Monday, February 16, 2015

*Monday Memos* Valentine's Day Edition



 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge - if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear rainy run, running in the rain has always been something...
 I ♥ L O V E!  
Today it was raining lightly when I left and then it really picked up about mile 2.  After that the wind went crazy and it was FREEZING!  Dave called me and told me that they just had a downpour at the clinic and it was heading my way.  I could see it in the sky.  I wasn't in any hurry to get home though. I love running in downpours and I was already freezing and so I knew it couldn't be much worse even if it did.  I was on my way home by then anyway and actually looking forward to it.  No such luck.  But no sooner had I got inside then it began. 

This cute little guy ran right up to me and almost tripped me several times.  He ran along side of me and was just a talking to me...loudly!  I stopped and pet him and talked to him and then I started to take off but he ran with me again. I was heading for a busy street and so I tried everything to get him to leave me alone but to no avail.

I finally walked to a house (he followed me right to the door) and rang the doorbell.  When the person answered I asked if they knew who he belonged to (I was secretly hoping no one would know and I would end up "having" to adopt him), she told me where his house was (I actually know his owners) and so I ran over to it with him on my heels.  I rang the doorbell but no one answered. I picked him up and put him in a trailer parked in their driveway thinking maybe he wouldn't be able to jump out, but he immediately did.  I tried running as fast as I could...he still followed me.  When I got right up to the busy street he miraculously stopped and just sat there watching me.  I told him goodbye and was relieved he was going to be safe.

dear vd treats, I have a lunch with friends tomorrow and we are exchanging Valentine's and so I decided to make Rice Krispy Treat Kisses.  I used a funnel to make them and they turned out cute.  I added Oreos to the Rice Kripies and that made them very addicting.  RK Treats are one of my weaknesses. I could eat an entire pan of them in a day I'm sure!

dear fun bunch lunch, the day finally arrived for our Blue Lemon lunch.  Sadly only five of us showed up.  But it was still fun.  Everyone brought fun Valentine's to exchange and the food was INCREDIBLE!  I love that place!

I had the Coconut Curry Chicken and I would order that every time because it was so good!

While we were eating I noticed my former Young Women (mutual back then) sitting at a table of about 20 women.  She was starring at me as I walked by and I knew I knew her but my mind went blank!  She could tell I wasn't sure, and just said, "Sharon!".  It was Sharon Stephens.  I felt pretty silly but I had just saw her a couple years back when I was out to lunch with Lisa Elmer and Robin.
I grabbed Jody to be in a picture with us (Jody went to girl's camp with us a couple times) and it was so fun to talk to her. I told her that I had just talked about her to my Sunday School class that very Sunday about what a great influence she was on me growing up because my parents were inactive.  So fun to talk to her!  I love that woman!
I tried to find one with Sharon in it, but to no avail.  I did however find this juicy one of the four of us at Girl's Camp!  Oh my!
Just before I posted this I found the picture of us with Sharon. It was an unplanned 35 year (or so) reunion at Zuppas!  The bottom photo is with other people in the ward we grew up in. 
Miriam Jensen, Bonzo, Sharon, Lisa, moi, not sure, Marsha Dee

After we ate, we headed outside to find a Kodak Moment or two but it was too blasted windy and cold and so we headed into Deseret Book and used it as our backdrop.  We don't ever have any trouble finding props no matter where we roam and this was no exception.

They only had one women's bathroom and it was full and so Dawn staying true to her nature said she would use the men's bathroom.  She does that frequently when we are out.  I have to always take a photo of it...ya know, for her posterity someday.  It will be interesting to see what rumors start from all these photos. Haha  She makes our outings so much fun!  I am so happy she is a part of our group.  I know Heavenly Father's hand was in that because she feels like a sister to me and I would have missed out on a great friendship had we not connected.  These lunches always end way too soon.  I am wishing I was going to Disneyland with the four that are going.  I am feeling sad that the timing just wasn't good for me.  Someday....

dear hills, I actually took these last week, but forgot to post and so I am posting them this week.  I got out early and it was so fun watching the sun rise.  I need to take photos of the real hills because these are of the not so big ones.  I did 15 repeats that day and lived to tell about it.

dear mom's dance performance, I haven't gone and watched my mommy perform in a long time. She usually won't tell me when they are performing because she says they aren't very good.  But she let me know about this one and I was so happy she did because it was a DELIGHT to watch these women!  Especially my Mom!   And they are good!  They range in age from 60's to 93!  The oldest one is 93 years old and such a cute lady.
They performed at Crestwood Care Center where my cousin Shelley was living for several years when her MS got too bad to care for her at home.  It was hard for my Mom to go there because that is where Shelley passed away.  My Mom deserves a place in heaven solely based on the care she gave to Shelley and her kids throughout Shelly's life.  My Mom was ALWAYS there.  She really deserves sainthood for all she did. 
My Mom is a great dancer.  She is very graceful and just so cute to watch.  One of the ladies sitting by me told me that my Mom was a beautiful dancer and definitely one of the best ones.  I have to agree.  She is also very pretty and fun to watch.  The lady on the back row with white hair looking at the camera in front of the window is the 93 year old. She can dance too!
They did five or six dances and change costumes (vests) for each number.

I took this of the group after...

This was taken a few years ago...
This cute lil' lady is 93 years old!  She never stops smiling!  Such an inspiration!

With my Mommy

A selfie
As I was watching them perform the thought came to my mind (and it always does when I watch them) that I should start up my own little group of ladies that like to dance and do this in my area.  I taught dance for MANY years.  I even ran my own home business when we were first married.  It was called The Rainbow Academy of Dance.  I taught baton, clogging, pre-ballet, tap, aerobics, etc.  I had over 75 students after being in business for only four years but then we had to move to St. Louis for medical school.  Had we not moved, I am sure I would still be running that business and teaching dance today.  So I always think teaching a group of older women would be so fun!  I just am not sure if I want to commit to the time it would take, but I really do think it would be fun.  Maybe in another 10 years when I can be up there dancing with them!  LOL  Yikes!  That's a sobering thought to think I actually WILL be that age in 10 short years!  

dear awesome book, the boy in my Sunday School class that broke his neck ended up back at the hospital for surgery because he had a staph infection.  I ran up to see him and his mom Heidi who is my good friend.  It's been rough on all of them.  He is a little frustrated and angry (as would be expected) and so I told her about a book I've been reading that would probably help them both.  I went and bought her a copy while I was still in town.  It's by Noelle Pikus Pace and she talks about how she handled her setbacks and trials while trying to get to the Olympics.  A good read that I highly recommend to anyone no matter what their life is like.

dear taylor's visit, Dave text me while I was in Ogden to let me know Taylor was home early.  He had a game that night so I knew he was coming but I didn't think he would come so early.  So I rushed home and he was not here.  He was off working for Dave.  So I made my Almond Poppy Seed Bread again because he said last time I made it and sent it with him that his roommates ate it all.  So I made him a large loaf this time so he could share.  That stuff gets eaten so fast no matter how much I make of it.  It really is addicting stuff!

I also made some more RK Treat kisses for his roomies and for the sisters I visit teach.

The only tags I had left said KISS ME and I LOVE YOU, but oh well!  I told Taylor to tell his roomies I do love them, but if they get a KISS ME one that is meant for them to give to their girlfriends!  hah

We kind of all ate at separate times because it was a busy night.

I headed over to watch his game by myself because everyone had to be somewhere else.  Taylor played amazing as usual and got a lot of points, steals, and rebounds.  The game was neck in neck the whole time, but sadly they lost the game by one basket! 

dear scariness! Meaning me!  Don't I look lovely?  Keeping it real folks, just keeping it real.  Dave secretly took this of me sitting in my spot where I sit every morning when we read scriptures...on the heater wrapped in a blanket.  I lingered longer because I couldn't bear to leave that warm heater and snuggly blanket because I was still freezing. 

dear yassos, I finally bit the bullet and decided to do some interval speed work at the track.  I forced myself to go to the advanced level in my marathon training this time and it has lots of speedwork with it.  I did 4 X 400's.  My goal was to run them in 4:10. I was able to that twice and the other two I got a 4:15.  I was happy with that. What I didn't realize is how sore I would be after!  I shouldn't be surprised since I have never done Yassos before.  I could barely walk up the stairs on Saturday!
I saw Sarah and Stephen Jenks there and they invited Dave and I to the basketball game on Friday since it's their last one.  I think it sounds fun!

dear no good deed goes unpunished, as soon as I got home from the track I decided I would clean out my car.  I worked on it for an hour or so and then I pulled it back in the garage and opened the back door and the quart of grape juice I had in there (for Taylor's bud Cobbley because he loves our grape juice) fell out and shattered and splattered EVERYWHERE!  That took me a long time to clean up. Glass was everywhere.  I hosed it out after I painstakingly picked up the glass. The water pooled up behind the fridge out there and blew a circuit.  There was no power to the fridge, the garage door opener, or the vacuum.  Great.   I was afraid the water that pooled up was going to leak down into the basement but Dave assured me it wouldn't.  He was not happy about me using the hose and asked why I didn't just use paper towels to clean it up.  Good question.  Mainly because I didn't want it to stain the floor out there.

Dave likes to take candid shots of me when I don't know.  But here I am working on THIS!  My blog!  I spent way too many hours doing that last week.  And I'm STILL behind!

dear extreme coveting, OH. MY. GOSH!  My sister in law sent me this photo of the inside of her new oven!  I am in serious love!  If I hadn't just replaced my ovens I would be heading out to do that right now if it meant I would get a glimpse of this every time I opened the oven door!  I would probably bake and cook all day long just so I could peer into that incredible sight!  Holy purple-ness!  My ovens have been giving me some trouble lately and if they are still under warranty maybe I can get them replaced with THIS!  I can't even tell you how much I would love an oven like this.  It makes my heart skip a beat! ♥

dear mr. cat, I find it insane that you will curl up and go to sleep on my jacket that I threw on the stairs that landed on my shoes that I hadn't put away yet. (Was one of those days!)  Not too comfy looking to me, but for some reason you were in lala land and snoozing away. (I woke you up accidentally when I took your picture- sorry!) Maybe it was the delightful aroma! 

dear long run, I was so happy that Robin was willing to go part way with me on my long run.  That helps SO much!  I had to go 14 miles and I really didn't want to do it alone.  We ran down Sardine and part way into Mantua and then back to her house which was 10 miles.  She headed home and I went another four by myself.  That wasn't bad at all!  I was feeling it though by those last few miles!  I could feel the speed work I had done the day before!  Holy hamstrings!
Well... most of the time!
Gorgeous view down Sardine.

dear vd treats from others, we received some yummy treats this week from some nice friends.  It was really appreciated even more because I didn't make any VD cookies this year.  I had fun making the intricate lace ones last year though, but just no time this year for lace and beautifulness.

My lace cookies I made last year. ↓ I am going to make these again next year.  They were really fun.

CJ sent me this picture and a thank you for the RK Kiss Valentine.

He's a great kid!  I am so glad Taylor and him are roommates!

dear high school basketball game, we spent our date night at the game.  We hadn't been to one all year and I was excited to go and sit by Sarah and Miriam because Miriam is extremely entertaining to watch.  Her youngest is a senior on the team and if the game is intense she is even intense-er!  She got several technicals called on her during the years our boys played together.  So many in fact, she had to start crocheting during the games to keep her from getting too crazy!  Man could she crochet!  I've never seen anyone crochet with such speed and intensity as her!  The more intense the game, the faster she crocheted.  Their senior year was filled with so many nail biting games, she finished several blankets and projects.  It was a hoot to watch.  They saved us seats, but there was just no leg room for Dave's long legs and so we ended up sitting across from them. 
It was kind of strange to be back in that gym where we watched Taylor play SO many games.  It was actually a little emotional for me because I really miss those days and I realized that was probably the last time we will ever be in that gym while one of our boys attends that school.  I really don't like thinking about that!  McKay was in the student section cheering the team on against Sky View.
Talk about an exciting game!  We picked a good one to go to!  It was neck in neck the last quarter.  Wow did that bring back some memories. It seems every single one of Taylor's games when he was a senior was down to the last two minutes.  This game was tied with only 6 seconds to go and right as the buzzer went off Darius made a three pointer to WIN the game!  The crowd went wild!  The kids all stormed the floor and ran to the team.  It was madness!  It was crazy!  It was awesome!  It was dejavue!  It was so much like the game Taylor made the buzzer beater shot against Mtn. Crest his senior year!  SO. MUCH. LIKE. IT!  It was the highlight of his basketball career!  Check that post out HERE.
I love exciting games and this didn't disappoint!  I even found a penny wedged in the bleachers as we left!  Thanks Tyson! 

We went to Firehouse Pizza after the game and got salads, breadsticks, and a FHzookie to share!  It was yummy! 

As usual we had peeps come up and congratulate Dave on his new calling.  I am pretty sure the entire city knows.  It sure feels that way!  

dear vd, HAPPY VD!  It's finally here!  I love Valentine's Day!

 This ↓ cracked me up because the saying "Violet's are blue" has ALWAYS bugged me!  Violet is violet and violet is NOT blue!  It's PURPLE!  Purple gets shafted so often on things...
For example:
Red onions

Red cabbage
Red grapes
Purple foods should get credit for being purple!  After all the more colorful the food, the more nutrients it has and purple is the most colorful of all!  Don't worry PURPLE, I've got your back!
God's love can be found everywhere, if we but have eyes to see...
These are some of the hearts I have found (usually while running) that are reminders to me of God's love.  And yes that one on the top left is a heart shaped potato chip!

I was too sore to run and so I spent the day delivering treats to peeps.
Look what Dave gave me! PURPLE ROSES!!!  Aren't they gorgeous!  I also found a box of Idle Isle chocolates hidden under my pillow when I got in bed that night!  I forgot to take a picture of what I gave him, but I spoiled him too.
That night we headed out for dinner. I wanted to get out at 4:00 to beat the crowds because last year the wait everywhere was close to two hours.  We were going to go to Longhorn but because Dave didn't get home early enough we attempted Maddox. I knew the wait would be at least 90 minutes.  We even made a bet.  I said it would be 90 or more and he said it would be less.  
Let me just say it's all about who you know or who knows you I should say.  He went in and asked how long it would be and the lady (one of his patients) said 20 minutes.  We were shocked. I said I would believe it when I see it.  The waiting area was packed like sardines.  We sat by the fire and waited and sure 18 minutes our buzzer went off and they sat us.  They kept calling Dave Dr. Wilding.  Our waiter told us the wait was two hours for everyone else and asked us with a smile how it felt to be a VIP.  Dave overheard the people that were sitting by us say they had been there since 4:00. We got there just before 6:00, so they had really been waiting that long.  I felt kind of bad actually.
We felt like VIP's!  The food was incredible as always and we even got the best table in the place.  It was secluded and really nice and cozy.  Maddox has always treated us well and we always get a great table without a long wait. 

This poor kid spent his Valentine's Day night sick and on the bathroom floor.  When Taylor got home late that night, we heard him laughing and talking to Bryce.  He was laughing because this is how he found him.  Just laying there snoring.  He was sick all night but finally fell asleep right there.  Poor kid!  I felt so bad for him.

dear sunday is NOT a day of rest!  I woke up at 5 a.m. - not by choice, but because my body has for some reason decided I don't need more than 5 hours of sleep!  Dave gets up about then and I just can't seem to go back to sleep once he leaves. 

Today Taylor had three speaking assignments in three different wards.  I went to all of them.  And then to my own ward.  I had a fireside tonight as well and so I spent nearly 8 hours in church today!  I enjoyed listening to Taylor each time he spoke and his talk was different each time as well.  He told the story with Coach Hollingsworth's quote:  The most important thing is to keep the most important thing most important.  (I may have slaughtered it -but that's close!)  He also talked about the value of time (he read the poem To Know the Value of Time Ask...) and how he learned that he was happiest when he forgot about himself as missionaries do for two years because they only think about serving others.  He talked about how grateful he was for carpet, washing machines, dryers, cars, nice homes because they don't have those things over there.  He told how he washed his clothes by hand in a bucket, or actually by feet as they stomped on them to get them clean.  He joked that it was a bit of a sacrifice to come and speak because he was missing his ward in Logan with all the single girls.  Something about how he is still seeking referrals and contacts and he was referring to single girls.  However he said it, it was hilarious and everyone laughed of course.  He said several funny things and people got a kick out of him. He does such a great job!  I had several texts and even a couple Facebook posts from friends telling me he did so well and what a great kid he is:
  • Your awesome RM spoke at our ward today... he did a GREAT job. Loved his quotes, stories, and the Spirit he taught with. You done good mamma. ;> (Naomi)
  • LOVED listening to Taylor speak in our ward yesterday! He was a wonderful speaker! He's an amazing young man! (Tammy A.)
I did not take these in the chapel.  I was in the overflow (the gym).  Proof I was there three different times today.  Hah  I took the one on the top right of that little family (blurry sorry) because the mom had four little boys and a baby girl and no husband with them.  I was really enjoying watching them because it brought back so many memories of all the years I sat alone with all five of my boys trying to keep them well behaved during church. Not an easy task!  It was just fun to watch this family. The boys were poking each other and doing those things that little boys do.  I was so impressed with the mom.  The younger brother that had just been poked by his older brother was really sad and complaining that he hurt him and crying about it.  The mom was very calm when she could have been exasperated and overwhelmed, but instead she held the sad boy on her lap and talked to him calmly and just held him until he got out his frustration to her and then he went back to his seat happy once again.  What a great example she was.  I love to people watch!  It's one of my favorite things to do.  I then headed to my three hour block of church.  My total time spent in church this day was 7.5 hours (that includes the fireside that night).

dear valentine's day dinner, I ended up doing you on Sunday because that was the only day everyone would be home.  I made the traditional pink and purple and heart shaped meal.  But since I knew I would be gone so much to meetings today listening to Taylor speak, I had prepared most of it the day before.  

The LOVE feast!
Bryce still wasn't feeling well but was a good sport for some pictures anyway.
This was my yummy Cherry Chocolate Cake!
Here's the recipe:
1 chocolate cake mix baked as directed in 2 flan pans or other fancy pans
1 can cherry pie filling
1/2-1 jar hot fudge topping
1 pkg instant chocolate pudding
8 -12 oz Cool Whip

After cake has cooled add 1/2 can of cherry pie filling to each cake.  Drizzle hot fudge topping over each until cherries are covered.  Mix the pudding mix with 1 cup of milk and add the Cool Whip to the pudding mix.  Ice cake with the pudding mixture.  Shave chocolate on top and serve.  Try not to die of heavenly goodness.

Gotta have the signature facial expression of Taylor in at least one...
I saw this ↑ little cartoon and realized that I can't relate to that at all.  At least not anymore.  My boys are so amazing to always help and even help before we ask them to.  I am so blessed with such great boys.  Bryce wasn't feeling well at all and yet he got right up and started to do the dishes.  We weren't able to stay and help because we were off to visit a family.  We told them to not do them until we got back so we could help, but when we got home, all the dishes were completely done and put away. I do realize that is just not normal.  Especially for boys.  I can't say enough good about what hard workers and amazing young men they are.

dear i need one of these, oh my goodness this little guy was so precious!  I could have held him all night!  He belongs to Dave's counselor and was born just a few days ago.  So. Sweet.  I am seriously in need of one of these!  We ran over and met him between the VD dinner and the fireside.  Sunday was just non-stop running...definitely NOT a day of rest!

dear amazing fireside, wow!  What an incredible experience to hear the "Tattooed Mormon" Al Fox Carraway speak!  It was held at the South Stake, but they invited everyone and I was so excited to get to go.  The place was packed and there was standing room only.  They even filled the Relief Society room and other classrooms.  Dave and I went with McKay.  I really wish Taylor and Bryce had also come.  Her message was powerful and so inspiring and motivating.

She is just the cutest girl and so fun to listen to.  She has an amazing story about her conversion and is an outstanding example of how to live the gospel.  I could have listened to her all night.  Be SURE and check out her blog HERE

Everyone loved her. It was fun after to see so many friends and chat with everyone.  President Shepherd was in charge of the event and he deserves kudos for doing such a great job.      

dear random pix, this week I even found one of McKay on Facebook!  Yay for Facebook!

And one of Taylor from his mission
I stole these off his phone:
His car got a boot put on it on Friday.  Logan is ruthless for doing that.  He was in a snowboard competition on Saturday with CJ and several others.  Not exactly sure what the deal is with riding the bull. 

dear it's official, I guess it's real now.  This was in the Church News last week and so I guess that means this is the real deal.

dear relative finder, what a cool thing!  You put in your information and it tell you how you are related to the Prophets.  I guess it will also tell you what other famous people you are related to as well. I haven't done that one yet.  But check out how I am related to these peeps.

dear silly (but fun) facebook quizzes,  I've been at it again.  Not sure why these things give me a laugh but they always do!

Finally a PURPLE one!  Confession ~~~ sometimes I take the quiz UNTIL it says PURPLE! 

You must be kidding!

dear quotes, a few that I liked this week.

Okay, after all of those,  I need to lighten things up a bit so here ya go...


Nancy Mc said...

WOW! Busy, busy! I loved seeing the picture of you sitting on the heat vent wrapped in a blanket. I do that too, and often wonder if women my age really do that. I did it lots as a kid. Sometimes when I am cold, I just put my favorite blanket in the dryer for 10 minutes. It's the best! What a cute mom you have. Love the dancing ladies. I loved all the details of this VD edition.

Jodi Wilding said...

When it's cold if I'm not sitting on the heater vent then I'm in front of my gas fireplace OR I just got a new heated blanket this year and I get under it every single night before bed! Dave will sometimes put towels in the dryer for me right before I get out of the shower! He's a keeper!


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