Monday, November 24, 2008

Parent Pay Day!

Friday was a huge Parent
for Dave and I!
It was one of those rare days when all that being a parent entails (yes you all know what I am talking about!) makes it all seem worth it!

Bryce was awarded

Academic All State
in Football!!!

It was presented to him at the State 4A Championship Football Game at the University of Utah during half time. He was the only one in his high school to receive it and only one of eleven other boys from the entire 4A region.

The honor is awarded based on athletic ability and academic achievement. The entire group of football players that received it this year in his region all have a
4.0 GPA!
(cumulative from 9th grade on)
A difficult feat just in itself...

Okay, so YES I am a proud mom! I would apologize for being so, but I am the mom! So why would I do THAT????

Here are some shots of the amazing day!

*Bryce watching the game before half time *Me and Bryce waiting for the award presentation *Bryce with Dave waiting *Bryce with the other award winners before half time

We took this just as we arrived. It was a beautiful day!

*More shots of waiting with the crowd in the background

*Here they are as they were being announced onto the field. The one in the uniform had been playing in the game.

Walking onto the field. The crowd went wild after they announced who they were.

What a bunch of studs!!! Bryce is on the far right.

Click to enlarge
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A shot of them on the Jumbo-tron!

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A shot of them on the Jumbo-tron as they turned and waved to the other side.

The proud parents! Isn't he just a stud??? Yeah, Bryce isn't too bad either! hee hee

I made him pose in front of the Olympic signs outside the stadium because I thought that would be cool for memory sake!

I TRIED to video the whole thing BUT it didn't happen! UGH! Oh well, I got SOME of it (about 5 seconds!)This was after they had all been presented their awards individually. I didn't get them announcing his name...dang!

This very short one the announcer was explaining about how they all earned the award and when he said they all have a GPA of 4.0 the crowd went wild....YEP....I missed it on video!

I think my camera says it's recording and it doesn't start recording until after about 5 seconds.

We took him out to eat after to...

I ♥LOVE ♥LOVE ♥LOVE♥ this place!
Thankfully so does Bryce and he choose it!

It just doesn't get ANY better than this!!!! Are you drooling yet?
It's always nice to end a Payday with a happy tummy!


Paula said...

You have every reason to be proud...congratulations to all of you

Kelsee said...

Woot-woot Bryce! What a stud!
And I agree with Paula--you do have every reason to be proud! Boy, I would be! That is awesome.

The food is making my stomach growl loudly! Looks so good!

Audrey said...

Way to go Bryce! what an honor! You should be proud, Jodi, go ahead and strut!

Shauna said...

Congrats to Bryce! Congrats to you and Dave for being such great parents!!!! Brag away! You have earned that right!

Yvonne said...

Days like that make it all worth while--congrats to Bryce.

I love Hires Big H ; )

karessamom said...

like they've all said Brag away!! congrats to Bryce! What an accomplishment!

Michelle said...

What a cute kid Bryce is. You SHOULD be proud! A great honor!

My Wonderful Men said...

You should be proud and you have every reason to post and post again. I know I would if he was my son.

Bryce Congrats to you on all your hard work!

Mom and Dad Congrats to you both on such a fine job with Bryce!

Anonymous said...

What an honor! I love posts like this, especially when the kids they are about read them. It is such a great boost to their self confidence.

Congrats to all!


deb said...

Super job Bryce---and mom and dad! He for sure deserves to go to Hires for that!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Bryce! That is amazing!!!



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