Monday, February 9, 2015

*Monday Memos*


 (If pictures are too small, just click to enlarge - if print is too small, you need glasses! ☺)

dear monday, I got up early and gave Taylor a haircut and then CJ came to pick him up to head back to USU.  I loaded Taylor down with food and I carried it out and noticed CJ's mom had done the same to him.  We moms do worry about our boys when they are away. I know I fear he is going to starve to death if I'm not there to cook for him.  Yes, I know he served a two year mission and didn't die...but he did come home 20 lbs. lighter.  Either way, all moms "get it" if they have a son.  I tried to get a photo of them pulling out, but it looks like I kinda missed!  Oh well, at least it's a photo right? 

Bryce headed up to Lava for the night with some friends.  I sometimes wonder how we mothers have any brains or normalcy left when we have to worry so much about our children even when they are adults.  It seems to me there are MORE things to worry about and much MORE serious things as they grow up....I know I worry a lot about their safety when they are traveling.  Some moms seem to be okay with that, but it still worries me until I know they are safe and sound. 

Today was also Ground Hog Day.  I should come up with a fun tradition for this holiday.  Apparently he saw his shadow even though it was overcast.  Hmm.... after the weather this week, I am guessing he really didn't.  It appears winter is over as of this week!  I am pretty sure it will return, but this week felt like spring!
dear tuesday, I got in an early run this morning because I had a hair appointment at 10 a.m.  It was cloudy and overcast.
I had to stop and take this photo ↑ because I loved the image of the train in it.  It's such a simple little thing, but I love the visual of the train against the mountain. I get to see such beautiful scenery each day on my runs.
I had to stop and swing a bit even though I was in a hurry.  I have decided that when I have the opportunity to swing, I am taking advantage of it.  If I had a swing in my backyard, I would be on it every day!  You are never too old to swing!  I also found this snowpatch heart.  It's amazing the things you will see if you are looking for them.

I was finally able to get my Valentine decorations up today as well!  I LOVE decorating for V♥Day!  It doesn't seem like a huge burden like Christmas and Halloween does.  Of course, I don't have anywhere near as many Valentine decors as I do those holidays.  I love the happy look of hearts and L~♥~V~E! 

dear wednesday, today I ran with Robin down around town.  We got in almost seven miles.  It was still overcast and it rained today and all night.  Bryce headed up to sleep on the mountain to test out all his new camping gear he got for Christmas.  I told him he picked the wrong night, but he was excited.  My boys and their "survivorman" instincts!  Oh well, at least I know they would survive in a crisis. 
 Mr. Cat was loving the mild temps today! He also loved to come in and snuggle up while it was raining outside.  What a life!

dear taylor, I was making Poppy Seed bread for some friends as a thank you and I timed it so you would be able to enjoy some when you came home for your game since it's your favorite.  I also made corn chowder just for you since I knew you would be coming home.  You do love soup!  McKay hates it and so he found something else to eat.  You were doing homework before your game and filling out job apps and asked me how many words I typed per minute. I had no idea and so you made me take a timed test.  I got 74. I know I can do better, but after you showed me up with an 85, I decided I would practice!  I had no idea you were so speedy!  You said it happened when you were on your mission and had to write a million letters in only 30 minutes.  I was impressed! 
I went to your game alone because no one else could come.  Your friend Jeremy came and sat by me and was telling me that he can't believe how much fun you and CJ have together at USU.  He said you guys really like to be together and are always having a good time.  He said he loves to watch you two.  I was glad to hear that. 
After the game you couldn't find your phone anywhere.  We had everyone looking and after about 20 minutes we pretty much decided someone had stolen it.  Just as we about gave up, I asked if you checked the shoes you were carrying.  Sure enough, it was inside one of those!  Whew!  It's such a nightmare to lose a phone!  When I think of just the contacts alone that would be lost, it makes me panic!  SO glad we found it!  You rode back to Logan with Carpet. I was a little sad you didn't spend the night, but you didn't drive so you had to hitch a ride back. 

dear mckay, after Taylor's game, the doorbell rang and it was for you.  Someone was asking you to the dance.  Since you weren't home, your bros took a pix and sent it to you.  They decided they were going to get out your yearbook and pick out someone they didn't think would appeal to you and write her name on the poster. Oh the joys of brothers!  hah Bryce had picked out someone, but you got home before he had time to write it.  In a way I wish he would have had time so I could see your reaction. If I know you like I think I do, you would have been totally fine with whoever asked you and would have been happy to take them. You're just a great kid that way.

dear hill repeats, sure seems like hill repeat day comes fast each week!  Today I managed to get in 15 repeats.  I had music this time! Yay!  I stopped and petted this cute lil' pup a few times. I read her tags and saw her name is Missy.  She's so nice now compared to months before. 
I took the second photo (on right) because there was this man walking the hills and when he went past Missy's house, he would drop something and she would run out and get it.  It was a bacon strip dog treat.  It was pretty sweet to see that.  He was a nice old guy that just wanted to make a dog happy.  She seems kind of sad (look at those eyes!) and so I was glad to see people being nice to animals for a change. 

I also saw these two hearts.  Call me weird, but I appreciated them!

dear lunch with bonnie, we have been trying to get together for so long and we finally did!  We went to Maddox and had soup and salad.  YUM!  And of course the heavenly Maddox rolls with raspberry butter!  It was a nice visit and I think we each needed it.  I feel so grateful to have her as a friend.  She is just an amazing woman.  I think we are good for each other and we are able to just talk about anything.  I know she is good therapy for me.  I feel bad I didn't get a picture!  But on the way home there was a terrible accident that I did get a photo of! A milk truck had turned over and spilled milk everywhere.  We were happy to find out no one else was injured or hurt.

dear dentist, after lunch I "got" to go to the dentist!  Oh the fun times!  It wasn't too bad and I didn't have any cavities, but I have decided I am going to get braces (maybe Invisalign) because a tooth on the bottom is really starting to wig out even more.  I have wanted to do it forever and I just decided to remember my word of the year...NOW and do it NOW!  My ortho consult is in three weeks.

dear mckay's church game, tonight's game was intense!  It was neck in neck the entire game.  Then you got down by 10 and somehow ended up pulling off a five point win!
This cute little guy was so sweet.  Dave picked him up and he was just so serious and content.

dear proud moment of box elder football team, BYU came and officially signed Riley Burt to play football for them.  The entire team got to come and support him. McKay is in the bottom left photo on the front row in red with his head turned away from the camera (of course!).  I'm excited for Riley!  He's been playing football with McKay for many years and he's a great player. I should go dig out a picture of him and McKay in junior high I have where they were at my house wrestling.  It's crazy they are now seniors!

dear long run, I had to get you in on Friday this week because my Saturday is busy.  I asked Jen if she wanted to go and we were going to go do a 14 miler on the Willard trail, but it would have taken too long and so we settled for Sardine.  Dave dropped us off at the sheds and we ran down and then around the dam and home.  We ended up with 13.5 miles.  What a gorgeous day!
We really had some fun taking pictures around the dam.  It was so beautiful!  While I waited for Jen to set up her camera, I did a little dance on a rock because I knew her camera was taking shots of my groovin' moves.  I even attempted a yoga pose. It's obvious, I am not anywhere near as limber as she is.  Maybe I should take up yoga.  Or not! ☺ 
The lake behind us still has some ice on it, but it is thawing fast.  It's usually solid ice and covered with ice fisherman at this time of year. 
Just so gorgeous!
 We had a great time.  Long runs always seem so much shorter when you are with a good friend!

dear yard work in February, yeah - you don't hear that phrase every day!  It was so warm this week, that Bryce did some work for Dave in the yard.  Stuff that usually doesn't happen until April or the end of March...not the first week in February!  The daffodils are starting to burst forth. I know it's probably not a good thing, but OH MY HECK, I LOVE IT!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE spring!  I do think Mother Nature is a big tease and she is going to bring winter back with a vengeance here soon.

dear zoe, I get to tend you while your parents are away!  You are the cutest little thing and so loveable and cuddly and friendly.  You need to teach Mr. Cat a few things!   I just go to your house to check on you and feed you but I end up staying for a while just to play with you. 
You have a top of the line litter box. It's not a box though, it's like a real toilet!  It is plumbed to the wall and cleans itself.  Quite the invention!  Way too pricey for me though, but it's fun to watch it do it's thing while I tend you. 

dear night with elder holland, I've been looking forward to this for a while.  It's a CES evening for the seminary and institute instructors, but this year they invited Stake Presidents. It was held at the tabernacle in SLC.  Elder Holland is one of my favorite speakers and so I was very excited to go hear him.  Dave dropped me off to go get a seat while he parked and as I was walking in I ran into Pres. Shepherd and his wife.  They asked if we wanted to sit by them and so we did.  He is a very young Stake President.  They are an amazing couple and just so nice.  With all those people, it was truly meant to be that we happened to bump into them.  They gave us both a little more insight into the calling.  One thing we all agreed on was when people say a Stake President is less busy than a Bishop, they lie! ☺ At least that has not been the case with either of us.  I am really regretting I didn't get our picture with them!  As we were walking in, I saw my dear friend Kathy!  I ran over and gave her a hug and then had to hurry off to my seat.  We sat in the balcony. 

As always, Elder Holland gave a phenomenal talk.  He is just so amazing!  We probably would have got to meet him at the social after, but his wife was ill and so he didn't come.  Last year they said Elder Cook shook every single person's hand.  That's crazy considering there must have been 5000 people there. The food was yummy at the social which was held in the Conference Center.
Kathy and James saved us a seat and so we joined them.  Thank goodness for cell phones or we would have never found them.  It was crazy!  We did end up finding the Shephards and they came over and joined us too.  The food was heavenly. The salads were my favorite!
It was an amazing evening!  So glad we could go!

dear young mother of the year search, I was asked to be a judge for the new 2015 Utah Young Mother of the Year.  Correction...I mean I was asked to be on the "selection committee" as it is properly called because you can never judge one mother against another, only select the one to best represent other young mothers.  I have done this before a couple times and I always enjoy it.  I used to be the search chairman for many years as well, so I was excited to be involved in the search again.  The only drawback was it was in Provo this year, not in my own backyard at the Maddox Lodge like it has been some years.  But, I love American Mothers with all of my heart and I am happy to do whatever I can to forward their cause which is motherhood.  I am passionate about motherhood!  
I was excited to meet Michelle Lehnardt (check out her blog HERE) who I have admired from afar for a while (she was this year's search chair).  She just wrote an article about the repulsive movie 50 Shades of Grey that was published by Deseret News and is worth your time to read.  You can find it here.   

(this next paragraph is long and boring except to me so you might want to skip it!)
I was also excited to see all of my favorite people on the board.  ALL of them are my favorite. The association I have with the cream of the crop of mothers in the state of Utah is the best part of being part of this organization. The women I get to work with for the past 20 years has just been incredible. I have met some amazing women over the years.  I was even privileged to get to work with my icon and heroine Barbara B. Smith (former General Relief Society President) for a couple years when she served as the National President for American Mothers.  We even had several board meetings in her home.  That had to be a highlight for me and a dream come true. That and meeting with the Governor of Utah several times.  Governor Leavitt signed a proclamation while I sat at his desk when I was Young Mother of the Year in 1994.  As a state board search chair I got to meet with Governor Herbert several times when the new YMOY and MOY were recognized by him.  Since I've been a member, we've had Utah's First Ladies Jacquelyn Leavitt, Mary Kaye Huntsman, and Jeanette Herbert speak at our events.  I have been able to meet so many great people because of AMI.  I've worked with Elaine Dalton (former General Young Women president) and closely with her daughter Emi.  I've worked with Michaelene Grassli (former General Primary President) - I was on a selection committee with her for Young Mother of the Year and had several state AMI board meetings in her home.  Also with Margaret Nadauld (former General Young Women President), her sister Marilou Meyers is our current co-president.   I once spoke on a panel with Mary Ellen Smoot  (former General Relief Society President).  Yes, little old nobody me. I find it just intriguing that I have been given these grand opportunities.  I'm as baffled as anyone. But it's because of American Mothers.  The church is a big supporter of American Mothers and because of that I have been able to meet and work with several of the general board members (Carol Stephens was our state MOY -the year Dave was a judge- right before she was called to the General RS board - she was also in my ward before I got married).  I keep hoping maybe some of their awesomeness will rub off on me just from my association with all of these incredible and stalwart women.  You think it would have by now after all these years of being in their presence and watching their examples, but I just keep working on it.  I only post this for myself and it is not meant to be a brag list or anything even remotely close to that, but just my association with such incredible women has been something that I never would have dreamed of and something that I never want to forget nor neglect to recognize as one of my greatest blessings and so I want to record it.  I need to go find photos and do a post on it before I forget everyone I have been blessed to rub shoulders with the past 20 years thanks to AMI.

I found some photos that I decided to post on here because I never know when I will get around to doing an AMI post and this will have to do for now. 
American Mothers State Board and National Convention Committee 2011
AMI State Board with Governor Herbert at the State Capital

Some of these are oldies!  The top right was taken in 1994 at National Convention in SLC when I was the Young Mother.  It was taken at the Huntsman's home in Deer Valley.  That is Karen Huntsman, Barbara B. Smith (AMI National Pres). Top left is with Rosemary Wixom (General Primary President).  Bottom left is with First Lady Jeanette Herbert.  Middle is with Elaine Dalton (General Young Women President) and Emi Dalton.  Bottom right is with Governor Herbert at State Capital. Oh my gosh I am gagging at what I am wearing in all of these!
REAL oldies!  These all have Barbara B. Smith in them.  Loved that woman!  I still can't believe I got to work with her.  What a classy lady.  The top left photo is of the state board and the middle woman is Sister Marriott. The hair and the clothes just kill me.  Can we say parachute pants?  Or maybe jockey pants is more like it.
With Governor Leavitt in 1994 when he signed the proclamation for my Young Mother of the Year term.  We never got a good photo.  They all turned out blurry.
At the State Capital being presented to the Senate (left) and me speaking (right) to the House of Representatives with the Mother of the Year Roselyn Christensen. We received a pretty cool standing ovation after speaking about the importance of motherhood. 1994
Brigham City Peach Days Parade 1994 for Young Mother of the Year.
This organization has just afforded me so many amazing opportunities that I would have never got without it.  I feel VERY blessed to be a part of it.  I almost forgot that we had Sheri Dew speak at our national convention here in SLC a few years ago.  These women love and respect American Mothers greatly as do many of the brethren in the LDS Church.  So many of them have even been a part of American Mothers.  We really are a great organization.  AMI is really what helped me survive being a mom when Dave was gone so much while doing his medical training.  I can't say enough good about AMI.
National AMI Conference held in SLC that year.  Sheri Dew was our keynote speaker.  Top left: AMI Board with Sheri Dew -  Top right:  With Sheri Dew  - Bottom left: Sally Olsen MOY, Linda Eyre, Linda's daughter Shawni Pothier (National YM of Year), Emi Edgely, Elaine Dalton (General Young Women Pres), Diane Weese and me (holy heck WHAT am I wearing! Seriously! That's what I am thinking in MOST of these pictures!)
Left: Emi Edgely, Elaine Dalton, me, Diane Weese  Top right: me, Jenneice (State Pres), Sheri Dew  Bottom right: Linda Eyre, me, Shawni Pothier (National YMOY).
And the blessings from this organization just keep on coming.  As I walked in the Provo Library, there was Sister Cheryl Lant (former General Primary President) standing there.  She was also one of the judges.  I had never met her, but she was just as sweet and humble as could be.  She is a former Young Mother of the Year as well, from 1980.  We had quite a bit of time to visit alone before the others arrived and the first thing she said to me was, "Tell me about yourself."  That says a lot about her.  All I told her was that I had five boys and that I liked to run and blog and that I really wanted to know more about her.  We chatted for a bit and she told me a little about the preschools she started and that she has four of them nationwide as well as her own curriculum for them.  And on top of all that, she has nine children.  She is an amazing woman.  We talked about the process of speaking in general conference and she said they only received about a week's notice.  They had to prepare the talk and turn it in about a week before conference.  She said she never gave the same talk twice in five years!  She had her secretary print them all up to put in a book and she said it was about four inches thick!  She was a delightful woman to talk to. 
But then we had to get down to business.  The other judge was Ingrid Sorenson. Michelle also sat in with us during the interviews.  All four of us were past Young Mothers and so hopefully we had a good idea who would be the best representative, but as always, they all were just incredible which made it hard to pick just one.
Ingrid Sorenson, Sister Cheryl Lant, me, Michelle Lehnhardt
These are the seriously amazing Young Mother candidates.
 We could only choose one.  A very hard job to say the least.

After the interviews, we went upstairs to the room where the speeches were held.  I think the speeches are always what it comes down to as far as who would be the best representative to other young moms.  They all did amazing though, so it was still a tough decision.  
We also got to hear the speeches of the Mother of the Year candidates (shown above) and the Mother of Achievement nominee speeches.  All were outstanding.

We grabbed some food and then headed back down to reconvene and make a decision.  I suggested we have a prayer because I truly believe Heavenly Father's hand is always in this in a big way and I felt we needed to ask his direction and inspiration.  Happily, Sister Lant offered to say it.  It was a beautiful prayer and it was amazing to me how easy it was to choose after that.  We all just knew who it was to be.  I can't divulge who it is yet, because it's not publicly announced until next month, though all the candidates were given a phone call to let them know.  

One thing I DO KNOW is that this is not a competition for who is the best mother.  There would be no way of knowing that anyway and besides ALL mothers are good and I believe the best mother for their children (with a few exceptions of course) but the ones that are trying to do a good job and in the trenches are all amazing and no one can be selected as a better mother over another.  We are just selecting the one who would best represent the state at the time.  I know for me personally, I knew I was not the best mother in the state!  Oh my!  Not even close!  I was just chosen to represent other young mothers.  The one thing I HATED about the title was the expectation that we are somehow these perfect mothers when there is just no such thing.  Mothering is HARD and perfection NEVER comes!  At least not in this life!  It was sometimes hard to relax as a mother because I put so much pressure on myself after receiving that title.  I am the first to admit there were a million other moms much more perfect than I.  But, I was able to represent the other moms and help support them in their role.  That I could do.  I sometimes hate to even admit I was ever the YMOY because it's a hard thing to live up to and I'm not perfect and my children aren't perfect either.  It's one of those things you do because for some reason Heavenly Father wanted you to at the time and my family received many blessings because of it.

After hearing all the speeches and reading all those mother's incredible bios, Sister Lant said something that really stuck with me. She said, "Doesn't it make you wonder what people will say about you at your funeral?  I need to get busy."  And then she said something about how these women have so many accomplishments that she felt there would be nothing to say at hers.  I told her we were all in trouble then if SHE felt that way about herself because she is one accomplished lady.  But it made me realize she is just as human as the rest of us (though sometimes I wonder about people like her if that is REALLY true) and she has the same kind of insecurities as the rest of us....either that or she is just really humble!  I am going with that.

This was the gift we all recieved.

I found these in my file photos as well and decided I better post them before they become lost and buried forever as well.  Makes me realize how fast time flies.

I got out of there in time to hit my favorite store Home Goods (since it was on my way home☺) at Farmington Station and I looked around there and then at Ross and Marshalls and Gordmans and Nordstorms Rack and I did not buy ONE thing!  That may be a first!  Not sure if I just wasn't in the mood to shop or because I have been trying to dejunk and just don't want to have to find a place for more stuff.
I also HAD to make one other stop BEFORE I left Provo...  This one was a REQUIREMENT to make a purchase of at least ONE item...

dear carrabba's sogno dream cake
There are really just no words to describe this amazing dessert!  It's beyond words. Those words are only used in heaven and we don't have them down here yet.  But let me just say, it would be worth a trip to Provo JUST to get this!  It's incredible.  I ate half of it on my way home and then saved the rest.  I ended up eating the rest on Monday because Sunday I had already made treats. It's a good thing I have to travel two hours to get this stuff or I would look like a two ton Tilly!  The hot fudge part of it is probably the best part.  If I could only get that recipe!  Mmm.....
Amen to that!

dear blogiversary... wow SIX years! I did a separate post on you HERE.

dear ss lesson...this week's lesson had to be one of the best lessons I have ever taught.  It just took on a life of it's own and the kids really shared some deep feelings, which happens very rarely!  They are 16 after all.  Usually we have a lot of laughter and fun, but today it was a very spiritual and hopefully life changing lesson.  The topic was on how we need to teach the gospel to others and we talked about ways to do that.  The missionaries were there as well.  They like to come to my class and I love to have them attend because they always have so much to share.  They are also a TON of fun and I just love them both.  Here is picture of Elder Rape holding his tablet because the battery died on my laptop.  He held it just like that for the entire video.  It made me laugh.
I have such great kids in my class too.  I was about five minutes late because I was at Elder Cobbley's homecoming, but that didn't even make things crazy.  They were all very reverent and even a little subdued.  Dallin was there (the boy that broke his neck snowboarding) but he didn't look too good.   Anyway, I started the lesson by talking about how I grew up in an inactive home and how my first seminary teacher was a huge influence in building my testimony. I talked about how he had a little question and answer box and how I filled that thing full of questions every day.  I learned so much from him.  I also talked about one of my mutual teachers Sharon Stephens and how she was a huge influence in my life as well.  I would go to church alone because my parents weren't active and sometimes I would sit by my friend Robin who also had inactive parents.  My teachers and leaders really taught me so much about the gospel.  Sharon was a blast as well!  I talked about how it was hard to not have my parents present when I got married in the temple and how I never thought they would become active in this lifetime.  I just knew that someday I would be doing their temple work for them after they passed away. I talked about my brother Jerry who was rather wild growing up and had nothing to do with the church and I for sure knew I would be doing his temple work someday if I outlived him.  I then shared how miraculously my parents AND my brother became active and all have been through the temple and I am now sealed to them forever.  I then asked for each of them to share with me at least one teacher who really had an influence on them and why.  The missionaries started and then each one shared one.  Even Holli did!  She said it was her Sunday School teachers. I jokingly piped back, "You mean me and Sister Olsen?" and she said, "Yes!"  It was cute.  Then Dakota (who is so stinkin' cute!) said that believe it or not his dad was his greatest teacher of the gospel.  His dad is not even a member of the church but he told us how no matter what he makes sure he attends all his meetings and goes to mutual and is very supportive. He had tears in his eyes and he was very open and I was just loving it.  I have tried to get him to share things and he finally did.  I think the tone was just right and he felt okay to do so.  I just felt so happy after that class.  The spirit was very strong and the kids were more responsive and spiritual...not a normal thing for 16 year olds at least during Sunday School!  It almost felt like a testimony meeting at youth conference or camp.  It was awesome!

dear skyler, I am anxious to see how your new job is working out.  You are going to be a pharmaceutical rep in Oahu starting soon.  Good luck!
dear misc... found this on Facebook.  It was taken at Elder Cobbley's homecoming.  He's the tall one in the middle. Fresh back from New York City!

FLASHBACK! Found this ↓ while going through some pix.  I lost it and could never find it and so I had to post.  It was taken after we all went to the Logan temple together after these boys all got their mission calls.  We went to Chuck-a-Rama to eat after.  So this is over two years old!  

Another Facebook find.  Taylor living it up and enjoying the college life!

Oh yeah baby!  Another fun Facebook find!

I love this!  Major FLASHBACK!  My Aunt posted it on Facebook!  It's my Grandma Helen (in the center), my Aunt Carmen (on the right), and my Aunt Glenys (on the left).  They are sisters (that's pretty obvious).  This is on my Dad's side.  I really miss these ladies.  They were a hoot and so much fun.  The mischief in their eyes makes that obvious!

And some great quotes to end with...

 This week's message from God was good enough to post:

Today, Jodi, we believe God wants you to know that ...

you can't rid the world of sorrow, but you can choose to live in joy. Sorrow is with us not because we are bad at stopping it, but simply because it's part of being human. What matters is not whether good or bad things happen - both will, but your relationship to them. Just think back over the last 24 hours, - what had you taken hard that you could have taken lightly?


Dawn said...

aren't you so glad you have pictures of your life? I'm impressed you can find the earlier ones. I would have to sift through a box.

We really need a trip to Provo...I want to try that cake :D

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You just make me happy!


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