I don't take pictures every time I go or this post would never end.

With my dear friend Bonnie and cute sweet Mona. We have been to some interesting places for lunch the past year. We are at Wingers of the few normal places we've ate at. Mona loves to surprise us with her choices. lol

Over the holidays I got together with some real OLD (not literally - well kinda! haha) friends that I don't see very often. Gina was in town from Texas and so we made sure we all found time to reconnect at The Greenery restaurant.

We have so much fun, you would think we were still in high school! That's what I love the most about my friends....they are just plain FUN!

Oh that hat looks good on you Robin!

We made a new friend while there. He liked us because he knew we were all 'nuts'...haha

We had to crawl in the window display for this photo. When there is a good photo opp, nothing will stop us.

Also during the holidays I went to breakfast with my mother-in law and two sister in-laws that were here from out of town. It was delish but I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted because I was also going out to lunch for a friend's birthday right after and then out to dinner that night for another family gathering. Thinking Biggest Loser, here I come.

Here I am right after that big breakfast now eating lunch with my friends. Actually I was still so full from breakfast, that I didn't order anything. I just went and chatted. Good thing too, because it was a buffet and I really like to get my money's worth at buffets!

With Robin and Carla. We have so much fun together that we would do this everyday if we all lived closer.

Our friend Jody stood us up and so we tagged this picture behind us as her on facebook.

With Bonnie and Mona again. At the same buffet restaurant I didn't eat at earlier. This time I did and it was yummy. I definitely got my money's worth!

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These next photos are CURRENT! Yes, I am not catching up on these last ones! Shocking I know. In fact, they were took just two days ago. Once again I am with my high school buds. Shauna was in town from Maine and so we decided to all get together before she went home. We are at Famous Dave's. Good food, good friends, and extremely good fun!

Robin, Jani, Lisa, Shauna, Moi, Carla

We can really get laughing. I just need to be faster with the camera!

We did a little shopping at Tai Pan too. That place has so many great photo opps that we were out of control!

Staging our own little tea party.

Look, we found Jody who stood us up AGAIN! She is looking a little green today though.

Me and Jody. Do you like my ring BLING?

We made a little stop in Paree as well.

Modeling our Paris finds. Notice how the tags really upgrade our look.

She was looking so good ↑, Robin actually bought that scarf, necklace, and purse. Jody didn't buy the bling though.↑

I loved that purse!↓ I should've bought it. It could double as a skirt!

Did I mention we were out of control? ↓

One day, not too far away, we will all be going out to lunch in these wheel chairs and granny glasses.

Somehow we missed the sign until we were leaving.

We made one last stop to meet Lonny and his delicious brownies. He has been hounding us to go get them and so we finally did and it was sooooo worth it! YUM! But then again, I've never met a brownie I didn't like.

I love going to lunch a bunch! But it's not the food, it's the friends! I am so blessed to have such amazing ones.

A Night in Bethlehem

My brother's in laws invited us to their beautiful home for a Night in Bethlehem. It was the held the Sunday after Christmas and was the perfect time to focus on the birth of the Savior and the true meaning of Christmas because all the stress and hustle and bustle of the "big" day was already over.

On the invitation we were told to dress up in that time period or costumes would be provided for us. Of course, "I" was the only one that cooperated and the rest had to be dressed on the spot. But not Dave. He refused to wear even a head-dress. Party pooper!

My parents cooperated ~ well mostly. My Mom is stretching it a bit!

We entered the Open Market and ate authentic food from that time period.
We then watched a great video on the birth of the Savior in their amazing theatre room. After which, we saw a reenactment of the Nativity. The star is my niece Paigely. My nephew Davis is the one with the microphone.
This is my bro's in-laws Craig and Sheila. They were so generous to invite us and share this special family time with us. What great people!
My boys and my nephew Weston.

The top left photo is my brother and his wife Alli.
It was an evening to remember. My boys weren't real thrilled to go at first, but I think they were glad they did. It was a great way to end the Christmas season. I hope we get to go next year too!


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