Sunday, October 12, 2008

Serenity Sunday ~ A Child's Prayer

A Child's Prayer

To hear the song without my blog music, scroll down to my playlist and click on the far left button to pause it.

There is just nothing as precious as a prayer offered up by a child. The total faith and sincerity that they offer is so touching. My little McKay always reminds us every single night (without fail!) to: "Remember to say your prayers" or "Don't forget to say your personal prayers before you go to bed." He has an unwavering faith in the power of prayer and is an inspiration to the rest of us. A pure childlike faith...

Have a Serene Sunday... enjoying those few tranquil moments in today's busy world.


Tiffany said...

As always, thank you! This is so beautiful. Children give the sweetest prayers. Check out my blog for a sweet prayer.:) Have a happy Sunday.

Breanne said...

A childs prayer is my all-time favorite song. I love this :)

Kelsee said...

I have always loved this song too! Thanks for posting this.

Lisa said...

Thanks again for uplifting my day. Love the pictures too. Your McKay is just so sweet!


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